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eaglerabbit89 t1_je5kcwg wrote

The Wailing is one of the best horror movies in recent years. Looking forward to his new movie.


lavabears t1_je5qvoh wrote

It’s the best horror movie I’ve ever seen. I thought about it for months after.


griffmeister t1_je6rxss wrote

Such a small detail but the way the shaman smokes his cigarettes pops into my head often


the_bollo t1_je7ar0u wrote

I’ve seen that movie twice but I don’t remember this detail. What was special about it?


griffmeister t1_je7b81d wrote

He pinched it between his index finger and thumb but not like the way you would pinch and smoke a joint, with the rest of your fingers facing forward. He held it with the rest of his fingers facing the other way, towards his mouth, like as if you were applying lipstick. Hope that makes sense haha

Nothing special per se, just a unique characteristic I found amusing.

EDIT: Took a screenshot


the_bollo t1_je7lnmv wrote

Haha. That is weird. Thanks for the screenshot!


Head_of_Lettuce t1_je7a9ti wrote

The scene where >!the shaman projectile vomits blood from his nose and mouth!< is still one of the most shocking and impressive effects I’ve seen in a horror movie.


schmag t1_je6rkph wrote

I thought it was good, but there were things just didn't jive with me.

but I felt the detective had to do several things that to me seems out of character for the story to continue, mostly that the detective would pursue this individual alone, especially after what he in the camp the first time...

even "back in the day" in the US the detective would not have been alone. I believe there were a few other instances like that...


BeginningAppeal8599 t1_jea5c06 wrote

That happens a lot even in Hollywood films and non English language shows. They can't create tension with a SWAT team or a pack of police officers so they always choose to have one character flying solo and being too brave.

It's plausible for some of these small towns that it could happen but it's a trope that will never change in horrors and thrillers


schmag t1_jeac2pb wrote

I agree, I didn't find it necessarily a deal breaker, and I liked the story.

but those couple of parts... I remember thinking to myself "yeah, OK, sure, he is going to just go back there alone"

but I thought similar as you, maybe that's how a small Korean village operates. and really most all horror requires you to "suspend some disbelief".


Athlete-Extreme t1_je7lvgv wrote

I think about this film so often since it released. I had so many theatrical culture shock moments the first watch; some moments in select scenes were funny when they should’ve been more serious like the lightning strike(?) and other scenes or moments it was vice versa. Regardless the Korean film industry may be the greatest story tellers atm.


wgnpiict t1_jea419i wrote

I just saw The Wailing is free to watch on Kanopy - I'm gonna watch it


MrToxicTaco t1_jeagtp2 wrote

It’s also on Amazon prime but leaving today or tomorrow I think.


Metal64Game t1_je5vzv5 wrote

Na Hong-Jin is a fucking genius. Absolute auteur. A masterclass in filmmaking.

yes i know this sounds like movie circlejerk sarcasm, but its not.


BeginningAppeal8599 t1_je6v0xi wrote

He definitely is. His chase scenes and story pacing is just spectacular.


Nldngooner t1_je6ysar wrote

The Wailing was a bit too fucked up/scary/depressing for me but give me something like The Chaser again and ill be first in line


JustStrolling_ t1_je8pphe wrote

The Chaser is so dark but so compelling. Love movies with a reluctant protagonist.

It's a thriller than nails its emotional moments. Hard to find those.


DelboyLindo t1_je99c7k wrote

Saw The Chaser at the Cinema, still remember the poster in the lobby saying “being remade by the producers of The Departed”.


JustStrolling_ t1_je99nrm wrote

Lol. I didn't even know they're gonna remake it. Probably gonna suck like the Old Boy remake.

Cool username btw.


DelboyLindo t1_je9a98r wrote

That was over 15 years ago, doubt there’ll be a remake now. Just makes me laugh how eager they were to slap that quote on the poster trying to cash in on the success of Infernal Affairs/The Departed and it never fucking happened. Old Boy remake was soooo bad, unwatchable bad, Charltoy Copley doing that weird whiny voice.

Cheers for the compliment, it’s a combination of my two favourite things,Delroy Lindo & Delboy Trotter. And also Snake Plissken username was taken.


colbydc5 t1_jea0oti wrote

I remember watching The Chaser prior to it’s wide release at the Busan International Film Festival and Na along with the leads all came out afterwards to do a Q&A session. I got to speak with him briefly and unfortunately the translator misunderstood what I asked but he still gave very thoughtful responses and it was a really cool moment to share that space with the man who made this film and a very excited audience. It was also disturbing watching an actor portray a serial killer so well and then walk out onto the front of the theater 20 feet in front of you. Gave me chills.


BeginningAppeal8599 t1_je8lkzo wrote

Since I could never get that first experience I had with The Chaser I'd rather rewatch The Wailing.


x3alann t1_je7tc5x wrote

Na hong jin is so damn underrated. Yeah theres park chan and bong, but nah hong jin is another animal.

The chaser is forever one of my favourites.


No-Bumblebee4615 t1_je7zrrx wrote

I don’t know, aside from The Wailing, his films aren’t really knock outs. The first 45 minutes of The Chaser is as good as Oldboy and I Saw the Devil, but it meanders like crazy in the second half.

The Yellow Sea starts off well too, but once the story gets going, I lose interest.

The Wailing is pretty fantastic though.


Metal64Game t1_je80bg5 wrote

the final act of chaser is amazing imo


No-Bumblebee4615 t1_je83dv0 wrote

That’s true, I guess my issue is mainly with the second act. For a good portion of the film we follow the lead character as he searches for a woman who we believe to be dead, while the killer is in police custody. For a thriller, there’s just no tension in this set up.

If they revealed that she was alive earlier and made it clear that the killer would be released by a certain time, we would have been more invested in the lead character’s search.


Metal64Game t1_je9xihk wrote

Making the audience unsure of both the stakes and the ticking clock leads to a more visceral and shocking third act. There is tension, but it's never explicit, it's always simmering under the surface instead.


ssambapbap t1_je5tz20 wrote

Na Hong Jin is one of the GOATs. The Chaser, The Yellow Sea, and The Wailing is one of the best three-movie runs ever by a director. Looking forward to this!


bone-in_donuts t1_je5wzjx wrote

I haven’t seen The Yellow Sea yet but The Chaser might be the best thriller I’ve come across.


stan-nas t1_je6baj4 wrote

The ending stuck with me for a long time


bone-in_donuts t1_je7lg0q wrote

That’s it, time for a family movie night rewatch of The Chaser. I’ve sat through enough Little Baby Bum and Gabby’s Dollhouse, it’s my turn to choose.


DelboyLindo t1_je99g6s wrote

I still remember the poster saying “now being remade by the producers of The Departed”


BeginningAppeal8599 t1_je6v722 wrote

He sure is. I kept looking for something new for him for the past few years and was considering watching that horror he produced recently.


jacomanche t1_je5mlnt wrote

Originally meant to be a collaboration between Na Hong Jin and Alfonso Cuaron but didn't happen. Surprised to see Hollywood actors casted since the movie is meant to take place in a small Korean country town


GuiltyEidolon t1_je8szt8 wrote

HoYeon Jung (from Squid Game) is also going to be in it - I wonder if they're going the 'american tourists in Korea' route with it.


Holy_Hole_Inna_Donut t1_je9rwxc wrote

>Originally meant to be a collaboration between Na Hong Jin and Alfonso Cuaron

How would that collaboration work? Na Hong Jin as screenwriter and Cuaron directing?


warrenmax12 t1_je5nl3t wrote

This won’t end well for their marriage


davej999 t1_jeabjrj wrote

Dont worry i will be there to look out for Alicia ;)


OnePieceAce t1_je78ciq wrote

So glad Fassbender is back. Imo a top 3 actor from the 2010s dude is so good


TripleThreatTua t1_je8casf wrote

Can’t wait for Next Goal Wins either, was supposed to come out in 2021 but got reshot due to the Armie Hammer scandal


magna_pinna t1_je7pzdb wrote

Is there a consensus about whether he was "cancelled" and took time off or he took time off to chill and drive race cars?

Edit: just a fuckin question bozos


ILoveScottishLasses t1_je7t3iw wrote

Him and Alicia had a child together and they keep there life private, so I'm sure he's just a chill dude enjoying race cars.


LordAyeris t1_je84z9q wrote

If it's true, good for them. It would be nice if two of my favorite actors ended up being good people. Hollywood doesn't destroy everybody.


Calhalen t1_je62xol wrote

Loved the Wailing so goddamn much, stands head and shoulders above most modern horror movies. It immerses you so deep into the atmosphere in the first act then just fucks you up for the rest of the story. Goes from detective movie to zombie thriller to possession, and the end still sticks with me. Watch it if you haven’t yet!

Also the Medium is really good, he produced it and co-wrote it. Same kinda vibes, not quite as good but still really memorable. A bit more bleak and intense


Sleepy_Azathoth t1_je6k9mn wrote

You had me at The Wailing director.


Chaser, Yellow Sea, the Medium (written by him, not directed); He's a great storyteller.


bone-in_donuts t1_je5wtrf wrote

The Wailing is great, although I think The Chaser is even better. Goddamn Korea has the best thrillers.


Metal64Game t1_je62bpt wrote

I unironically think Chaser might be the best south korean film to come out ever.

And this is coming from someone who loved Waling and Parasite.


bone-in_donuts t1_je64hc4 wrote

I can’t disagree, that movie is a lesson in tension and pacing.

I think it, A Bittersweet Life, Oldboy and I Saw the Devil rotate for me in terms of favourites.


BeginningAppeal8599 t1_je6viog wrote

It's definitely the one that comes to my mind often when thinking of Korean thrillers and their chase scenes.

A recent Korean thriller, Midnight, evoked a lot of the feelings and fun I had watching that film.


--deleted_account-- t1_je81kt9 wrote

Don't know about "best to come out ever" since they make lots of great movies over there, but great nonetheless


cantox t1_je5z44x wrote

Finally some good news on this sub


bad_hero_ken t1_je730sa wrote

Recently Na Hong Jin released a stylish action short, filmed entirely on a phone. It's called 'Faith'. Cool shit.


CircusOfBlood t1_je5yaki wrote

This automatically becomes one of my top projects to watch out for


SB858 t1_je6yyop wrote

Jung Ho-Yeon from Squid Game (067) has also joined the cast apparently


Vatican87 t1_je7vgz0 wrote

The Wailing was amazing, one of my top 10. This won’t disappoint.


Recover20 t1_je6xh13 wrote

I'm dubious about this, most of the time it has not served the South Korean Directors well to make Hollywood movies. It sucks how under utilised actors like Lee Byung-Hun are in Hollywood productions. I feel like it's always the autuers worst work. (even if it is still somewhat decent)


Kim Jee-Woon with The Last Stand

Park Chan-Wook with Stoker


BeginningAppeal8599 t1_jea643h wrote

I was just about to say this. They usually get worldwide success with authentic local language films and shows that don't try so many other languages like English but still think including American actors and English language scenes is necessary for global success.

I have the same problem even with Europeans such as German and Norwegian filmmakers who don't realize how awkward it is when they force in English scenes. The delivery is usually not right and doesn't feel as smooth as when they use the language they're comfortable with.


TheKramer89 t1_je7camg wrote

I wish The Chaser was more readily available on bluray…


Jameszhang73 t1_je7ibom wrote

Na Hong-Jin looks like Steven Yeun wearing a fake disguise


magicalfolk t1_je8eglq wrote

This will be a must watch for me. Love all three 💜


peter095837 t1_je7goli wrote

I look forward to seeing it. I like Na Hong-Jin as The Wailing and The Chaser are pretty good.


emielaen77 t1_je7oh8j wrote

I guess they’ll be the English speaking couple wrapped up in the mystery?

The Chaser and The Wailing are so damn brutal and crazy. This should be dope.


MRintheKEYS t1_je9ce4r wrote

Still waiting for Kung Fury 2 Fassbender…..


rhoades2rocky43 t1_jea5gea wrote

The Wailing is one of the best horror movies I have ever seen and I still can't stop thinking about it. It's a movie that I was so bothered by, still have nightmares because of it but I can't stop watching it because it's just that fucking good. I'm so excited for this.


ProAssassin84 t1_jeeahv5 wrote

The Wailing is a Horror Masterpiece


[deleted] t1_je7bw5y wrote



wilyacalmdown t1_je9ahxs wrote

You're right... besides his performances, his latest films haven't been very good... some downright awful, but some of his upcoming projects look like they could be good


davej999 t1_jeac43g wrote

Alien ? well his portrayal as David is the best part of the new alien saga stuff by some way

Xmen ? hes a very very good magneto

Steve Jobs? hes great


wilyacalmdown t1_jeb0f61 wrote

Yeah, I mentioned that he's great... but his latest movies haven't been... nothing wrong with his performances in those film. These are the films he has been in in the last 7 years

Dark Phoenix = rubbish

The Snowman = rubbish

Alien Covenant = ok

Song to Song = ok

Assassins creed = rubbish

Trespass Against us = didn't see but has 5.7 on IMDB

The light between oceans = good

X-men Apocalypse = I thought it was alright anyways


Mainlandempire t1_je5wbz0 wrote

I'm down for more horror

Don't know why he wants to inject americans into a movie that takes place in a small korean town

This hollywood celebrity worship is just, you don't need it, as very clearly evidenced by the success of korean media even as hollywood tries it's hardest to emasculate asian men day in day out


CircusOfBlood t1_je5wy2w wrote

I'm not sure if it's the same in Korea. But I know in China. The majority of people want to see the American movie stars more than their own. So they like it when a movie is centered in their country but has a big Hollywood star in it


Mainlandempire t1_je5xa79 wrote

> The majority of people want to see the American movie stars more than their own

No they don't, I have no idea what you're talking about

I know chinese movies are obsessed with white male hollywood stars because the chinese boomers responsible for all those crappy movies worship white men and think their path to soft power is to just have white men in it because they grew up poor and spent their lives making chinese knock off crap for white people so the inferiority complex is baked into their bones and unlike in less authoritarian countries nobody can tell these out of touch boomers no, but that has nothing to do with what chinese people actually want which is very clearly evidenced by how poorly all these movies do

So I have no idea why you just tried to lie about chinese people wanting to see american movie stars more than their own, a huge chunk of china's entertainment industry is literally just chinese idols in things, which is another reason china produces so many garbage tv shows


CircusOfBlood t1_je5yuek wrote

Okay first off don't call me a liar. Actually not going to respond to your insane rambling. I am going off of a famous Chinese filmmaker btw who explained exactly what I said.


[deleted] t1_je5zex5 wrote