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The_Empty_Shadow t1_jegilgx wrote

I've been collecting the tickets of films I enjoyed for about 6 or 7 years, though I just keep them in a small metal container. I'm sure they'll degrade eventually, if some haven't already, but I guess I'll figure out how to preserve them once the container is full.


MrConor212 OP t1_jegk03d wrote

Damn 6/7 years? That’s a lot of good shit lol


vash963 t1_jegohie wrote

I used to keep opening night tickets and put them with the DVD/blueray when I bought the home release.


redcore4 t1_jegkhul wrote

I have mine in a photo album along with other gig and event tickets.


LuckyandBrownie t1_jegkk9l wrote

I’ve only kept one set of tickets to “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.” It was for a first date with a girl that later became my wife. Used the tickets to make a scrapbook years later.


MrConor212 OP t1_jegkxfb wrote

So that’s why all my first date and a movies have never worked, you took all the luck 🤣


lizzpop2003 t1_jegipaq wrote

I used to when ticket stubs were actually a thing, but I haven't seen one in years. It's all digital now.


MrConor212 OP t1_jegk2pk wrote

I’ve started asking for them in my cinema and they are happy to give them


lizzpop2003 t1_jegkq6y wrote

I guess, but then I'd have to actually deal with someone there, outside of the 2 seconds it takes the guy to scan my phone. The beauty of it all being on my phone is I don't have to deal with lines or kids with bad attitudes anymore. Atthe theater I go to I even order my concessions on my phone and just go to the counter to pick it up when it tells me they're ready.


Ceasarsean t1_jegjq9c wrote

I do it too. Although I've kept them in a box, they have been scattered throughout. I love to look back on the memories and the different ticket prices, haha


cuatrodemayo t1_jegqfko wrote

I do. I keep them in baseball card sleeves in a binder, they go way back.


bluebirdgm t1_jeh0b9f wrote

I did for a while (starting with Episode I in May 1999) and had a little scrapbook even, but stopped doing so around (checks pictures of ticket scrapbook) July 2004. Electronic ticketing kinda made it pointless after a point, though I’m sure I got and discarded other printed tickets after 2004.


Old_Army90 t1_jegl3ry wrote

The only stub I’ve held onto was for Parasite. I saw it on February 15, 2020.

It’s kind of become my pre-pandemic shutdown relic.


MrConor212 OP t1_jeglepr wrote

I’d look at it as you collecting that stub caused the pandemic like an alternate timeline fiasco


browster t1_jegkkow wrote

My friend Craig does


poindxtrwv t1_jegm3v2 wrote

For years, I kept throwing my movie stubs in a dresser drawer and gave them no more thought. My mother in law gave me a box that hangs in the wall to keep concert ticket stubs in. Since all my concert stubs were already in an album, I started using it for movie tickets. As I went through that drawer, I had stubs dating back to 1997 when they released Star Wars.


palookaboy t1_jego481 wrote

> As I went through that drawer, I had stubs dating back to 1997 when they released Star Wars.

That’s exactly when I started collecting mine, and for a long time had every stub ever since. But since buying tickets online became the norm, especially when going with groups, it became less and less of a habit. I keep mine in a fishbowl on a shelf.


jcd1974 t1_jegmnfh wrote

No but I wish I had.


infuckingbruges t1_jegnip1 wrote

I do, I probably have some going back 20 years. It sucks now with online ticketing they just give you a flimsy paper ticket instead of the stubs.


operarose t1_jegpx2y wrote

I do! I discovered that I've inadvertently kept all of my MCU tickets and now keep them in one box every time I get a new one.


DailyUpsAndDowns t1_jegrqrl wrote

I don't know how much it's worth, but I still have my ticket stub from Showgirls. And I got in when I was 15.


Vader_Von_Vader t1_jegrzlw wrote

I kept all of my Tom Petty concert stubs. Ten of them. My ex threw them away. For reasons.


Dragonborn83196 t1_jegsosk wrote

I started trying to and then it fell flat, my wallet was my safe keeping place and then they were so chewed up and worn I said fuck it lol. Still have a semi decent comic book collection though


TerranPhil t1_jegszat wrote

I do and have been meaning to start a scrap book for the past 20 years. It ain't ever going to happen.


danimation88 t1_jegt4nc wrote

I do. Earliest stub i got is shrek 2


FoxOntheRun99 t1_jegtty6 wrote

I've still got my Avengers IW and Endgame IMAX tickets.

I wish I saved some of my old 90s noughties cinema stubs like The Matrix, Mission Impossible, Galaxy Quest.

My gf keeps the ones that we goto since we started dating, 3 years ago. But theres something about old school cinema stubs that makes it special.


CabeNetCorp t1_jegvq2g wrote

I don't remember where I saw this, but I saw some home theater setup, and the dude made a little ticket stub box like you'd see at old-time theaters for outside his home theater, and kept all his used ticket stubs there. Partly collecting, partly decor.


detroiter85 t1_jegw9lj wrote

I did this for years. Had them all under a glass cover on my dresser. Ultimately threw them out when I moved and I kinda miss em from time to time.


nayapapaya t1_jegyjdl wrote

I do! I just have them on some cookie tins for now. Not sure what I'll do with them.


ca_exhibition t1_jegzylw wrote

I think I've had mine for about 13 or 14 years now... the ink eventually fades off the ticket. Kind of sad


MHath t1_jeh1jen wrote

I started doing this in the mid-90s as a kid. I might not have tickets from most of the movies over the past few years, but up until the late 2010s, I probably have every ticket stub.


idontwantanamern t1_jeh3lzc wrote

I have movie ticket stubs dating back to the mid/late 90s. The only unfortunate ones are those that are just the receipt paper tickets, which only have a faint ink imprint remaining (if that).

But it is really fun to have. I keep them with my concert tickets.


idunno-- t1_jeh3v5o wrote

I’ve been collecting ticket stubs for around 16 years now! Will continue to do it for as long as I can.


scarecrowy t1_jeh4umr wrote

I used to do that when I was younger, I also wrote in the back who I went with.


_plantknuckles t1_jeh4zep wrote

I have damn near every movie and concert stub since Mortal Kombat in '95. Many have faded but the vast majority are still perfectly legible.

I still collect movie stubs, though 95% of the concerts I attend now use digital ticketing.


hobisodes t1_jeh56tq wrote

ive been collecting movie tickets for several years now too! but theyre all just stored in a box 😅 i never really got to organize them