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wallnumber8675309 t1_iy8r834 wrote

50% chance the janitor just doesn’t care.


Organized-Geese t1_iy8vuys wrote

99% chance the janitor took the pic after setting it up like this. The key is still in the lock.


AholeBrock t1_iy93gbk wrote

Or the person who took the pic noticed the key in the lock and decided to flip a role for a post


BaggyHairyNips t1_iyakfp0 wrote

Or the janitor realized this way they usually only have to change out one roll at a time.


NBAccount t1_iy8rks4 wrote

Look, I'm tired of this whole, "people are allowed to have different viewpoints" thing.

There are simply certain things that are inarguable; objectively right.

Tolerating the opposing viewpoint doesn't make you a better person. It means you will allow evil to proliferate.

The roll goes down in front.


Ancalimei t1_iy8wann wrote

Agreed. And I've lived with both kids and cats. Haven't had any issues. Raise your kids/animals better and use your products the right way.


blade_torlock t1_iy8ukav wrote

The toilet paper always went under when I was growing up, my mom always said that people who put it over never had kids.


OfCourseIKnowHim t1_iy8vfzs wrote

I don’t put mine on the roller. I just put the roll up on the back of the toilet.


fmshobojoe t1_iy9t752 wrote

my mom always put it over, I guess she never had kids :/


blade_torlock t1_iya3h13 wrote

Different mom's different tolerances.

Mom had 5 kids so her tolerance was zero.


jakob767 t1_iy8vsux wrote

Are you guys saying the paper should go a long with the wall??


myeff t1_iy8v1zr wrote

Or cats, or a light breeze, or...


RandoMcRandompants t1_iy8saf2 wrote

all this does is prove which is the correct orientation


KingoftheMongoose t1_iyctww2 wrote

One of these rolls can look pretty by tidying up the loose end. The other still looks wrong even when tidied.


SIobbyRobby t1_iy8sy6n wrote

There are two types of people, the ones who are wrong, and the ones who are right.

Choose wisely..


Quale- t1_iy9elrq wrote

I love the play on words, ones who are “right”.


Total-Khaos t1_iy99chy wrote

I choose this ugly looking cup a carpenter obviously made instead.


c4r0n1x t1_iy8r9r9 wrote

This is a great example of the fact that 'over' is the superior position.


GaffJuran t1_iy9mwvq wrote

…Unless you have a particularly playful cat. Then you’re just wasting tp.


CurlSagan t1_iy8qruk wrote

Steal that key and you get free toilet paper for life. Lifehack!


Driveformer t1_iy9582b wrote

This just displays how unsanitary under can be. You will be wiping yourself with whatever is on that dispenser


niobiumnnul t1_iy8tom5 wrote

Equality for all toilet paper directions, I say.


eclecticsed t1_iy8x7ru wrote

Kind of feel like the key being in there is a subtle sign that this was done for the picture.


theveryrealreal t1_iyaj3pk wrote

Subtle in a middle of the photograph super noticeable way. You leave a key like that in public restroom you have about 8 minutes before key and Both rolls are gone


hispazn23 t1_iy9at0w wrote

I’m more of a vertical toilet paper holder preference myself.


Poorkiddonegood8541 t1_iy9kv33 wrote

The roll on the left is wrong. I'm certain because mom always had it going over the top!


GaffJuran t1_iy9mrqs wrote

The right is the standard way, the baseline, but the left is useful if you have a cat.


SilverEagle1987 t1_iy9yc3g wrote

Does it make a difference in which way they should be facing? I don't really see a difference. I work in retail and my floor person pointed out that in the restrooms that the toilet paper should be placed similar to the roll on the left as it is in the photo. I should also mention this said floor person barely lasted two months before they stopped showing up to work then they were fired for attendance.


wrekd t1_iya0qer wrote



nickjhart t1_iya4o1x wrote

What if it doesn't want to identify as toilet paper, but rather as a spoon? Not very inclusive at all. I condemn.


N01_Special t1_iy8u2tw wrote

Now we need daily updates to see the results.


Jesuskrust1313 t1_iy8vz0f wrote

So one is wrong and one is right?


papersuite t1_iy91nyx wrote

Yes and no


Jesuskrust1313 t1_iy9wqh2 wrote

No I’m saying… one is right and one is wrong. The wrong one is on the left 😂 everyone knows the one on the right is the proper and correct way to do this 😂


papersuite t1_iya1tut wrote

And I am saying that if you mean the one i think wrong, is wrong then I disagree and if you are saying the one I think right is right then I don't disagree.


nikkipimpinit t1_iy921zt wrote

Always remember when filling rolls of toilet paper: Beards are good, mullets are bad.


Goatee_McGee t1_iy9392t wrote

Which one is closer to the toilet? The one closest gets priority


CongratsGuy t1_iy9axzb wrote

This is obviously the result of an ongoing war between the day shift and night shift custodians.


Mrepman81 t1_iy9de2p wrote

Cat/children owners on the left, everyone else on the right.


Otfd t1_iy9ezx7 wrote

They beat anyone who chooses the left option upon leaving the bathroom.


Rightfully so.


crayfl t1_iy9h5j9 wrote

This is about as interesting as it is funny.


whooo_me t1_iy9nv4s wrote

It’s like a referendum, vote with your hand/bum. Looks like “over” is winning.


Nutsnboldt t1_iy9r23d wrote

Now all the psychos can have their tp brush against the wall like they deserve.


dubshooter t1_iy9vsoc wrote

The key is right there… are you the janitor looking for Reddit toilet paper clout?


Insubordinate_God t1_iyajnho wrote

When the roll is backwards and you tear the tp it'll roll more out, an undesired effect. With the tp facing forward you can tear it more towards the top to prevent the un-necessary rolling. That's my poopolgy.


Xalvayne t1_iyalb11 wrote

People get bent out of shape over the dumbest shit lol


obolobolobo t1_iyayuhk wrote

No, no, no! Now everyone's unhappy.


Edit: I'm an overthetopper but even though I'm catered for I can't stop looking at the abomination of the underneathy. I assume the underneathers are looking at the overthetop and thinking the same thing.


NOT000 t1_iyb0814 wrote

diversity is our strength!


Savitar-1 t1_iybb4hg wrote

What about both hand directions?


JarvisDargon t1_iybfw48 wrote

By both you mean wrong and correct!


haringtiti t1_iybhvlr wrote

the keys still in it.. switch that left one around


scaleofthought t1_iybl909 wrote

Oh look, the one facing outward is used more. Who would have guessed that most people don't want to use toilet paper that has sat against a piss and shit splattered wall?


Bigloove t1_iyboak1 wrote

My GF would not be pleased.


ftrlvb t1_iybqois wrote



disdainfulsideeye t1_iybrsnm wrote

The one on right is correct, the one on the left is blasphemy.


mikdre03 t1_iybwx1y wrote

Bloody savages


Trachmyr t1_iyc6sya wrote

Its amusing seeing people blame their cats so they can justify using the devils way.


WooSaw82 t1_iyd9eo7 wrote

The facilities engineer has implemented the toiletries diversity program, and has improved directional opportunity for all correspondents.


Droideka33882 t1_iy8umpg wrote

nah let me just pinch the wall to get the paper 💀


MindlessAd9668 t1_iya3jwg wrote

I really don't get paid enough to give a fuck which way the toilet paper is.


Usagiboy7 t1_iya9yuu wrote

Method on the left you are more likely to get someone else's poop on your fingers from where they brushed the wall. And the chances of you noticing are not great unless it is still wet.


RhymeTymes t1_iy91w6u wrote

Alright folks I’m willing to put my karma on the line to settle this once and for all. Upvote if you’re for the left, and downvote for the right.


RhymeTymes t1_iyds100 wrote

Update! After a rollercoaster day of 2 upvotes to two downvotes we arrived exactly back where we started.