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PharFromPharm t1_iy5yza8 wrote

I took analytical calc with a guy that was blind. Imagine going through trigonometry to get into that class. Word has it, he was one of the best students in the class. There was no braille, just a proctor verbalizing the questions to him and him reciting back his answers. Mind blown.


never0101 t1_iyaoh46 wrote

So he just actually did all thzt shit in his head, not writing anything?


PharFromPharm t1_iyaq21o wrote

He used, what I like to call, an “air-whiteboard” by using his finger to draw the equations in the space in front of him. Guy was amazing.


predictingzepast t1_iy5llzt wrote

Careful OP, math textbooks for the blind is a touchey subject..


LoopyMind t1_iy5w39a wrote

Aaaaaaaahaahaa... OP didn't, but I see what you did there


flannelmaster9 t1_iy5hyue wrote

That's likely a $1500-3k textbook


SWAG_MESSIAH t1_iy6yc9a wrote

A textbook auctually priced fairly


flannelmaster9 t1_iy6yk88 wrote

Braille books are stupid expensive. Harry Potter books go for hundreds for the blind.


Seraphem666 t1_iy7h0nw wrote

Supply and demand, sucks for blind people still though.


flannelmaster9 t1_iy7rsb9 wrote

For sure.


Seraphem666 t1_iy7tb4e wrote

Good thing for audio books, and text to speech advancement. Thought books are better for expanding vocabulary, and being able to see how the word is spelled.

Also a neat app for sighted people is "be my eyes", connect you with a person who is vision impared to help them read menus, get groceries, etc. So you can help them find what they need if say they want a certain type of milk/jam or other things


flannelmaster9 t1_iy7wm6l wrote

That's cool. I recently seen an ad for a visually impaired grocery store type deal were none of the goods were labeled trying to bring some attention to the blind communities struggle to do simple things like buy groceries


Seraphem666 t1_iy80syl wrote

Ya im disappointed at how slow they are at upgrading certian intersections with the audio beeping for blind people. You hold the button and it makes a tone when its its not your time and when it is


flannelmaster9 t1_iy9kw3j wrote

When I was in Kalamazoo for college it had a large blind population. The beeping at every intersection threw me off along with a voice saying "safe to cross X street" down town.


[deleted] t1_iy7220x wrote



jeffreywilfong t1_iy647nf wrote

And next year the textbook will be a new edition.


HellsMalice t1_iy78lep wrote

new edition patchnotes:

-Fixed one comma


*bans all previous editions, for educational integrity*


boredandbloody OP t1_iy79ht6 wrote

Fun fact: we actually have to start transcribing books in about May before the year we need them because it takes about 14 months to transcribe, print, proofread, and repeat for the whole thing.


druule10 t1_iy5pqqn wrote

What's the average reading speed for braile compared to reading?


zstandig t1_iy6hska wrote

I'm starting to see why braille is impractical in many applications


mart1373 t1_iy67tzw wrote

Do you have a banana for scale?


DrGoose2111 t1_iy5harp wrote

Did Mr Beast plant trees to combat the blind?


SignificantEbb1971 t1_iy7827f wrote

I actually did this in college for a biochemistry student (which was my major) we had a program that we would use to translate text to braille and I had to use PowerPoint to draw the diagrams that were printed on thermal paper to make them tactile for things like organic chemistry synthesis. Was a great job and the bonus was I never had to pay for a textbook because we had a database of all of them.


WeHaveAlwaysExisted t1_iy6lswx wrote

When the blind student says his textbook is too heavy to lug to class, he isn't joking.


LoopyMind t1_iy5vz4w wrote

So technically, blind people are bad for the environment... Technically!!!


Deep-Conflict2223 t1_iy6h8i8 wrote

I wonder what their textbooks look like for their entire course load.


theplushpairing t1_iy74448 wrote

That’s cool, I’ll just listen to the audiobook


ratzy88 t1_iy76rzy wrote

TIL being blind sucks more than I previous thought


Myxozoa t1_iy6mso6 wrote

The standard height for commercial doors in the US is 7'. Judging by the plug style, that's probably where this is, so that stack is probably around 5'6".


Clone78 t1_iy7cunn wrote

trigonometry must be fun to learn


Fleironymus t1_iy7ixho wrote

Blind people are just mad at trees because they're always bumping into them.


ThePyroOkami t1_iy8869p wrote

More proof that math is bullshit and the devils work


Ewokavenger t1_iy8hwin wrote

That always bugged me so much about book of Eli. A braille Bible would be massive. It always broke the immersion for me.


pandemonious t1_iy6w9de wrote

I'd say make it an audio book but that would probably be annoying as hell to navigate


Mech-Waldo t1_iy7937i wrote

I'm curious if the braille version tells you the corresponding page numbers.


niamhweking t1_iy79kkj wrote

Large print schoolbooks for visually impaired do so I imagine braille books do too


Phosphorus44 t1_iy8gque wrote

You might as well talk to math instead.


kaesefetisch t1_iy7iw9w wrote

Understanding Woman (left) vs. undestanding men (right).