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FuenteFOX t1_iug4bk7 wrote

For the briefest of seconds I was thinking, "this is a troll. how did they shoot an animated movie on film?"... then I realized that I am indeed an idiot


RotenTumato t1_iugjzza wrote

Wait I still don’t get it, is this just how they projected it?


exmily t1_iugmf9n wrote

This is a film strip from a reel used at a movie theater. Yes they use projectors.


Ok_Excitement5304 t1_iug7uke wrote

This made me feel ancient


GrottyKnight t1_iug8xs8 wrote

I used to work at a small theatre. Changing those platters and splicing that film was a normal part of the job. The way this is marketed indeed makes me feel ancient. Only in my thirties.


Ok_Excitement5304 t1_iuganec wrote

The sentence seen in a old movie theater made me feel like I need a walker


Krednaught t1_iugmdeu wrote

I too used to be a projectionist. I still have several unused trailers like Constantine, war of the worlds, into the blue...


Pedantichrist t1_iugzaox wrote

Same. That is an ‘old movie theatre’ thing, and Toy Story is history?


TheThingy t1_iui2p07 wrote

Well, I mean, toy story is history. It was the first full length computer animated movie. But I wouldn’t consider a movie theater from 1995 to be old…


Plenor t1_iui43m3 wrote

It likely wasn't built in 1995


Holocene98 t1_iuheekh wrote

Dude I’m only 24 and I feel ancient


tillyspeed81 t1_iuhfvty wrote

I used to work as a projectionist too! Miss splicing reels together and previewing the movies the night before! Private showings haha…. Did you know you can actually develop those reels and have enlarged pics of them? Not sure how but a fellow projectionist used to do it with trailers! Man I feel old. That was a good twenty+ years ago


nvalle23 t1_iuhgjue wrote

Was just having a conversation with someone that worked in a movie theater. They had a "private screening" of Return of the Jedi for friends and hundreds of people were waiting in line overnight. They could hear it through the walls and almost caused a riot 🤣


Regnes t1_iugxpai wrote

Sounds kind of like a scam. It's a "unique" cutting from a random reel in which thousands upon thousands of copies were produced.


xswatqcx t1_iuhp4d2 wrote

How much do you think these go for to call that a scam..

  • Mine were sold 3£

  • Weren't sold as "unique"

Didnt felt or feel scammed now either, im looking for a small setup to clip them on a projection lamp of some sort to be able to throw them on the wall.


xmsxms t1_iuh8kmd wrote

Came from "an" ... Shown in "an"... About as interesting as a movie ticket stub for an arbitrary movie theatre.


bunnyman14 t1_iuhpk65 wrote

What's with the quotations? The sentences are grammatically correct.
For some people, this is a nice present. Don't judge! :)


xmsxms t1_iuhtgi9 wrote

"an" as opposed to "the".

There's a big difference between "this came from the actual movie reel" vs "this came from an actual movie reel"

Yes it's a nice present. But the seller is hyping it up a bit.


bunnyman14 t1_iuhw01n wrote

If there were only one movie reel, then there'd only be one cinema able to play the movie at one single time. The most likely thing is that this was from one of the copy reels that are given to cinemas, while the original "master" reel is somewhere in a vault. If this were actually from the master reel, these few inches of film would be unaffordable to anyone who isn't a millionaire.

Since movie reels weren't exactly mass-produced endlessly, there is scarcity. Therefore, this product has value.


beaushaw t1_iui4m3o wrote

> Since movie reels weren't exactly mass-produced endlessly, there is scarcity. Therefore, this product has value.

Toy Story is 81 minutes or 4,860 seconds long. Each second of movie is 24 frames so each print of Toy Story has 116,640 frames. This piece is 5 frames, so each print can make 23,328 if these.

I might be able to find out how many prints of Toy Story were made, but I can't be bothered, I am guessing around 7,000.

A rough estimate, this is a one of 163,296,000. Not that rare.


bunnyman14 t1_iui9e3a wrote

First off, nobody said there'd be math!

Second, that's a number below infinity and is therefore, by definition, scarce. That's not enough for everyone on the planet. I wasn't saying that the copied frames were rare, I'm saying that strips like these from the master copy would be expensive, as there'd be only 23,328 of those in the world. If you're the kind of person who wants a specific frame or set of frames, then there's literally only 1 strip for you. That is, if someone doesn't already have it.


beaushaw t1_iuie0ud wrote

By your definition nothing in the universe is scarce.

That said I think these are great for a couple bucks, they are also a great way to get rid of old prints. They made thousands of these prints and only need to save a handful for history. Cutting them up and selling them is brilliant.


shrimpcest t1_iuhy63b wrote

Na, I don't really think the seller is over hyping this. It seems completely appropriate and fitting for a gift shop style item.


Ringlovo t1_iugn0mt wrote

I wouldn't be surprised if this is from a trailer reel.

The films themselves were pretty well controlled by the studio. Very unlikely an individual would end up with one.

It could be cut out of a film if the film broke, and it had to be spliced back together, and someone took the scraps home. (I ended up with a decent chunk of a 35mm print of Batman Begins somewhere in my basement this way).

But the trailers the studio sent out - those were disposable and either collected dust or thrown out. Would be no big deal for an employee to take a bunch home.

Still a very cool find

Edit: yup. The scene posted on another comment is found in the trailer:


GooseEntrails t1_iuhvmkt wrote

Fans were able to get complete prints of the original Star Wars trilogy and scan them to have a 4K version without George Lucas’s changes. So it’s not impossible to find theatrical prints.


Ringlovo t1_iui9vue wrote

Absolutely. Not impossible, but very hard.

But those fans also didn't chop up the film into small pieces and sell it on etsy. So I think that leads more credence that it's from a common item - like a trailer - as opposed to an actual full film


Bucknasty72 t1_iuhz2bw wrote

Yeah, my brother snagged the trailer for Space Jam for me when I was a kid. Not worth a ton of money, but cool to have.


RareSun_ OP t1_iugnjcu wrote

How do you know? There's no scenes from this trailer that got scrapped from the final movie.


Ringlovo t1_iugnveg wrote

More than anything, it's how very strictly controlled the prints for these films were, and how exceedingly rare it would be for reel of this film to wind up in private collection, much less how unlikely for the owner to dice it up.


Edwardc4gg t1_iugsjnk wrote

Correct. Now movie theatres get them on hard drives that requires mfa and a unique code to start it. Old film like this was tracked like the devil Screeners sent to companies or people are also tracked so they know whose exact copy got leaked if they ever do

Source: work in tv


FERALCATWHISPERER t1_iuh436w wrote

I’m not sure what you’re trying to say but, but this film strip is likely cut from a trailer. Studios send a trailer to movie theaters, they don’t ask for those back. Studios send a feature film to movie theaters, those are on loan and have to be returned TO THE STUDIO once the film has had its run. Sometimes, they are sent to second hand theaters for a run. If you were talking about, I dunno, The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly, I’d reckon you’d have an actual run film. What’s cool is it’s still apart of history right?


potatobreadandcider t1_iug2tlh wrote

That's dope, what scene is it?


GustavoSugawara t1_iug4a4j wrote


Merchandising, merchandising, where the real money from the movie is made. Spaceballs-the T-shirt, Spaceballs-the Coloring Book, Spaceballs-the Lunch box, Spaceballs-the Breakfast Cereal, Spaceballs-the Flame Thrower.


(reacts to dinks) The kids love this one. (A dink hands him a doll that looks likes Yogurt) And last but not least, Spaceballs the doll, me.


Physical_Ad5135 t1_iuiinca wrote

I have named a star after you.., I have made a donation to the human fund in your name…,,


harlojones t1_iugx45o wrote

Why they gotta say it like that though 🥺


drillgorg t1_iuhvcyk wrote

My dad got the movie theater to show me the projection room! They gave us a film strip from The Emperor's New Groove which was playing at the time. It was of the scene where Yzma was tied up like a pinata.


austinmiles t1_iuhwgph wrote

I have a Lord of the Rings one.


Boris9397 t1_iuimz5m wrote

I hope it shows porn when you hold it up to the light.


NoExaggeration8x55 t1_iui2ohl wrote

I worked in a movie theater as a teen. I have a complete film trailer for Fellowship Of The Ring. Kinda been wondering if it will be worth something some day.