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Liftin-Larry-92 t1_iy1r026 wrote

Ray Liotta had one of the most sinister-looking faces in Hollywood history --- roles like this were perfect because he could just stare into the camera and frighten you


beebs44 t1_iy1td13 wrote

Yeah, he was bananas as the boyfriend in Something Wild.


ColdPressedSteak t1_iy250pd wrote

He had the whole 'dude's definitely up to no good' face and demeanor down straight from the jump and all the way through in 'Identity'


Bocephus8892 t1_iy25cmy wrote

I'm sure he was told about 10,000 times growing up "you got a face perfect for a villian in a movie" and so Liotta just ran with it


JC-Ice t1_iy1yxc7 wrote

Yuppies-in-Peril might be my favorite name for a subgenre.


DeepRoy69 t1_iy2glnl wrote

the 'With Gourley and Rust' podcast just did a whole 8 episode arc on "Yuppie Nightmares" and it has been an absolute joy! This article is so in time with that podcast that I have to assume they're a listener.


Snuggle__Monster t1_iy1tbvt wrote

This movie was a little absurd but a damn fine guilty pleasure watch.


fulthrottlejazzhands t1_iy2rgsc wrote

And from experience, Madelaine Stowe was a (confusing yet intriguing) force to be reckoned with if you were a 12 year old boy at the time.


DeBatton t1_iy27t62 wrote

Lakeview Terrace (2008) wasn't a bad update of this premise. I can't think of any more recent examples, but I'm sure there are some.


d00ns t1_iy2qp6e wrote

Thanks to this movie I will never forget pyramid is 7 letters


grimace24 t1_iy3h2lw wrote

I love this movie. I always saw it as a hidden gem. Liotta is so damn good in it. May he rest in peace.


90daylimitedwarranty t1_iy9a9kf wrote

I love this movie.

For years I looked to find a shirt like the one Kurt Russell wears in one scene (long sleeve, blue with black lines) - I found and still have.


Joel227 t1_iy2dcyq wrote

Oh look a movie has an anniversary - let’s post about it to further dumb down the readers


90daylimitedwarranty t1_iy9af32 wrote

10 year old account where all you do is bitch and whine.

What a sad life you must lead.