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tofu_bird t1_iu9hdwz wrote

After watching, I can't even take a shit on the toilet without feeling anxious.


Andy_Liberty_1911 t1_iu9p7za wrote

Oh, the shower scene


TashInAwe t1_iu9uff3 wrote

Fuck them for ruining showers for me FOREVER


OG_Bill_Brasky t1_iu9y2qp wrote

My parents would take us kids to the movies every 2 weeks and we watched what they watched I was 4 years old watching this movie.


skoolofphish t1_iuaho32 wrote

My dad watched it with me when i was 4 as well. Ruined me


OneHumanPeOple t1_iuaybl8 wrote

My sister lives in Australia and sent me a photo of her shower that was fucking identical. A huntsman had babies in the vent. Fucking hell.


MarianaFrusciante t1_iuc9ox9 wrote

That's the main reason why I would never go to Australia. I would just die of a heart attack on the comfort of my bathroom


OneHumanPeOple t1_iucb5kf wrote

I have visited and it’s very beautiful and I felt safe. I took a photograph of a bull ant that I cherish to this day. It was the most dangerous thing i got up close to besides dead spiders in the souvenir shop.


NeoSniper t1_iudktom wrote

How dangerous are dead spiders in australia?


OneHumanPeOple t1_iudrfwr wrote

Not dangerous at all, but you could buy red-backed spiders at this one gift shop as well as cane toad purses and kangaroo scrotum coin pouches. It was pretty neat.


Hey_Bim t1_iucgbso wrote

I heard an interview with the actress where she said they were not sure whether they would even be able to get the shot, but they expected to spend all day on it, and would have been happy with the spider landing anywhere on her body.

On the first take, it jumped on her face. Cut and print.


frankenplant t1_iu9sonh wrote

Oh god or turn off a lamp

Or stretch in bed


highdefrex t1_iu9y82x wrote

This movie single-handedly ruined popcorn for me. To this day, every time I see people eating popcorn out of a bag, bucket, bowl, whatever, all I can think of is how they might be - or probably are! - grabbing spiders and popping them in their mouths, too.


TvHeroUK t1_iudcgbe wrote

Working in a cinema in the 90s did it for me. Once every six months we’d be told to clean out the popcorn machine - bottom of it would be full of bugs, dust, coins, mould - because the glass case would just be topped up with new popcorn as it sold, and the bottom would rarely see light or get served


DyslexicDarryl t1_iu9wbnu wrote

It's the turning off a shaded lamp for me.


MarianaFrusciante t1_iuc9t26 wrote

Thank God I don't have one of those lamps, but I do check corners of the house at night, specially during summer


Videogirl80sstyle t1_iuaei4r wrote

I saw this movie 26 years ago. I was 14 and I watched the exorcist and Arachnophobia in the pitch dark. Arachnophobia was Scarier one. Also the Scariest Comedy I have ever seen.still check the shower and toilet before using. It has now become so ingrained into bathroom routine. Creepy!


[deleted] t1_iuawgzf wrote



bfcostello t1_iub8iw7 wrote

Thanks for telling us how rude you are, made the thread so much better


orangutanoz t1_iuafwag wrote

It seems like every year someone gets bit by a Redback while on the toilet around here so it does happen.


stuffedmutt t1_iuam0i7 wrote

Fuckin' Australia. The land where everything can kill you. Even the octopuses there have venom!


orangutanoz t1_iuaojts wrote

Yeah but noticeably absent gun violence and homelessness.


JonasNinetyNine t1_iuay330 wrote

Umm, doesn't Australia actually have more homelessness than the US?


orangutanoz t1_iub4nqp wrote

It’s different than the US. You don’t see huge homeless encampments. Well at least not around Melbourne anyway. There are however similar rates of what are considered homeless as In people with no fixed address. Having lived in the Bay Area and here I can tell you that our vulnerable people are far better looked after.


JonasNinetyNine t1_iuczhtc wrote

I mean yeah, you can't do much worse than the US. I was surprised about the numbers as well