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MoarTacos t1_jeh153f wrote

How can that be the only record of caeserland?

A minimum effort google search yields picture of both the signage on the front of a Ceasarland and the interior theming. Like, obviously it existed. The internet has pictures.


Forgeworld OP t1_jeh2zow wrote

Let me clarify. While it's existence can be proven through pictures online, it is not considered "official" enough to confirm its existence through means such as Wikipedia and even most subreddits that I've tried posting this too. That is what I meant when I said it can't be proven with an official source. It is an unfortunate loop.


MoarTacos t1_jeh33gc wrote

How about this? Legit news clipping advertising for Caesarland hiring efforts. It’s from the Detroit Free Press and the full newspaper page is below the clipping.


Forgeworld OP t1_jeh4ngr wrote

Oh, cool find! I must have missed that because all I could find were blog posts and pictures about it. Thank you for that.


MoarTacos t1_jeh3koa wrote

Here’s another article from the Lansing State Journal about the Okemos Caesarland closing. Idk how they could need more proof than this.


Forgeworld OP t1_jeh5m1k wrote

That link I did try, but was shut down because my source needs to prove exactly what Caesarland was. That first one you provided though gives details that other sources are unable to provide so it may be enough