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Worthyness t1_jaa6wfc wrote

still pissed that the one movie that we get Jackie Chan to fight Jet li in a Hollywood film and it's in a movie about a fucking white kid who has a dream about becoming a kung fu master and hooking up with a hot asian chick.


Caiur t1_jab0jx7 wrote

Well... don't get mad at the people who made The Forbidden Kingdom, get mad at the Hong Kong film industry executives who had a good 10 - 15 year period prior to 2008 where they could have put Jet Li and Jackie Chan into a film together, but no one actually bothered to capitalise on the opportunity


BenjaminRCaineIII t1_jaakmbp wrote

Yeah, it's kinda a shitty deal, but I'll take what I can get. Apparently they're not especially fond of each other, and I know Jackie doesn't really think highly of Hollywood in general. I've wondered if Jackie agreed to do Forbidden Kingdom, because it didn't really "count" as a real movie in his eyes.