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DrRexMorman t1_j9ty8jb wrote

>I know that Sony owns Crunchyroll--which only caters to one genre, and technically there's the free Crackle service

Sony sold Crackle.

But it also runs PlayStation network.

That’s 2 streaming services.


Worthyness t1_j9u4c6o wrote

Technically had funimation too, but they merged it with crunchy.


TheCheshireCody t1_j9uh7qt wrote

Didn't they shut down the Playstation Network? I only ever rented one movie through PSN, and the buffering was so awful I never even considered it again.


DrRexMorman t1_j9ulm1p wrote

Sort of.

They definitely stopped producing content for it.


TheCheshireCody t1_j9uqiqb wrote

I must have been thinking of something else. PSN in my mind was just the service they rented/sold movies through for a while.


DrRexMorman t1_j9usc5e wrote

For a window of time Sony lost an extraordinarily large amount of money airing original content on PSN.