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ColonelSandurz42 t1_iu9j1rw wrote

I like that John Goodmans character had his own theme music.


i-Ake t1_iu9j87k wrote

Goddamn. I was gonna say the exact same thing. It's great and an instant tone-shift.

This and Tremors are both classics.


Gottawreckit t1_iu9lo8i wrote

Have you seen any of the tremors sequels though…. Lol. But I agree. Both classics.


Facebookakke t1_iu9s6xi wrote

What’s wrong with the sequels? Stupid dumb fun, love em


Gottawreckit t1_iu9s9ue wrote

Hahaha. They are fun. But totally B movies.


CensoryDeprivation t1_iu9t5aj wrote

B is generous. They literally call a new species “ass blasters”. And not as a throw away joke, for an entire film.

That said they are hilarious and terrible and I watch them whenever they pop up.


DeadT0m t1_iub7vyn wrote

Not just an entire film. Every film following 3 calls them ass blasters. It's just their goddamn name.


hemingway_exeunt t1_iubg25f wrote

Stephen King once named an invading parasitic alien race "shit weasels," so the bar may be a bit lower than you'd think.


DeadT0m t1_iubothn wrote

Yes but that was like a colloquial term and only applied to one variant. They also called them 'gray-boys' and other such epithets. Something Kurtz even explicitly cracks down on once the operation goes loud.


hemingway_exeunt t1_iuc79yk wrote

It's worth noting that King's wife Tabitha referred to Dreamcatcher as "the one about the shit weasels." I can't find a direct citation to prove that, but I'm 100% confident of its accuracy.


DeadT0m t1_iucfhrj wrote

Pretty sure he mentioned that in one of the forewords to a later novel. He and Tabby both don't really consider the book one of his best.


awol5943 t1_iubyvlu wrote

Ass blasters we're only applied to one variant as well.


DeadT0m t1_iuc002y wrote

That's true, but with the shit weasels it's still at least implied that even the people using the term know it's not going to fly once actual academics get involved. In Tremors even the paleontologists call them ass blasters.


OneHumanPeOple t1_iuaxumu wrote

The last tremors sequel was painful. I’m the type of person who is all about suspending my belief in order to be entertained by a stupid movie. But just wow. A thin and yet somehow confusing plot strung together by endless cliche. The character tropes go hard but there is zero of the self awareness of the first film. And I call it a film because it’s a masterpiece.


Facebookakke t1_iuaxxu9 wrote

I have not seen the newest unfortunately

Edit: or maybe fortunately, by the sounds of it


OneHumanPeOple t1_iub07se wrote

Lol yeah. Fortunately. I even got gloriously stoned so that I was properly stupefied and not even that worked.


Whowutwhen t1_iubxpdh wrote

2 was pretty damn good IMO, from there it got progressively shlocky but all fun for what they are. Its hard to live up to Tremors which is a master class B-rate creature feature.


Gottawreckit t1_iuc2sf8 wrote

It really was. Also helped that the first time I watched it, later that night there was a small earthquake where I was. Really added to the movie.


i-Ake t1_iubx71d wrote

I'm only taking about the first... for the record.

I've never seen the others.


ABearDream t1_iuaguj5 wrote

The tremors movies are good for what they are up to the 4th one. After that theyre pretty meh


mick_ward t1_iu9macx wrote

Molly Jennings: Why is all the wood rotting?

Delbert McClintock: I'll tell you why. Bad wood.

Molly Jennings: So... what do we do?

Delbert McClintock: Tear out bad wood. Put in good wood.


ColonelSandurz42 t1_iu9s93l wrote

He was so good in this movie! I wish him and Jeff Daniels worked together more often.


LupinThe8th t1_iu9w8tx wrote

I watched this film as part of my Halloween watchlist this year, and then the next day watched Graveyard Shift...which also features a crazy exterminator played by a character actor having far more fun than anyone else, Brad Dourif.

All I could think is that I wanted their characters to meet and go into business together. Six seasons and a movie, please.


Nyghtshayde t1_iuaq476 wrote

When I think of crazy exterminators I think of Christopher Walken in Mousehunt....


ColonelSandurz42 t1_iua6371 wrote

I recently watched Spontaneous Combustion with Brad Dourif. I just kept picturing Chucky in my head whenever he started yelling. lol

We've been meaning to watch Graveyard Shift. It sounds pretty good!


devonta_smith t1_iu9uxaz wrote

Also how he sounds like he's doing a Bill Murray from Caddyshack impression


AztecPussyWizard t1_iucdcvr wrote

It's called a leitmotif if you want to sound fancy and talk all purdy


WFPPtheSound t1_iucanv0 wrote

I played an arachnophobia drinking game. Drink if you see a spider but if Goodmans on screen you drink for the duration of his theme music.


Practical-Exchange60 t1_iudfb6f wrote

I don’t know why but this is one of my favorite John Goodman roles. I realize that’s weird to say with his catalogue of work.


tofu_bird t1_iu9hdwz wrote

After watching, I can't even take a shit on the toilet without feeling anxious.


Andy_Liberty_1911 t1_iu9p7za wrote

Oh, the shower scene


TashInAwe t1_iu9uff3 wrote

Fuck them for ruining showers for me FOREVER


OG_Bill_Brasky t1_iu9y2qp wrote

My parents would take us kids to the movies every 2 weeks and we watched what they watched I was 4 years old watching this movie.


skoolofphish t1_iuaho32 wrote

My dad watched it with me when i was 4 as well. Ruined me


OneHumanPeOple t1_iuaybl8 wrote

My sister lives in Australia and sent me a photo of her shower that was fucking identical. A huntsman had babies in the vent. Fucking hell.


MarianaFrusciante t1_iuc9ox9 wrote

That's the main reason why I would never go to Australia. I would just die of a heart attack on the comfort of my bathroom


OneHumanPeOple t1_iucb5kf wrote

I have visited and it’s very beautiful and I felt safe. I took a photograph of a bull ant that I cherish to this day. It was the most dangerous thing i got up close to besides dead spiders in the souvenir shop.


NeoSniper t1_iudktom wrote

How dangerous are dead spiders in australia?


OneHumanPeOple t1_iudrfwr wrote

Not dangerous at all, but you could buy red-backed spiders at this one gift shop as well as cane toad purses and kangaroo scrotum coin pouches. It was pretty neat.


Hey_Bim t1_iucgbso wrote

I heard an interview with the actress where she said they were not sure whether they would even be able to get the shot, but they expected to spend all day on it, and would have been happy with the spider landing anywhere on her body.

On the first take, it jumped on her face. Cut and print.


frankenplant t1_iu9sonh wrote

Oh god or turn off a lamp

Or stretch in bed


highdefrex t1_iu9y82x wrote

This movie single-handedly ruined popcorn for me. To this day, every time I see people eating popcorn out of a bag, bucket, bowl, whatever, all I can think of is how they might be - or probably are! - grabbing spiders and popping them in their mouths, too.


TvHeroUK t1_iudcgbe wrote

Working in a cinema in the 90s did it for me. Once every six months we’d be told to clean out the popcorn machine - bottom of it would be full of bugs, dust, coins, mould - because the glass case would just be topped up with new popcorn as it sold, and the bottom would rarely see light or get served


DyslexicDarryl t1_iu9wbnu wrote

It's the turning off a shaded lamp for me.


MarianaFrusciante t1_iuc9t26 wrote

Thank God I don't have one of those lamps, but I do check corners of the house at night, specially during summer


Videogirl80sstyle t1_iuaei4r wrote

I saw this movie 26 years ago. I was 14 and I watched the exorcist and Arachnophobia in the pitch dark. Arachnophobia was Scarier one. Also the Scariest Comedy I have ever seen.still check the shower and toilet before using. It has now become so ingrained into bathroom routine. Creepy!


[deleted] t1_iuawgzf wrote



bfcostello t1_iub8iw7 wrote

Thanks for telling us how rude you are, made the thread so much better


orangutanoz t1_iuafwag wrote

It seems like every year someone gets bit by a Redback while on the toilet around here so it does happen.


stuffedmutt t1_iuam0i7 wrote

Fuckin' Australia. The land where everything can kill you. Even the octopuses there have venom!


orangutanoz t1_iuaojts wrote

Yeah but noticeably absent gun violence and homelessness.


JonasNinetyNine t1_iuay330 wrote

Umm, doesn't Australia actually have more homelessness than the US?


orangutanoz t1_iub4nqp wrote

It’s different than the US. You don’t see huge homeless encampments. Well at least not around Melbourne anyway. There are however similar rates of what are considered homeless as In people with no fixed address. Having lived in the Bay Area and here I can tell you that our vulnerable people are far better looked after.


JonasNinetyNine t1_iuczhtc wrote

I mean yeah, you can't do much worse than the US. I was surprised about the numbers as well


Many-Outside-7594 t1_iu9j46v wrote

John Goodman's exterminator in this is legendary.


pogoyoyo1 t1_iu9s8pp wrote

The trailer literally calls it a “thrillomedy” and I think Goodman & Daniel’s had everything to do with that


ddh85 t1_iuazzmn wrote

"Yeah that's right. I'm bad."


JannTosh12 OP t1_iu9kb0t wrote

The tonal shifts in this movie are incredibly done. It can go from genuine creepy suspense to outright comedy with Goodman’s character, yet it all works

Also love the strong production values. The opening shots in Venezuela and almost epic sounding score stand out

Like also how Daniels doesn’t just become a spider killing Rambo. He looks scared as hell in the final scene


Goosojuice t1_iu9u48x wrote

Spider is fucking MASSIVE. Dogs aint all barking if you can nonchalant hang out with one of those.


gatamosa t1_iud3b10 wrote

I’m from Venezuela and as a child I believed those murderous spiders were so close to me, absolutely destroyed me.

Then anaconda came out and I begged my parents to just get me a see-through hammock to sleep. Only two points of entry because I was fixated on the ceiling.

Funny things, now I’m ok with spiders and snakes, but as a kid, anything in my room looked an anaconda or a tarantula.


TH3_V3GAS t1_iud6eom wrote

At least those are rational fears. I'm deathly afraid of killer clowns from outerspace.


tysontysontyson1 t1_iu9gwkm wrote

One of the best high profile “B movies” ever, IMO. For what it is, it’s perfectly made.


IsraeliDonut t1_iu9p75h wrote

Who told you this was a B movie??? It was a pretty big deal when it came out and had a successful run on cable.


tysontysontyson1 t1_iu9pwaj wrote

I’m aware. I watched this in the theatre when it came out, and numerous times since. It intentionally has the feel of a B movie. That’s part of its charm; it did that on a decent budget. Hence, why I described it that way.


puncmunc t1_iua2r9r wrote

It also helps that Steven Spielberg is the Executive Producer. I wonder how much input he had on the final product.


WredditSmark t1_iucuo45 wrote

You can definitely “feel” the Spieldberg influence if that makes sense. His movies have a certain “shine” to them


Whowutwhen t1_iuby5rw wrote

I feel that its the spirit of the movie, like Tremors captures that old school creature feature vibe. Its well done, its not schlock, but its inspired by old days schlock. I've always considered Both this and Tremors B-rates but not schlock, if that makes sense.


IsraeliDonut t1_iubzpat wrote

No, because there has to be an A movie. Both of these movies have B movies out there that most have never heard of. But Arachnaphobia and Tremors were solid casts with original scripts that were pushed through as legitimate movies.


mattheimlich t1_iuao4ae wrote

My family and I watched every time it came on cable in the 90s.


SquadPoopy t1_iub5nd9 wrote

I remember there's a scene in this movie where a spider dodges a flamethrower and it's brilliant.


pumpkinspicesushi t1_iu9qyhq wrote

thank you for giving me my lifelong fear of spiders when my sister forced me to watch it when i was 6. never touching a football helmet again…..


FriedBeeNuts t1_iubw02l wrote

Watching this film, so when I was 6, really instilled fear of spiders in my young mind.

I’m cool with them now after working a job where they would inevitably get into your clothes and hair and car etc. They were just living their lives until I came along you know? I just happened to walk through hundreds of their webs whilst working in the vineyard.

But damn, as a kid I checked every toilet seat and always smacked my shoes out before using them.


hotflashinthepan t1_iua4rxr wrote

I worked at a movie theater when this came out and the projectionist would open up the projector window and throw plastic spiders down on the audience sometimes. It was hilarious.


Garrus_Vak t1_iuc2gop wrote

That's one of the most evil things I've ever heard


Ndtphoto t1_iuc2suu wrote

Ah so this is why places started having defibrillators on hand.


cranberrydudz t1_iuc8wi4 wrote

That could have technically started a mass panic in hindsight. You guys could have gotten in a lot of trouble.


hotflashinthepan t1_iudel4z wrote

Nobody panicked. The audience thought it was funny (I was an usher, so I swept them up after the few times he did it). They were silly little fake spiders, and nobody was going to get crushed.


BitCharacter1951 t1_iuaew4n wrote

Isn’t Julian Sands in this movie? Always liked him


autorazr t1_iuan0i2 wrote

The Warlock is indeed in this movie, he does not hang dong though unfortunately.


Undiecover22 t1_iu9s4of wrote

What a film. Right up there as an all time classic.

Gonna dig this out and watch it now.

Thanks OP


TashInAwe t1_iu9ucb6 wrote

I mean this in all sincerity. I was sexually assaulted the same year I saw arachnophobia- guess which one still gives me nightmares


Petorian343 t1_iua7t48 wrote

I used to watch this and 8 Legged Freaks back to back. Good times.


[deleted] t1_iu9vvka wrote



ACarnistsAB t1_iualmff wrote

Wow I didn't know that and I love both! That's awesome thanks


Eeyores_Prozac t1_iudip4k wrote

That's unfortunately not true. Arachnophobia has nothing in common with Wyndham's novel, and has never been cited or credited to have anything to do with the movie.


CadillacFromTitane t1_iu9sr3q wrote

I saw this as a kid around the same time that I was watching all the classic R-rated horror movies for the first time, and this is was the only one to truly get to me, and it’s a PG-13 horror-comedy at that.

Its been over a decade and I still haven’t finished the movie.


Stoofser t1_iuag4rs wrote

As a child, this film terrified me - I became scared of turning off lamps in case a spider fell on my hand and killed me. As I got older and I read articles about the film, I couldn’t believe it was a comedy. I’ll probably never watch it again, it scarred me lol.


bondball7 t1_iuax3aq wrote

I remember walking into the room while my dad was watching this, I was 8, and standing in the doorway watching with him. After about 10 min I felt a tickle on my leg, screamed, and jumped about 5 feet scared to death I was about to be consumed by a spider. It was a string on my tattered Jean shorts. Love this movie to this day.


OhNoMoMan t1_iuatvcm wrote

Rewatched it a few years back and was surprised how Jurassic Park like the opening shots were. Then realised it was before JP.


OneSchott t1_iubco10 wrote

I just saw if a few days ago and thought the exact same thing.


IsraeliDonut t1_iu9pb6d wrote

Definitely even more afraid of Amazonian rainforests after I saw it


JokerJangles123 t1_iua17bv wrote

Its free on Tubi right now for anyone that has this as part of their Halloween watchlist


LyteWhitey t1_iuad9cl wrote

These filmmakers are too humble. This film is a gem. Maybe because it was such a great summer scare and I was the perfect age. It still holds up well.


ThisOneTimeAtLolCamp t1_iua6gev wrote

I legitimately think I wouldn't be afraid of spiders if it wasn't for seeing this movie as a kid.


Darkhuman007 t1_iua9xp9 wrote

I would like Frank Marshall to know that he ruined cereal for me for years. Thanks for that.


Im_Negan t1_iuade6l wrote

Great movie that still holds up today.

Sucks they only play this on TV during Halloween.


sandman8223 t1_iuapyq2 wrote

Brilliant screenplay that provides the prequel to the main story. It’s an extra dimension that few films ever do


Short_Masterpiece304 t1_iubp4pk wrote

Arachnophobia was filmed in my home town! My childhood best friend’s home was the one where the people are found watching Wheel of Fortune, I got to spend a lot of time there. My very first boss owned the building that was the funeral home in the film (Antiques on Arlington in real life) and my old high school (Coast Union) was featured in the film. One of the very very VERY few claims to fame we have in that town lol.


lynypixie t1_iubps5d wrote

This is the movie that got everyone saying « kill it with fire! »

Such a classic. I miss these kind of movies. Stuff that is entertaining enough without too much at stake.


xavier_grayson t1_iuc8hmp wrote

My aunt took me to see this when I was a kid. The choices at our twin cinema were between this and Home Alone. She thought Home Alone would be scary because it was about robbers, so we saw Arachnophobia instead because it had John Goodman in a comedic role.

I didn’t sleep very well that night.


bertrum666 t1_iu9uryw wrote

The live mouse getting swapped for a dead mouse by a stage hand is fucking hilarity.


the_great_ashby t1_iua5on7 wrote

This fucked me up for life. I'm arrais of spiders because of this movie.


Yellowbug2001 t1_iub8ts6 wrote

I made 4 different people take me to the theater to see this on 4 different occasions the summer it came out when I was 12. I haven't seen it since, but that summer I LOVED it. Looking forward to rewatching it with my daughter when she's a little older to see how it holds up. It's still about as scary a movie as I can handle, ha.


Tatertotter13 t1_iuba8z9 wrote

First time I watched this movie was alone in my parents bed around 9 or 10 years old. Midway through the movie I felt a tickle on my arm, and a small blue spider was on my arm and it has scarred me for 20 years. Made that movie seem so real


zer0mike t1_iubbz0n wrote

Nope. To this day. Nope.


wbotis t1_iubuw87 wrote

This movie traumatized me. The original trailer made it seem like a silly comedy with John Goodman as a bumbling exterminator.



Shadow_Log t1_iuc50ic wrote

I came to this movie for Julian Sands and stayed for the overall fun of it. One of my faves


ROSCOEMAN t1_iucmhxx wrote

One of the most underrated movies of all time.


Competitive_Site9272 t1_iucti1y wrote

3 films scared me for life. This one, Salems Lot and When a Stranger Calls.


CapAmerica805 t1_iue38ar wrote

On of the scariest pg-13 movies still to this day.


kbednarc t1_iua1rg6 wrote

This movie scarred me. I haven't rewatched it and I'm not sure if it's worth replacing the childhood terror with a rewatch.


udisclosed5476 t1_iua5nok wrote

That's coming on Sundance channel in a couple hours lol


Kozer2 t1_iua7g0s wrote

This movie messed me up as a child. For years after I’d always flush the toilet before I sat down because of that one scene.


Blackdomino t1_iuaht1h wrote

Saw this in the cinema as a young child. Didn't sleep for a week.


DC-DE t1_iual2fa wrote

Scariest movie I've ever seen.


adviceKiwi t1_iual4uf wrote

NZ spiders in the house


tensigh t1_iuaptpw wrote

Such a great film


Phrankespo t1_iub0ym8 wrote

I need to rewatch this, such a fun movie. It's been many years.


Phreeker27 t1_iubekf2 wrote

Great movie seen it many times


Sweatytubesock t1_iubpv89 wrote

Really entertaining movie. And I like spiders about as much as Jeff Daniels’ character does.


rmac1228 t1_iubqykv wrote

"Rock n roll." Probably my second favorite Goodman performance to Walter Sobchak.


TheMatt561 t1_iubr9vq wrote

Are you stalking me? My wife and I watched it last night


Locha6 t1_iuc3h5u wrote

I loved spiders as a kid. I found them fascinating. I had many books that showed huge, close up images of spiders.

Then I saw this movie … and it created an irrational fear of spiders. I remember the very next day sitting at the table for breakfast before school. I had a very hard time just sitting still bc I thought a spider could be lurking just beneath the table or even on the underside of the table, crawling toward me as I sat there ….

It took me a very long time to get over that fear … this movie terrified me as a child


DaveMeese t1_iuc659l wrote

Check out “Podcast: The Ride” if you want some serious Frank Marshall fandom


neuromorph t1_iuca7vz wrote

It was a dirwftoeal debut. Holy ahit ! Never knew thia


TylerDurdenUMD t1_iud5xqp wrote

This is one of those that IN MY AREA, the hype was huge, then we never talked about it again after it came out on vhs.


Now_Wait-4-Last_Year t1_iudmwah wrote

I respect this film and Eight Legged Freaks for not doing the You Missed One stinger at the end.


Beingabummer t1_iuaay1j wrote

Ironically, this movie was how I learned I am not arachnophobic. I really don't like spiders but I actually enjoyed watching this movie. Real arachnophobes often can't even be in the same room as a picture of a spider.


Fearless-Tea-4559 t1_iua3h2o wrote

It was a fun film but made absolutely no sense, and had to really try to make the spiders scary, as when John Goodman first shows up and simply stands on the spider, revealing just how dangerous they really are.


Blackdomino t1_iuaia5h wrote

You clearly aren't arachnophobic. Scared the hell out of me!


BitCharacter1951 t1_iu9tlh0 wrote

Lol at people who say this is scary. It’s more of a comedy. Guessing you watched this a as a kid


Tibetzz t1_iu9x2hz wrote

It's pretty scary always if you are scared of spiders.