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kidsmovieruined t1_iy6thhe wrote

Worth between $10.75 and $50.

If you don't want to sell it and you have kids or nieces and nephews or grandkids or a friend with kids, you could have them put this under the pillow as a Tooth Fairy gift. I used to get silver dollars and half dollars as a kid and it just seemed more magical lol.


Ravenclaw_14 OP t1_iy77vkx wrote

sweet, thanks! Probably gonna save it. I've started collecting coins so this will def make a fine addition to my collection


ProbablyABore t1_iy7ea3l wrote

Slightly overstated value.

7.50-11 in value.

It's somewhere between fine and extremely fine condition. Has some pretty obvious wear to the right of lady liberty.

Philadelphia mint, and no branch mark.

Still a nice find.


GuySmiley369 t1_iy9be29 wrote

Wouldn’t 7.50 be too low? That’s literally the value of the silver alone.


ProbablyABore t1_iy9cexd wrote

Not necessarily. Depends on who you're selling it to.

Shops specifically, and those just looking to pay basement prices, would definitely offer that amount.

They'd have some room to argue the point too. That wear spot is pretty significant, and there's general wear smudging many details. Don't see anything on it that makes it a particularly valuable coin, so.

Remember, something is only truly worth what someone else will pay for it.


longhaul77 t1_iy7jpxo wrote

That doesn't happen too much anymore. If this is a legit story it may be one of the only times in your life that it happens. It's a solid $10 coin looking at eBay closes. that's pretty good for 50 cents


MoreGaghPlease t1_iy8nz8b wrote

This is such a good idea, I’m going to use it for my kids.

I feel sorta bad that it’s hard for kids to collect interesting coins these days (at least here in Canada). When I was a kid in the 90s I could go through the till in my parents’ store at the end of the day and hunt for all kinds of rare and interesting coins, silver, etc (my folks always let me buy out whatever coins I wanted). In 2003, Canada started alloy recovery (taking first silver and later nickel and copper coins out of circulation because the metallurgical value exceeds the face value) and it kind of took all the fun out of the hobby. I don’t think I’ve seen a silver Canadian coin ‘in the wild’ in the last 10 year. This isn’t a criticism, alloy recovery is obviously the right policy decision. I guess I’m just nostalgic.


Ravenclaw_14 OP t1_iy6s34h wrote

Also recieved a circular battery and a few dimes lol

also fun fact, if you're viewing this on your phone, if you click on the image and look at the left pic, you'll see it as the correct size of the coin in person


Jakester42 t1_iy6xocu wrote

IMHO, Walking liberty Half Dollar is one of the most beautiful coins in American history.


PurpleVermont t1_iy6sc1r wrote

That's probably worth a bit.


THcB t1_iy6xitn wrote

About 50 cents


PurpleVermont t1_iy7abmm wrote

It's real silver. It has value just for the metal even if it has no numismatic value.


tacs97 t1_iy6shyf wrote

Good find!!


1clovett t1_iy6thph wrote

That one is called a walking liberty. A quick Google says it's valuable. Nice find!


derepeco t1_iy77dpg wrote

Seems like Coinstar is missing out on a side hustle. Install a high speed optical scanner in those kiosks that can detect rare coins and separate them for resale.


Omnitographer t1_iy7huyn wrote

Thankfully the machines reject older coins, my dad tried coinstaring a box of quarters his parents had saved over the years after they passed, it was full of silver quarters. I was shocked he didn't know about silver quarters / think to check the box for them. Thankfully the machine wouldn't take those and the bank clerk explained why and the box came home for proper valuing and sale.


longhaul77 t1_iy7jrmw wrote

It's probably because developing the ability to do so is cost prohibitive compared to how many of them show up. I don't think this is a common occurrence by any stretch


flutterbyasaurus t1_iyb5a66 wrote

Sometimes coins don't get ejected but don't get counted either and end up in a separate container meant for trash, damaged coins, and other non-coin items.

Coinstar has their employees ship any coins found in that to an office that definitely profits off of them. Corporate also been known to go to random machines, and put in specific coins that will go into that container, then watch for the employee to send it in. If they don't send it in, coinstar fires them for stealing.


CrippledJesus97 t1_iy796uu wrote

Nice find. I got an uncle whose a coin collector himself. Over the years ive received 3 morgan silver dollar coins from 1897 as gifts (100 years older than me) coins sure did look pretty back then opposed to the same old boring modern prints


Ravenclaw_14 OP t1_iy79dsk wrote

coins now really just don't compare


CrippledJesus97 t1_iy79ki8 wrote

Yep! My uncle also had em professionally graded and cased before sending em. Apparently mine are worth about 62 dollars each. Obviously not gonna sell them tho. Also got a penny from 1897 as well.


Ravenclaw_14 OP t1_iy79ptc wrote

nice! I recently started collecting myself, this was a lucky find while i was getting rid of excess change i don't need/want. My oldest is a half penny from 1748


CrippledJesus97 t1_iy7b69i wrote

Neat! Half penny??


Ravenclaw_14 OP t1_iy8fxzq wrote

yeah we had some weird currency back then. Half pennies, trimes (which are like half the size of a dime, width included), 3 cent nickels, half dimes (literally just glorified nickels), large cents, 2 cents, etc.


CrippledJesus97 t1_iy8sfl9 wrote

Ive seen a couple 2 cent coins in my days. Lol come to think of it, i do remember now my dad telling me about how half pennies used to be a thing


vogelsyn t1_iy73ygq wrote

opie taylor money


zstandig t1_iy72jha wrote

Our money used to look cool


AlmanzoWilder t1_iy7848y wrote

Excellent coin! I might have not seen this before.


ShaneSkyrunner t1_iy7mq07 wrote

Off you go to spend it on penny whistles and moon pies.


PintoTheBurninator t1_iy7ta8j wrote

Pretty nice coin except for that black blemish. Don't try to clean it - it will reduce the value


sirbassist83 t1_iy88yy3 wrote

thats gotta be worth at least $0.51 by now


Frankjc3rd t1_iy8epcy wrote

It looks like somebody rated Grandpa's coin collection again! I found a couple of euro coins like that once.


saggytestis t1_iy8kd6h wrote

I knew I wasn't the only one who checked those specifically, people be throwing the craziest coins straight through these things and not gaf, once found a handful of change in the damn thing bought me a redbull


SkorgenKaban t1_iy919au wrote

I’ve gotten a few silver coins from taking a peak in the return tray.


Sonyguyus t1_iy97kua wrote

Someone may have raided their grandpas coin collection before you got there.


TheSnootBooper t1_iy9oncy wrote

I didn't know Coinstars had been around that long.


bromas203 t1_iyaft3y wrote

So I go to the CoinStar....and it's not working! It never works!


Bigloove t1_iybol09 wrote

Age of a coin doesn't necessarily determine its value.


RUNdoneDIDit t1_iy70y35 wrote

Half oz of silver thank u very much. I always be looking into the coin star returns too


iTwango t1_iy723ve wrote

Is the back the same as a quarter??


henryclay1844 t1_iy7bfx0 wrote

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