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mysilvermachine t1_j67yedn wrote

You are probably ready to try it with strings.


SisterBucket OP t1_j67yq9e wrote

Strings can wear out and break, I'm not ready to make a financial commitment like that to some random hobby.


RooneyD t1_j6800ln wrote

Haha , that cracked me up. I'm imagining you at home working the fret board saying "one day I'll be good enough for strings, one day"


SwampCrittr t1_j6bbfj4 wrote

The second Big String gets their fingers in your wallet… you become the staving musician. OP is playjng 6D chess


TobyDaHuman t1_j6bxt8k wrote

Absolutely fair point. So did you also move your fingers over the guitar and make some sounds with your mouth? That's how I do it.


SisterBucket OP t1_j6d51p4 wrote

Yes! One of the hardest things for me to do vocally was playing a vibrato.


I don't have the voice for it unfortunately.


ThermionicEmissions t1_j681tlb wrote

FTLOG, please oil that fingerboard and post the after pic.


SisterBucket OP t1_j682xyb wrote

Good point, it does need oil. First I need to find a proper brush to scrub it clean though.


jakebbt t1_j684wyq wrote

A soft tooth brush will work wonders


scoff-law t1_j690ch5 wrote

You need steel wool to lift off a lot of that skin (yes, a whole bunch of that is skin) and then lemon oil will remove the rest.


crank1000 t1_j69ft88 wrote

Just use an old credit card to debulk it, and then wipe with naptha and a paper towel. Then put some mineral oil on it. Will look brand new.


EarhornJones t1_j6al79w wrote

This is what I do. I've been playing for 30 years, and I've never had a neck look this bad.


french_violist t1_j6ay0kt wrote

Lemon oil works wonder.


crank1000 t1_j6b54j5 wrote

Lemon oil is just mineral oil that has been marked up as a “specialty product.”


Shoopuffman t1_j68fzrt wrote

0000 steel wool works great. It’ll also polish up the frets. Just remember to brush with the grain and tape up the sound hole first.


DeNy_Kronos t1_j6ew41y wrote

At this point shouldn’t you just take it to a luthier instead of doing it yourself? It’s cool to see but this bad boy could really use it.


21y15d t1_j6890is wrote

It would appear you are not stuck on the A minor pentatonic. Never seen one this uniformly worn. You can usually see where you spend most of your time. Nicely done.


SisterBucket OP t1_j68sl0s wrote

I try to avoid spending too much time with minors.


Methrandel t1_j69j74k wrote

Always a good life lesson, with or without a guitar involved..


BowzersMom t1_j68ne3n wrote

Jesus, clean your neck, buddy!! 🤮


Rolling_Beardo t1_j686mcb wrote

Did you ever clean it during that time?


SisterBucket OP t1_j688wal wrote

Yeah, but mostly dusting and superficial cleaning. I'm going for a decent clean now I've taken the strings off.


whatisread t1_j698v0b wrote

Wait…… is this the first string change in 15 years?


SisterBucket OP t1_j699xmr wrote

Lol no, if only my strings were that durable. The current ones have been on there for some years though and they'll go on for a bit longer. I just took them off for cleaning.


whatisread t1_j69b5o1 wrote

Years?!? BACK ON?!?

What is happening here. This feels like a hate crime


SisterBucket OP t1_j69doqn wrote

I haven't been as active as I used to be.🤷‍♀️

My current strings absolutely refuse to wear through though, so as long as they don't break I'll keep using them.


adflet t1_j6alj4k wrote

They'll still be dead. The same shit covering the fretboard will be all over the strings - chuck on a new set. You won't regret it.


SisterBucket OP t1_j6amkg4 wrote

Nah, my strings and I are ride or die. They're good strings and I love them.


Captain_Arrrg t1_j6ax78c wrote

Many bassists would agree.


SisterBucket OP t1_j6b3j5e wrote

Yeah, I like bassists. If I ever go back to playing in a band then I'll go for bass. Being the lead guitarist kinda sucks.


EvlSteveDave t1_j6anyb4 wrote

... dude that's fucking crazy. Try new strings.


SisterBucket OP t1_j6aogzd wrote

I've been playing for about 25 years but I don't know about these 'new strings'. Sounds dodgy mate


EvlSteveDave t1_j6ay8bp wrote

I change my strings every fucking week or something. You're just missing out big time.


SisterBucket OP t1_j6azs5b wrote

Tf are you doing to your strings that you have to replace them so often?

For me personally there's at the moment no real reason to change strings. I'm not playing for an audience and if I want to upgrade the quality of my sound then I need a different guitar. But I can't afford the €1500 it would cost to get a guitar like that.

I don't mind playing my Esteve though. It's a nice guitar.


EvlSteveDave t1_j6beo2h wrote

I'm exaggerating honestly, but it's not once every few years or whatever. I am usually playing on an SG with 9 gauge strings. Kind of a heavy strummer. Fast alternate picking stuff, so they just kind of wear faster I suppose. Really I change out maybe once a month because the vibrations of the strings get all fucked up once they get dirty enough. Doesn't really matter how often you wipe, it's going to happen.


SisterBucket OP t1_j6bh7ll wrote

Ah right, you're a very different guitarist compared to me. I remember playing in a band and burning through 12 gauge strings on my Ibanez Iceman on a weekly basis.

Now I only play classical guitar and I use strings that are very durable and silent when sliding my fingers over them.


EvlSteveDave t1_j6c8dqh wrote

Ahhh okay, yeah maybe it is a totally different thing. Part of this too is that I'm really sensitive to when strings begin to go dull, and I just fucking hate it.


SisterBucket OP t1_j6cqv4h wrote

Yeah fair, I actually don't mind strings that are a bit dulled. They're bad when playing for an audience or recording, but at home I'm glad they don't ring through the entire apartment building.

I do remember playing as a kid on my first guitar with cheap strings and lots of noise around at an exhibition from my music school. People had to huddle around me to actually hear me. I could've used some decent strings back then, lol.


Plenor t1_j6b9hsw wrote

I was with you before but weekly is excessive even if you're gigging every night.


EvlSteveDave t1_j6c8ame wrote

I'm just Italian, so it's like... ya know maybe once a month.


PeeFingerz t1_j6daojx wrote

No. Change those goddamn strings. Your guitar should be taken away from you by Guitar Protective Services if you don’t. It’s like $10. It’ll sound gobs better. Guitar strings get super gross and less effective after a pretty short time. If you actually practiced or played gigs l, you’re supposed to change them like every month. Bass strings last much longer but guitar strings do not. If you’re playing enough to work all the varnish off your neck board like this, then you sure is shit are playing it enough to change your strings on the reg. Do it or I’m calling Big String and turning you in.

Big Fret might have something to say too.


SisterBucket OP t1_j6de3vy wrote

Oh piss off. I play for myself as a hobby at the moment, I don't need to impress anyone. There actually are strings that last for a long time.

Do they sound as crisp as a fresh set? No.

Are they suitable for playing in front of an audience? No.

Do I care about the age of my strings as long as they play well? No.


BobbyLite94 t1_j6dgt1k wrote

Strings even if they’re not broken I find after a bit of time they lose their sound. They go dead and lifeless. A simple string change can really change the overall sound of your guitar. Don’t put strings that are over a year old back on your guitar, spend 6-12$ on some new strings. You’ll be shocked when you hear the difference.


Guitarmine t1_j68gka2 wrote

That's a neck that hasn't seen any cleaning or oil... So basically neglected because it looks dirty and not worn.


Puzzleheaded_Runner t1_j695c9w wrote

I clean my fretboard every string change. I wouldn’t be bragging about this 🤢


GlennSeaborg t1_j6a0a9s wrote


I wouldn't treat my guitar like this. OP has no respect for that guitar.


SisterBucket OP t1_j6a3wxu wrote

OP has had this guitar for most of her life now. Yeah it looks like it has been used a lot, because it has.

It sounds and plays like how it's supposed to.

I'm not entering my guitar into any beauty pageants.


TheOutbreak t1_j6a53lg wrote

how dare you use your own personal possession without considering the delicate sensibilities of strangers on the internet? probably can't even play wonderwall /s


scoff-law t1_j690m9e wrote

This is really not good for the guitar. If that fretboard gets too dry it's going to start spitting out your frets. Please take care of your instrument.


SisterBucket OP t1_j6982q4 wrote

I appreciate your concern for my guitar. Due to the lighting in the photo it looks worse than it is in reality. The guitar is fine, it's been at my side for a long time and it will be for many years to come I reckon.


zephyr-zoo t1_j698gyw wrote

How gross is that. You’re supposed to wash the neck when restringing.


Alistairio t1_j67yxpw wrote

Now show us your finger tips!


SisterBucket OP t1_j681pt7 wrote

They're soft like a baby's bottom.

I did get a gnarly blister once from practicing a guitar solo for hours on an electric guitar. But while playing acoustic I'm more worried about my hand cramping than fucking up my fingers.


ethnicfoodaisle t1_j68adn2 wrote

I once dropped acid for 3 days in a row while playing along to Comfortably Numb and ended up with the fingertips ballooning with blisters.

My neighbors must have hated me.


SisterBucket OP t1_j68ecrl wrote

Hahaha that's the best way to learn though.

I don't have much experience with acid, but amphetamines with something like MDMA made me motivated enough so now I can play the theme music for Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Amélie.🤷‍♀️


AlexWFS t1_j69218f wrote

Dude that’s gross. Treat your gear better.


Tutelage45 t1_j6935dd wrote

Maybe I’m just gross but that doesn’t seem like much for 15 years tbh


SisterBucket OP t1_j696rvk wrote

I did clean it occasionally, just no deep scrubbing. And the lighting makes it look dramatically filthy.

In reality the wood is dark brown/nearly black and you'd have to get really close to see anything on the neck.


pink_life69 t1_j6b3mtq wrote

That’s just your disgusting finger grease it’s not an indicator of being used, but being neglectful.


skajemagowza t1_j6bvdji wrote

Couldn’t spare 5-10 minutes out of those 15 years to clean your fretboard, huh?


kylel999 t1_j68x2w6 wrote

If the wood isn't irreversibly damaged from lack of maintenance, the neck is going to feel so nice after some loving. I'm always amazed how much easier playing feels on a nicely oiled fretboard


Psychological_Pie884 t1_j699f7f wrote

No, after 15 years of negligence and just being a disgusting, filthy sloth. Clean your damn guitars.


Zydruer t1_j6al44q wrote

I'm just here for OPs fire responses on this post


Entbriham_Lincoln t1_j6bgeg3 wrote

I hope to god this is the work of r/guitarcirclejerk


ManiacOnHaight t1_j6932r8 wrote

This is impressive the same way the huge shits are impressive. Like damn that’s a significant amount and definitely interesting. And I’d definitely take a picture to show others. But at the end of the day it’s still pretty gross . Lemon oil + a rag should do the trick. I’d love to see the before and after of the rag you use to clean it


SadKneeCruiseBee t1_j69c18l wrote

As someone who used to do basic instrument setup and maintenance at a guitar shop, this picture has officially triggered me.


Voidstrider2230 t1_j6atvcu wrote

Post some of your work. Pleaz


SisterBucket OP t1_j6b2bx7 wrote

Every recording I've ever made with my phone sounded awful. I can give you proper recordings other people have made of my favourite pieces though.

You'll just have to imagine it's some Redditor playing instead of the people in the videos.

Milonga al Sur by Alfonso Montes. This is my favourite duet. It's a shame not many classical guitarists around here stick with the hobby long enough to reach the level required to play this. I'd love to play a proper duet again.

Meta Sequoia played by the composer Harry Sacksioni himself. Harry Sacksioni is a great contemporary guitar composer from the Netherlands. I love his work but especially this piece.


ballsoutduringprayer t1_j68xxba wrote

im sure youve worn that neck very well but it looks like mostly skin cells. needs a good cleaning and oiling. i do also love looking at my fret board seeing how ive worn at it.


NASTYCASIO t1_j69bke3 wrote

15 years of filth on a guitar


jmarnett11 t1_j69npud wrote

Needs cleaned gross af


Dickmusha t1_j6abw8h wrote

I too play guitar for hours a day for the past 15 years... I just clean my guitar regularly. Lol


yapoonlick t1_j6aeo6r wrote

The amount of skin in that is crazy, that’s some Parmesan looking human kief


toodlesandpoodles t1_j6ak0ti wrote

And this is why every time I change my strings I clean my fret board.


dajohns1420 t1_j6aph8a wrote

You haven't cleaned it in 15 years?


Oil_slick941611 t1_j6arxm2 wrote

Thats not wear! that's just dirt and grime everywhere but where your fingers come in contact with the board. Scrape that crap off and oil up the board and it'll look brand new.


Niens t1_j6auic2 wrote

This isn’t wear or tear! This is not taking care of your instrument. Clean and oil the frets for the love of god.


Vyxen17 t1_j6b9987 wrote

There's a homeless busker near where I work I see with his lil Venmo sign up and I'm always telling him, you play Dust in the Wind for me and I will tip you. I know he has a smart phone, he can learn, but he hasnt yet. AITA?


SisterBucket OP t1_j6balvc wrote


I'm not even homeless but if someone offers to pay me to play something like Dust in the Wind or whatever else I can kind of learn in about 7 minutes, I'll play.


Vyxen17 t1_j6bf2vo wrote

It's DUST in the WIND...such a classic, a true masterpiece. One might ask if one has a guitars why DON'T they know that song first


SisterBucket OP t1_j6bj866 wrote


Stairway to Heaven comes first though. But Dust in the Wind is easy enough that most guitarists will be able to pick it up quickly.


Vyxen17 t1_j6da914 wrote

Dust in the Wind hits so differently to me. Plus I've offered to show him how to play since it's the only song I know but he refuses


SisterBucket OP t1_j6gcx8q wrote

I never paid too much attention to the song but I had a closer look/listen just now. The chords are basic as fuck and the finger picking only really requires speed.

Is he a good guitarist? Because I can imagine an experienced player looking at a tab and not wanting to play it since it's too simple. Otherwise homeless buddy has no excuse.

It's a good song, but not very interesting to play lol


Vyxen17 t1_j6howag wrote

It's literally the only song I can play on a guitar 🤣 even without speed. Also it can be basic all it wants to i love that song.


Adventurous-Aide-522 t1_j6bl0pu wrote

Question: and I don't mean this to be rude but did you ever once wash your hands before playing, in that entire span of time? ;-)


Erazerhead-5407 t1_j6bq6kx wrote

Time to start using it as a guitar instead of applying plaster with it.


regentbulldog t1_j6bwquc wrote

I see you prefer no strings attached…


Draeton_ali t1_j6bx3je wrote

This is just bragging about neglecting your instrument. You figure if you used something regularly for 15 years you'd take care of it...


Medcait t1_j6bykiu wrote

Gross dude


Buttermilkie t1_j6e7x1m wrote

Man, 15 years of dead finger skin and oil build up. You know you can clean them more often?


fgobill t1_j68ntzx wrote

So much Wonderwall


RealCountryBoy t1_j6934n5 wrote

You may need slightly scalloped frets.


mjkjg2 t1_j69b41v wrote

don’t know what’s taken more of a beating, the guitar or your fingers


oroborus68 t1_j69yt7r wrote

Did you remove the frets, or is that just an illusion from the perspective?


SisterBucket OP t1_j6a24m5 wrote

The frets are still there. I held the guitar in bright sunlight for the photo so some things seem off I think.


oroborus68 t1_j6a2oqk wrote

Now that you say that,I can see them! I looked several times before, but couldn't tell.


ripmerle t1_j6a6zer wrote

So, have you mastered Stairway to Heaven yet?


SisterBucket OP t1_j6a81ds wrote

Who needs Stairway to Heaven when we have Wonderwall? Or the first few bars from Nothing Else Matters when I'm feeling particularly metal.


ripmerle t1_j6a8qon wrote

It just seems like Stairway to Heaven is ALWAYS the first song a new guitarist learns to play.


SisterBucket OP t1_j6a9fvg wrote

Haha it is.

I was taught to play classical guitar mostly, but of course I know how to play Stairway to Heaven.


[deleted] t1_j6aesrn wrote



SisterBucket OP t1_j6ail7t wrote

It's an Esteve 1GR01 built in 2003. Nothing fancy and I should really upgrade, but I like its warm and full sound.


Sunstang t1_j6b3a6m wrote

Looks like you use a lot of moisturizer


Adeep187 t1_j6bukyp wrote

Looks like a lot of skin cells


wintremute t1_j6c3m9t wrote

15 years of dead skin buildup. Eewww. Clean that shit.


Slinger_GGez t1_j6ca99r wrote

You really don’t take care of your instruments, huh? I recommend doing cleaning and applying oils almost every time you change strings, which you should do every 1-2 months if you use it regularly


shovedog t1_j6ckjt5 wrote

000 wire wool to get all that off without damaging the wood.


Chr-88 t1_j6cwbak wrote

ur guitar hates you


SisterBucket OP t1_j6cwynk wrote

It suffers from Stockholm Syndrome and loves me now.


siggiarabi t1_j6d25dw wrote

Jesus christ, clean and moisturise that fretboard


MessiahNIN t1_j6d4h14 wrote

That’s a fretboard.


SisterBucket OP t1_j6d5s86 wrote

Which is part of the neck. I didn't think I needed to be too specific.


Secludedness- t1_j6dbzuk wrote

Bro please for the love of god oil that fretboard


[deleted] t1_j6dgegw wrote

Lol obvious bait is obvious. This, and your admission that you haven't changed strings in several years (they're supposed to be changed monthly with regular use), is clearly meant to trigger as many people as possible.

I don't know that it's working lol. People aren't mad, they just look at you differently now. It's like parents say, "I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed."


SisterBucket OP t1_j6dmwv9 wrote

Lol what? Get some decent strings and you won't have to change them that often if you don't need your guitar to sound perfect for recording or playing for an audience.

The fact that you think I'm out to trigger people is pretty telling. The elitism on this post makes me sad.

I hope that new players don't see comments like yours and think that playing guitar is a high maintenance hobby. I passed the last 2 classical music exams with this guitar. A somewhat decent guitar with cheap strings will be good enough for most beginning players for the first several years.


[deleted] t1_j6dnqxk wrote

LOL the entire comment section is saying exactly what I just did. It's not elitism, you just don't feel like maintaining your instrument the way it needs to be maintained. Elitism? Don't use me as an excuse for your laziness please, anyone who's ever owned a guitar knows there's a standard for maintenance and care if you want the instrument to maintain a full sound.

Just because you don't care that much doesn't mean this should be the new bar for quality. I hope new musicians don't see your post and think "oh, her guitar is filthy and she claims it works just fine, guess I never have to clean mine!"


[deleted] t1_j6do1jf wrote

And this is clearly a troll post, evidenced by your cheeky responses to people who constructively critique your lack of care for your instrument. Or am I misreading all of your obvious sarcasm?


SisterBucket OP t1_j6dqh0c wrote

I mean, if we're going to look at past responses then I'm not sure whether to be concerned or laugh at you.


[deleted] t1_j6dsk4h wrote

Your judgement of my history on Reddit doesn't impress or move me in the slightest, in fact it makes you look like you don't have a proper rebuttal since you feel the need to resort to pettiness. How desperate you must be, to go into someone's profile looking for dirt because you don't have an answer to their logical arguments. I think you're the one who should be pitied lol.

My critique still stands.


SisterBucket OP t1_j6dsp8i wrote

>Your judgement of my history on Reddit doesn't impress or move me in the slightest. My critique still stands.


[deleted] t1_j6du62p wrote

That makes no sense in response to what I said, I'm not judging your collective history, only this one attention seeking post. You're the one who couldn't handle the discussion and had to resort to digging through my profile for dirt lol. I'll take this as your resignation. Have the last word.


SisterBucket OP t1_j6dvpi5 wrote

Haha, go off. Don't let shit on Reddit get to you so much that you need to revisit and edit your comment to make it seem more eloquent.


p_lbwo17 t1_j6g8jr9 wrote

Please clean your guitar😂


Bcbulbchap t1_j69nqdr wrote

I wouldn’t fret about it. Just think of the wonderful tunes that have been created here.


CHIEFdiamondHands t1_j6aie5r wrote

I use to slap a little bass, back in High school...


puffinfish420 t1_j6aohsu wrote

I’m pretty sure you aren’t supposed to take all the strings off at the same time, since the change in pressure will warp the neck and require a readjustment of the truss rod.

Maybe that’s just with electric guitars though. Or maybe I’m just mistaken


durtmagurt t1_j6bbhjp wrote

Op… the amount of outrage you’ve caused these people is hilarious. I personally believe how one treats their guitar is their own business. Also, something tells me you could easily get that thing cleaned.

I paid $300 for a decent acoustic about 14 years ago. Cleaned the fretboard a few times, never went full ham on it. I like to play a few hours a week. Its never kept in a case, I don’t wax/oil it, and I don’t have the stupid humidifier thing the guitar tech tried to sell me. It should last me the rest of my life (or implode tomorrow by these peoples standards). Either way, it was $300 and has made it this far.

Get over it guys/gals, it’s not your guitar. Treat yours how you want… standing by for the “well actually….” Folks


SisterBucket OP t1_j6bjo02 wrote

Haha a lot of people do seem to think my guitar is FUBAR or at least a danger to anyone's health and literally unplayable.

I got this guitar when I was a teenager (I'm 33 now) and it has served me well. It's not pristine in any way, but it's a good guitar.

It's not actually caked in grime anyway, it just looks more filthy than it actually is. 🤷‍♀️ .