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I love movie recommendations and want to hear yours!
What’s the last best movie you watched? Or series - maybe a specific episode? What made it so good? Had you seen it before? Where can it be found? Bonus if you can provide a link.

Say more than one if you cant decide.

Looking forward to hearing your answers!



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Snoo_83425 t1_iybjip7 wrote

Glass Onion in theaters!


jonatton______yeah t1_iybp47m wrote

Not anymore I don’t think. I could be wrong but my understanding was that it had a one week limited run before going to NF in a few weeks. Looking forward to it! Just couldn’t make it out over the ThxGiv weekend.


Snoo_83425 t1_iybp7iv wrote

I know it’s being pulled in theaters today. I just said I watched it in theaters


jonatton______yeah t1_iybryml wrote

Gotcha. Wasn't being a jerk or anything. Just adding some context in case others are interested.


genericmovievillain t1_iyc31ho wrote

What!? I missed it?? Damn, I’d been waiting all damn summer to see this movie and I had no idea it was only gonna be in theaters for such a short amount of time


presty60 t1_iyd8tpe wrote

It wasn't a wide release or anything, so you may not have been able to see it anyway.


TeamStark31 t1_iybh4q3 wrote

Everything Everywhere All At Once, Paramount+


scottyrobotty t1_iyblg0q wrote

This is resting firmly in my top 5. It's a family drama, scifi, kung-fu action, romance film and it excels at all of them. Why did I cry about rocks with googly eyes (all 3 viewings).

There are a lot of great suggestions in here but this one is special.


TheTurtleShepard t1_iybigz5 wrote

Whiplash, on peacock


LatkaGravas t1_iybleeu wrote

Excellent movie. J.K. Simmons won an Oscar for this for a reason.


WhyWorryAboutThat t1_iyd07wn wrote

This movie's ending is so simultaneously triumphant and depressing it deserves a new word for the feeling. Triumphressing.


TheTurtleShepard t1_iydogx1 wrote

Yeah it feels so triumphant in the moment and then the movie ends >!and you realize have seen Neimann completely devoured by his determination, back into the cycle of abuse and devoid of all the things which kept him human!<

>!Even in an interview Chazelle said that he envisions that Fletcher has now been validated in his beliefs and will always think he was right to do what he did and that Andrew likely died in his early 30s of a drug overdose!<


genericmovievillain t1_iyc2ybd wrote

I will constantly rewatch the ending of this movie whenever I need to get absolutely jacked


tempocoda t1_iyczsrl wrote

I read the title of the post as "the last bad movie you watched" so I almost lost my shit when I saw you say Whiplash


dbx999 t1_iyboxtu wrote

Pig. Starring Nic Cage.


bluehansship t1_iybl9ot wrote

The Menu. Ralph Fiennes was awesome!


jonatton______yeah t1_iybp7nb wrote

Same. Loved it. Previews don’t get to the crux of the film at all.


McSmackthe1st t1_iyc0j5p wrote

So true. I had part of the ending ruined for me by a couple of coworkers and it didn’t matter because the movie is so good. Loved it.


slayer1am t1_iybhi15 wrote

"Nobody" on HBO MAX. Just a straight up crazy action flick, but Bob Odenkirk really does an amazing job as the lead. It's just charming and mostly believable, things get a bit crazy towards the end, but I still loved it.


ha39597 t1_iybi35a wrote

I watched Decision to Leave recently, and it was such a clean and precise film filled with insanely creative shots! Plus Tang Wei as the femme fatale was captivating as hell.


Puzzled-Journalist-4 t1_iyc04vf wrote

My favorite movie of the year. I watched this months ago, but it never leaves my head since then. The ending of the film still haunts me.


BrutusVegas t1_iyc16mn wrote

Thanks for the reminder! It's been on my list to watch!


ryangw1982 t1_iycgxz4 wrote

Last of the Mohicans.

So damn epic. That end waterfall scene gives me chills.


Quint-MacReady t1_iyd64wf wrote

Epic in every way. The cinematography, the cast, and the score are absolutely superb.


scottyrobotty t1_iybkzzm wrote

Severance on Apple TV. It's quirky and weird. It's about a company that has some employees go through a procedure that separates their work memories and their outside memories. There's a mystery involving the inside group trying to figure out what their outside lives are like as well as what they actually do at their jobs (which is quite ambiguous). The season finale was one of the most satisfying that I've seen in years.

Also while you're on Apple TV there's Ted Lasso. Great pick me up, feel good show. Doesn't matter if you don't like football. Ted is such a lovable character.


McSmackthe1st t1_iyc0rov wrote

The season one finale of “Severance” was one of the best episodes of TV that I’ve ever seen. I’ve watched that last episode several times. It was a perfect culmination of the entire season and left me wanting more! Can’t wait to see what happens next.


ZabuzaBZ t1_iybnfin wrote

Bullet Train. What a fun ride that was.


Lexx2k t1_iyc12q2 wrote

Agreed, but jeez, what the hell happened to Sandra Bullock's face.


youre_buddy t1_iybyjub wrote

I recorded Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri on YouTube TV months ago after hearing it was good. On a whim I decided to watch it on Saturday night. It was kinda funny because all the curse words were overdubbed with clean words which I normally don't like and wouldn't watch an altered movie. However, the movie was just so darn good that I just kept watching and didn't want to stop.

Anyhow, I am still blown away by that movie and it's been a couple of days. It was so well done.


mikeyfreshh t1_iybhi57 wrote

I rewatched All the President's Men for the first time in like 10 years. Still a banger


m2thek t1_iycwjqq wrote

I gave it my yearly rewatch this week too! One of my favorites.


deucemagnet t1_iybkwwc wrote

The last good one I remember is X. Looking forward to seeing Pearl.


Haiydes t1_iycrns2 wrote

LA Confidential

Im young so I never got to see these movies. This one is great. The story unfolds slowly and piece after piece you start to understand the story more and more.

Its a police movie about the corrupt police deprtment. Then a murder happens and 3 cops that couldnt be more different from one another are trying to solve the case and by doing so unravel something big.

I 100% recommend watching it if u dont get bored by people talking and dont need shootouts every 5mins


Sonny_Crockett_1984 t1_iyes4xv wrote

I saw this in a huge and totally empty theater in downtown Vancouver. I had the place all to myself. I felt like some wealthy Hollywood bigshot. The movie is a favorite and I highly recommend James Ellroy's novels.


00collector t1_iybjeu7 wrote

Nightcrawler (2014) is still my favorite movie of the last 10 years. It’s on HBO MAX.

Prey (2022) the Predator prequel was excellent. It’s on HULU.

And the series “Atlanta” just finished its run. Creator/co-star Donald Glover described it as “Twin Peaks with Rappers”. I’m not into Rap, but the characters & story is so strong, it doesn’t matter.


Noisy_Pip t1_iybn1sq wrote

Atlanta was phenomenal. We only started watching it this last year, just in time for the finale.


jonatton______yeah t1_iybpc1z wrote

Prey is something that irritates me. Would’ve loved to have seen it on a big screen. It’s really good in my humble opinion. And shot beautifully.


00collector t1_iybq0k7 wrote

Agreed. It would have been awesome to see it on the big screen. Eagerly anticipating a physical release. I’d love to have it in 4k.


InexactQuotient t1_iybjg54 wrote

I just watched Shin Ultraman the other day, and loved every single second of it - if you have even the slightest interest in tokusatsu, I can't recommend it enough.


artistofdesign t1_iybm3lo wrote

Star Wars: Andor

This series redefines the Star Wars saga with superb writing and character arcs...with amazing acting, but without Jedi or Sith or lightsabers. It takes place within the Star Wars timeline between 'Rogue One: Star Wars Story' and 'Star Wars: A New Hope'. It's easy to become attached to both the antagonists and protagonists in this well written Disney+ tv series.


totoropoko t1_iybnp02 wrote

If I didn't like Rogue One would I like it? I tremendously enjoyed Mando and the OG trilogy.


artistofdesign t1_iybr86i wrote

It's a stand-alone series and very different than Mando and the OG trilogy. The superb acting skills and dialog of Stellan Skarsgard, Genevieve O'Reilly as well as Diego Luna, and many others within this story of a perceived oppressive lifestyle that gives birth to a rebel alliance amongst the looming presence of the Galactic Empire helps make this series impressive. It's the story, character arcs, meaningful monologues and dialog that sets it apart from other Star Wars stories. no fan service.


TheRealProtozoid t1_iyc5r7w wrote

Depends why you didn't like Rogue One. It's a similar style and has one of the same writers. But it's also a lot better. It's the movie Rogue One was trying to be.


HoodsBonyArse t1_iybl3bh wrote

Smile, great little horror flick with Kevin Bacon's daughter as the lead. Left me with a 😊


Noisy_Pip t1_iybndtq wrote

I hadn’t heard many good things about Smile, but so glad I gave it a shot! Sosie Bacon was excellent and the tension stayed high. The final scenes were deeply creepy.


MrMagneticMole t1_iycc0z5 wrote

Smile was great. I expected the classic stupid-plot-casual-horrorfilm but it was really great. Only thing that bothered me was the huge amount of repeating jumpscares.


HoodsBonyArse t1_iyf0r72 wrote

I don't mind jump scares if they integrate into the plot well, it's when it's a fucking cat or something jumping out of a closet that I hate them.


lowfreq33 t1_iyblg5d wrote

I just finished Southpaw, I thought it was great.


tootsmcgeees t1_iybrjfa wrote

I just watched Blue Jasmine (2013) on Netflix for the first time and enjoyed it. Great organic character development and acting against what seems like a mundane plot.


Best_Duck9118 t1_iyd7gii wrote

Why would you watch Woody Allen at this point though?


tootsmcgeees t1_iydbvi1 wrote

I didn’t know it was a Woody Allen film until after I watched it. I saw Cate Blanchett was in it and figured it’d be decent. I get where your question is coming from. I can’t say the fact detracted from the movie being good.


Best_Duck9118 t1_iydc2ns wrote

Oh, he’s a good director for sure. So is Polanski. But I’m not touching their movies knowing what I know now.


Temporary-Calm t1_iybpw6n wrote

You Can Count On Me (2000). Laura Linney, Mark Ruffalo and Matthew Broderick. My friends and I are on a Kenneth Lonergan kick right now and this one was a great watch.


radu928 t1_iyc571w wrote

Triangle of Sadness.

reminiscent of Parasite and The White Lotus


LatkaGravas t1_iybkzlf wrote

Movie: Top Gun: Maverick (2022). The original was a fun movie with a thin plot. Pete Mitchell a.k.a. Maverick is a much more interesting character three decades later. He's coming to terms with the impending end of his very protracted adolescence / young adulthood and he has some regrets. For me, his rekindled relationship with Penny Benjamin is the best thing in the film. Finding love later in life can be complicated for a number of reasons. They handled this very, very well.

I saw it in the theater three times and have watched it three times at home now as well. It is very, very rewatchable for me. I get it if young people don't get what the big deal is, but there is more to this movie than just nostalgia for nostalgia's sake.

TV: Currently watching a four-part NetFlix documentary called Pepsi, Where's My Jet? and it's a hoot. I remember the ad campaign in the mid '90s and this case making the news sometime later.


beasterne7 t1_iybvr55 wrote

One Cut of the Dead. I don’t want to ruin too many surprises here, so I’ll just say this is definitely a movie for people who love movies. It’s the kind of movie that makes you want to restart from the beginning as soon as you finish.


nerdy-and-awkward t1_iyc1vtf wrote

Finally watched Knives Out after it's been recommended to my by almost every person I know - and they were right, I loved it ♡


ThrownAwayRealGood t1_iybnuwh wrote

Just caught some of The Wonder, which was good, but I wasn’t as in the mood for it as I could’ve been, so I’ll have to come back to it. Binged all of 1899, which was a bit predictable but executed its well worn tropes better than usual.


Lady_Disco_Sparkles t1_iybo5mm wrote

Episode 10 of Andor, blew my mind ! One of the finest pieces of tv this year.

My latest favorite movie would be Aftersun. A beautiful, heartbreaking movie, with splendid performances.


loverofonion t1_iyc76jd wrote

I gave up after episode three, lead actor was feeble 😕


[deleted] t1_iyboax8 wrote



jonatton______yeah t1_iybpi5c wrote

The diner scene and the lead up to it is a riot. No way that gets made even 20 years ago. Pacing is slow given the era but absolutely paved the way for so many other films after it.


[deleted] t1_iybob29 wrote

Hell Fest! I love that movie!


Rellgidkrid t1_iybpui1 wrote

Just binged the entirety of Severance yesterday. It was amazing.

Edit: Reddit formatting


2DEE831 t1_iybqds9 wrote

Bones and All in theaters. I watched The Menu the day after and I prefer Bones.


EarthExile t1_iyckj1g wrote

That's a fun double feature. Cannibalism, and a movie that I was sure would involve cannibalism


AmeriChimera t1_iybvqgc wrote

Some friends and I stumbled into watching RRR last week, and boy, what an absolute ride we were not prepared for.

That had to be the most delightful bromance, exhausting-to-watch dance sequence, over the top action, and hilarious costume changes I've seen in a very, very long time.

It's rare to find a movie where you both feel every minute of a three-hour run time jogging along, and sitting on the edge of the sofa to see what ludicrous thing happens next.


Jerrymoviefan3 t1_iybxsbl wrote

Aftersun is #1 on my top twenty but I had the travel 35 miles last week to see it and you probably have to travel further.


rev9of8 t1_iyc8tb1 wrote

I rewatched Happy Death Day at the weekend and I've decided that what I want to see at the cinema more than anything is a double-bill of Groundhog Day and Happy Death Day on February 2nd with another double-bill of Happy Death Day first then Groundhog Day on November 18th. Do that every year and I'll be there for it.


MrMagneticMole t1_iycbwu0 wrote

All Quiet on the Western Front (2022)


Yamazagi t1_iyd5gzf wrote

Despite its somewhat alternative adaptation from the book, it’s a solid film. Some of the best to come out of Netflix since daredevil and the punisher.


SwingJugend t1_iycjfml wrote

I saw Scarface (1932) the other day, it was at least as entertaining and violent as the remake. Tony Camonte is even more of a madman than Tony Montana, absolute psycho! He kills without remorse while whistling, and beats his sister (who's very cool and makes a funny sexy dance) and wants to bang her. The final shootout should be as iconic as the 1983 one. No gore, of course, and not a bunch of f-words (there is, surprisingly for movies from the time, one "fuck off" though, quite possibly the first ever in a film), but loads of cold-blooded murders, Tommy guns, car chases and hard-boiled funny dialogues.


Zoradesu t1_iyco4sm wrote

It's an oldie, but I recently watched Brief Encounter for the first time. I gotta say, it's probably the best romance I've watched! Celia Johnson, one of the leads, does such a great job in the movie. The last moments movie were perfection and just heartbreaking to the core. I can't believe I hadn't watched it sooner!


WhyWorryAboutThat t1_iyczwtb wrote

I just became a huge fan of Nope, a horror movie that is sort of like Tremors if Tremors gave you a little bit more implications to think about after the movie is over. Don't look up what happens if you can avoid it. It's on Peacock.

As for TV, I just finished my first ever watch of Cowboy Bebop. It's mostly episodic so there's probably a guide out there if you want to skip certain episodes, but I can give it a compliment I do not mean lightly. It's perfect.


Badsubtitles t1_iydcror wrote

Tár, I’ve seen it three times now.


MarlenBrawndo t1_iybhd4j wrote

That's my boy with Adam Sandler &Andy Samberg


totoropoko t1_iybnxyi wrote

Succession. I enjoyed all episodes (they build on one another) but if I had to pick one I'd say the season 2 finale was the best for me.


igoslowly t1_iybyit7 wrote

all three of these were foreign films released in the US this year

Official Competition (2021) - AMC+

Lost Illusions (2021) - Mubi

Anaïs in Love (2021) - Hulu


lazertittiesrrad t1_iyc0xzw wrote

Just rewatched The Gray Man. One crazy fun action flick!


Yamazagi t1_iyd56es wrote

I thought it was one of the worst movies I’ve seen in the last couple of years. Terrible dialogue, predictable story and too focused on setting the scene for a sequel. Waste of time.


Last-Caterpillar-112 t1_iyc24i4 wrote

Recently saw Loving Adults on Netflix. Danish with English audio. Dark psychological thriller. Just loved the twists.


friedpickle_engineer t1_iyc2qo9 wrote

One Piece Film Red is great! Not sure how confusing it would be for people who don't watch/read the series, but I loved it even though I'm not caught up and haven't been introduced to half the characters yet. Btw, give One Piece a shot! The series up to episode 325 is on Netflix and the dubbing is top tier imo. Guarantee you won't regret selling you soul to the Straw Hat crew xD


genericmovievillain t1_iyc2wr4 wrote

Invictus. Clint Eastwood directs Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela in the true story of how he used the nations under performing rugby team to pull the people together. This movie is absolutely incredible.

Lost. Yes, I know I’m more than 15 years late to the party but my girlfriend just put me onto it and it’s absolutely blowing me away. The survivors of a plane crash are stranded on an uncharted island and must work together, often clashing, to get back home and unravel the mysteries of the island. Just finished the first season and like a junkie I can’t wait to see more!


TheRealProtozoid t1_iyc5nv5 wrote

Nomad: In the Footsteps of Bruce Chatwin (2019), by Werner Herzog. Saw it on Amazon Prime.


Alive-Candle7140 t1_iyc96cu wrote

A Silent Voice on Netflix. I watched it at a particularly difficult time for me and it helped me handle my thoughts at the time. I will say it is one of those movies that even though its great, I never want to watch it again.


osibob1 t1_iyce44e wrote

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me


Watch the original series prior to the film.


joker0030 t1_iyckx46 wrote

I wasn't a movie guy for a long time. But i started watching em 2 years ago and watched 'Shutter Island' last night. My mind is blown away lol.


TheFlashlightMan t1_iycp3eg wrote

Little Fish (2020) double feature with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)


sgmctabnxjs t1_iycpyrp wrote

Arrival (2016)

Lucky (2017)

Only Murders in the Building (TV series)

Andor (TV series)

Everything Everywhere All At Once (2022)

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent (2022)

Blade Runner (1982) (Final Cut: 40th anniversary screening)


miseryandregrets t1_iycra3q wrote

Cinco Lobitos (Lullaby). Please, watch it if you can.


freezingkiss t1_iycsmm2 wrote

I know people dislike Amy Schumer but I watched Trainwreck for the first time and I really liked it.

It was funny, it was different (the girl being toxic for once not the guy), with so many surprise Celeb (of course mainly snl) appearances. I've watched so many serious and heavy movies lately and I had forgotten the balm of a good romcom.


cocopuffwayne t1_iycx2do wrote

Finally got around to watching Suspiria (2018) on Prime, and I fell in love with the atmosphere and cinematography. Best horror film of the past decade, along with Hereditary, to me.


FreeLook93 t1_iyd2gt5 wrote

Yesterday I watch Heinosuke Gosho's An Inn at Osaka as well as Danny DeVito's Matilda. Both were fantastic films that I would highly recommend to just about any movie lover. I had seen Matilda many times before, but it was my first time watching An Inn at Osaka.

I watched Matilda on Netflix, but you can find An Inn at Osaka on the internet archive for free.


Quint-MacReady t1_iyd7lh4 wrote

Just rewatched Last Man Standing on DVD. I put on old DVD’s while on treadmill instead of music. Great shoot ‘em up prohibition era gangster flick. With Bruce Willis playing a gun for hire working both sides of a rivalry. Also has Bruce Dern, Michael Imperioli, and Christopher Walken among others.


Sizzle_Biscuit t1_iyd8ppg wrote

Ex Machina. I like movies that make me think a lot afterward.

Just rewatched it last night.


arealhumannotabot t1_iyda2vu wrote

Everything. Everywhere, All At Once

Exciting and fun and emotional and even if you don't get the concept 100% right away, it's still a great watch


Jizzbootsturdhat t1_iydci8r wrote

I watched everything everywhere all at once. I thought the first half was one of the funnier things I've seen all year. Enjoyed the whole movie but I was laughing my ass off for a solid hour. Really loved it. It's on showtime.


McCabbe t1_iye2350 wrote

The Way of the Gun.


ABadUseOfTime t1_iye2li8 wrote

Force Majeure. A rewatch that I appreciated much more than when it came out and I mainly begrudged watching a couple fight


Then_Quit t1_iyegd8x wrote

Last week I watched The Little Drummer Girl (2018) with Florence Pugh, Alexander Skarsgård, and Michael Shannon. It was a 6 part miniseries about a British actress recruited by the Israelis to infiltrate a Palestinian rebel group in the late 70's. I really liked it. The main theme I think was that you have to pick a side and commit yourself to it - you can't be apolitical. Somehow I hadn't heard of it until recently when someone on here mentioned it.