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AppearanceSecure1914 t1_j1t8njf wrote

the trailer for Prometheus is 1000x better than the actual movie. there's some sort of primal alien scream that keeps repeating throughout and it is chill inducing


Pigglemin t1_j1th9fk wrote

Yeah they took that from the alien trailer


puniBane t1_j1t8zpw wrote


Ya that was a great trailer


TheDaysKing t1_j1vc817 wrote

I kinda agree. Even though I think it's still a pretty good movie, nothing in it (except the surgery scene) ever quite matched the level of terror and anxiety I was expecting based on those trailers.


NeonPhyzics t1_j1t9wq8 wrote

The Force Awakens trailer was monumental


bossholmes t1_j1uzqvh wrote

The cuts to the Falcon and Han/Chewie, followed by the swelling score is simply sublime…

And look how they massacred my boy.


alotabit t1_j1ta795 wrote

The Lilo and Stitch ones where Stitch shows up in famous scenes of classic Disney movies to ruin them. So creative and descriptive but doesn’t ruin anything from the story.


Melonqualia t1_j1td4hk wrote

I remember one of them using AC/DC's Back In Black.


MayonnaiseMouth t1_j1tgvmj wrote

Logan trailer, with Johnny Cash's rendition of Hurt.
The Revenant, with heavy breathing.


kruoshiro t1_j1t97p4 wrote

For me, I'd have to say the Cloverfield trailer. Had me hooked from start to finish, and I'm a sucker for kaiju movies.


1989cubs t1_j1tajkl wrote

Came here to say the same. Especially the way they start it off, where it looks like some kind of first hand party footage, then the tension keeps building and all the sudden The Statue of Liberty’s head explodes through the shot. So good.

Shout out to the 10 Cloverfield Lane trailer too. The way they slow down “I Think We’re Alone Now” and make it super creepy was so clever.


SpaghettiLove2 t1_j1t8epc wrote

The Social Network has an amazing trailer. I don't know about "greatest of all time" but it's really good.

The actual movie was great too


stirrd_nt_shkn t1_j1t982s wrote

Godzilla: King of the monsters


Zilla1689 OP t1_j1w3xjy wrote

Definitely in the running for one of my favorites!


TonyLund t1_j1tb8nj wrote

Probably “inception.”


Name one other time that a trailer…


…became immortalized in pop culture and set off a trend.



jsakic99 t1_j1tbrqu wrote

The Phantom Menace

This was pre-YouTube. QuickTime and the Real video player were essential.


Dick_Grimes t1_j1tgpbi wrote

That trailer made Meet Joe Black $50 million alone with no one seeing the actual movie. True story. You went to see Meet Joe Black just to watch the Episode 1 trailer and then leave.


grom_thelonious t1_j1us548 wrote

Phantom Menace or The Force Awakens? TFA trailer made my tear up every time I saw it, and then it was a little above mediocre for me as a full film.


44problems t1_j1vbil6 wrote

I remember calling in to TRL so I could make sure to see the Duel of the Fates music video on the countdown


yunnypuff t1_j1t94lz wrote

Independence Day


HelloItsNotMeUr t1_j1tbev0 wrote

Came looking for this. I remember seeing the teaser trailer during the Super Bowl and being blown away (terrible pun intended).


Breezezilla_is_here t1_j1tffm7 wrote

Man of Steel. I must have seen that trailer 14 or 15 times and got goosebumps every time.

The movie, no goosebumps.


jackBattlin t1_j1thlpn wrote

You… are not… alone. It’s one of my favorites too.


alexgritz6689 t1_j1uz9lf wrote

This one with the Lord of the Rings music? This sold me on the movie, which I liked, but it wasn't as good as the trailer.


Breezezilla_is_here t1_j1w326o wrote

Also good, but I'm thinking of the third (final) one.


alexgritz6689 t1_j1wov7m wrote

Ok, yeah, I just watched that one and it's amazing. I hadn't seen that trailer since before the film came out. Man, what a missed opportunity with that movie and franchise. Cavill is an amazing Superman, and he was squandered with WB's attempt at rushing the DC cinematic universe.


RCTommy t1_j1tb2t4 wrote

The "HELO jump into a destroyed, smoke-filled city" trailer for the 2014 Godzilla was EXCELLENT.


tsandyman t1_j1v0r4r wrote

That trailer got me pretty hyped.

The movie however did not. It was fine but did not live up to how good that trailer was.


Keeble64 t1_j1t8d3a wrote


Corrosive-Knights t1_j1taq2t wrote

Whenever this topic is posted (and it has been quite a bit), this is always my answer.

Alien is everything you want in a trailer: It’s intriguing, mysterious, and draws you in. In this case, by showing a mysterious landscape and egg… you’re instantly curious as to what will happen and the visuals are matched with the eerie music. And when the egg cracks, its just light protruding from the crack nothing more yet its so fucking terrifying by that point!

The best thing?

Though there are a few clips of the movie proper, NOTHING about the movie is spoiled in the trailer, but it sure as hell gives you an idea of what you’re in for in seeing the film itself!

And though I hate to admit it, another trailer that was pretty spectacular (and, sadly, can’t say the same about the movie), is that of the first Suicide Squad film.


Keeble64 t1_j1tayzx wrote

Not to mention it coined the tagline "In space, no one can hear you scream."


Myis t1_j1t8yf8 wrote

Lord of the rings 2 towers when it uses the requiem for a dream soundtrack. I watched it 900 times waiting for it to be released. (When I did watch it opening day, an older guy a row over was crying at the end. I’ll never forget that. )


han_013 t1_j1t8w7n wrote

The Bad Times at the El Royale trailer is masterful.


wwJones t1_j1td82o wrote

Pineapple Express is a stupid movie but the trailer is stupid good. The song in the trailer isn't even in the movie but everytime I hear it think of the movie.


Gracchus_Lives t1_j1te9xa wrote

I thought I was the only one who would bring this one up. Great choice.


booketh t1_j1thofc wrote

That trailer was so good it literally caused the song (M.I.A’s Paper Planes) to immediately skyrocket to #2 in iTunes downloads and #4 on the US charts. Seth Rogen tweeted ten years after the film’s release clarifying that it isn’t in the actual film, because it’s so deeply intertwined with the movie for most people that it created a Mandela effect.


PreparationSeveral20 t1_j1t99ev wrote

The first trailer for Valerian with the Beatles song playing made it look sooooo epic. Then I saw the movie...


GrimReaperAngelof23 t1_j1tqya3 wrote

Whats wrong with the movie?


PreparationSeveral20 t1_j1tu8bb wrote

I didn't like it. Also, it didn't match the feel of the trailer at all.


Vaporwing t1_j1t9rmt wrote

The Superbowl trailer for the first Transformers movie has always stayed in my head. Video from the Mars rover and it seeing foot prints then seeing the silhouette of a Transformer was so cool.


codex_lake t1_j1tbgz2 wrote

Interstellar. So much of that movie is kept under wraps, and most of what you see is in the first 20 minutes yet it still has a huge impact.


sccitylhh t1_j1trs2j wrote

The Dark Knight teaser trailer is the most effective example of a tease that I’ve ever seen in a theater. No footage, only audio. Sets up the themes, and gives the final word to joker. I still get chills watching it or even thinking about it.

The trailer for Little Children is also first rate.


taxibandit04 t1_j1uulsp wrote

I was at the IMAX for a movie I don't remember (think it was a Will Smith movie) and that teaser came on. A hush came over the crowd and the intrigue was palpable. Will never forget it.


Octavius-26 t1_j1u1rzm wrote

The original Terminator 2 teaser shown before Total Recall, where they show the T-800 assembly line… it’s absolutely awesome, containing footage not in any of the movies, and it feels… techno-scary…



slayer1am t1_j1t8jq1 wrote

The Lord of the Rings super trailer, it's like 10 minutes long.


ShilohTheGhostGod t1_j1t9jcy wrote

Ill never forget seeing the trailers for Battle Los Angeles, Watchmen and The Dark Knight. All gave me goosebumps in theaters.


bsweeter t1_j1tgfns wrote

I think I only saw it once briefly mentioned, but hands down best trailer was Logan. Johnny Cash’s “Hurt” followed by the cinematography in the trailer was seriously a masterpiece. I’m pretty sure I watched it at least 20 times on replay when it first came out.


Bellish t1_j1t9jls wrote

Blair Witch Project.

Trailer is what made it a, "must see."


Clear_Lead t1_j1tb48u wrote

Alien, the first one.


MicrowaveBurrito2568 t1_j1tetgt wrote

Suicide Squad(2016) had some of the best trailers I’ve ever seen. The editors for those trailers should get a raise. The movie on the other hand…


xRolox t1_j1t8o02 wrote

Certainly not of all time but the trailer for The Discovery hooked me into watching what was otherwise an okayish movie. I don't normally anticipate new movie releases but the slow madness of it all combined with the track is so captivating to me.


no-tenemos-triko-tri t1_j1tc8iy wrote

The first Jurassic World. Made me relive my childhood all over again.


armhad t1_j1tgmez wrote

Evil Dead


rexxar155 t1_j1tlmqm wrote

The Man of Steel trailer which included Jor-El's monologue. It's true that the movie was not as good as expected but god damn that trailer got me so hyped for the movie.


jcole660 t1_j1uics2 wrote

Terence and Philip: Asses of Fire


MichaelteaM t1_j1t9ukz wrote

The Exorcist or The Shining have some amazing trailers...


jonny_walkman t1_j1tb8zl wrote

Deadpool 2. Had nothing to do with the movie and was fun. I hate trailers though.


examach t1_j1tbcq2 wrote

Buckaroo Banzai


Lign_Grant t1_j1tef7b wrote

Trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End.

Turn on the sound and enjoy.


Esleeezy t1_j1tp4qu wrote

Joker trailer with Smile.


Stoizee t1_j1txkgz wrote

Avengers Infinity war.


4Eaglesf0r7Gold t1_j1u978n wrote

The Exorcist’s “banned” trailer is super minimalist but still very effective. A short narration of the plot with footage of Father Merrin’s arrival, followed closely by quick flashes of various scenes of possessed Regan. Lalo Schifrin’s bombastic score punctuates the terror of it.


St_Vincent-Adultman t1_j1uv0qv wrote

Watchmen (2009), I love the use of The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning by The Smashing Pumpkins.


meemboy t1_j1uxkxr wrote

Transformers 3 main trailer. So fucking epic


harvardstudent97 t1_j1v6fw6 wrote

I always really loved the Harry Potter trailers


Mega_Nidoking t1_j1vc5rr wrote

Infinity War; the different avengers reciting Nick Fury's original Avengers Initiative speech only to be stopped and taken over by "In time, you will know what it's like to lose. To feel so desperately that you're right... yet to fail, all the same." from Thanos. I watch it regularly it's so damn good.


hypermog t1_j1vdy6a wrote

No one can be told what The Matrix is.

You have to see it for yourself.


optipessimist t1_j1t9mfb wrote

Toy Story. Pixar’s first movie. Just beyond what kid movies had been until then.


Sputnik9999 t1_j1tb30b wrote

Run Bitch Run is THE best movie trailer of all time.


Aguyintampa323 t1_j1tbhag wrote

Saving Private Ryan , as it was unique in its scope and intensity at the time .


trylobyte t1_j1tdxdr wrote

Cloverfield trailer.


btraynor t1_j1tdzok wrote

The movie trailer Conan O'Brien plays when he has Paul Rudd on as a guest.


Derp-state_exposed t1_j1te8wi wrote

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones trailer was my favorite as a kid. In recent years, Mad Max: Fury Road first look (that debuted at comic-con).


totoropoko t1_j1tevlr wrote

Apart from TDK, the trailers that stand out to me are

Mad Max Fury Road

John Wick Parabellum


Batman V Superman (the one where Bruce runs into the debris)

Into the Spider verse

Judas and the Black Messiah


Suicide Squad (Bohemian Rhapsody)

Ready Player One (Take on me) - much better than the movie



Sheepies123 t1_j1tgcm4 wrote

Overlord has my favorite trailer but hard to say if it’s the greatest


jackBattlin t1_j1thh05 wrote

•Either trailer for The Dark Knight. I’ve never seen better.

•Spider-Man (2002)

•Blade (1998)

•Logan (2017)

•Lost in Space (1998 teaser)

•Mission Impossible 3

•The Exorcist (allegedly banned trailer)


•All the trailers to the seasons of Netflix Daredevil.


deadpoolfool400 t1_j1tjxlr wrote

“He sold tortillas on the corner, but the mob wanted in…”


PolaSketch t1_j1tlqxl wrote

Star Trek VI, which doesn't actually have scenes from the movie, but scenes from the earlier films/TV series projected on the Enterprise before it goes into warp. Kinda heavy on the nostalgia and it being the last film with the full cast.


Joel227 t1_j1u0hsm wrote

The trailer for the Return of the King


MisterVan69 t1_j1u14ut wrote

Battle Los Angeles!!!! BAR NONE


Robots_From_Space t1_j1u3zbe wrote

Mission impossible fallout. Can’t fight the friction!


Burrie_PiSemPe t1_j1u4518 wrote

Interstellar Trailer 1, more than a trailer it's a nod to us what lies above us and what we can achieve as humankind


TheSheikYerbouti t1_j1u4ftn wrote

The Inception trailer was perfect. Does anyone remember how many spoofs of it were made? Probably a tell tale sign of a good trailer.


dthackham t1_j1u6taf wrote

I was a huge fan of the trailer for “The Lighthouse.”


ClaySpur75 t1_j1ub0po wrote

Prometheus trailer made me think I was seeing a sci fi film that was going to change my life.

It was shite...well the opening scene was incredible...the rest was shit.


Signiference t1_j1ub40y wrote

Jerry Seinfeld’s “Comedian.”

“A renegade cop! A robot renegade cop!”

“I’m fired!”


Illustrious_Formal73 t1_j1ud4a5 wrote

The Lighthouse is my personal favorite trailer. It's dark, haunting, and mysterious. It has Willem Dafoe with a pirate voice. It became my favorite movie just based on the trailer.

Look at ye. Ye make me laugh with yer false grum. Ye pretend there's some mystery to yer quietude... But there ain't no mystery. Yer an open book. A picture says I.


Fecal_Enthusiest t1_j1ulgj7 wrote

Maybe not greatest of all time, and it isn’t a traditional type of movie anyway; but I think it deserves an honorable mention:

The Art of Flight.


inmyelement87 t1_j1ulwin wrote

Panic Room. It’s an okayish thriller, not bad but not great either. But man does the trailer create the hype. I saw the trailer and I had to go see that movie the moment it came out.

On the other end of the spectrum the trailer for Terminator 2 is awful. I’d have passed on seeing it had I seen the trailer. It’s so bland and really doesn’t sell the movie as being the masterpiece it is.


MrFluffyhead80 t1_j1umv81 wrote

Man of Steel: terrible movie though

JJ Abrams Star Trek: great movie to follow the trailer

Original Top Gun Maverick trailer: I didn’t think the movie would be as successful as it is but I loved the trailer


skatingee t1_j1uo4us wrote

Nomadland - wasn’t entirely a hard sell for me to watch the movie because I’m a fan of Frances McDormand, but the pace of the trailer, music and the cinematography, I thought was brilliant.


medfreak t1_j1uq18q wrote

Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


Illustrious_Win951 t1_j1uvpox wrote

Pink Flamingos by John Waters 1972. The film is so disgusting that no actual footage from the film was used in the trailor. You will probably want to watch the film after seeing the trailor to find out WTF is going on


brsties t1_j1uwpf1 wrote

The Batman (2022) had an amazing first trailer


eagle_talon t1_j1ux79u wrote

The first Force Awakens trailer.


stevebx2 t1_j1uyb1g wrote

Interstellar Teaser

The monologue by McConaughey was perfect and it already had the main music a year before coming out.


potts21 t1_j1v2xp0 wrote

Starship Troopers - TV spot

Introduced me to Blur-Song 2 and perfectly captured the 90s vibe of that time. I still associate that song with that movie.


Jimwish32 t1_j1v7c6d wrote

Super Troopers.

It’s starts out in black and white and has quick screen shots and a narration talking about police movies and how this movie is different and it makes it sound so serious and then instantly jumps into funny scenes.


WornInShoes t1_j1v9pon wrote

How is The Matrix not the top comment? That single teaser lit a fire in every theater goer’s brain; “What is The Matrix?”


ET__ t1_j1v9wvo wrote

Blair Witch


rckch t1_j1vau7m wrote



TheDaysKing t1_j1vbomf wrote

Not really a trailer (although I think there's a version that's edited together with the actual trailer), but I love the promo for Face/Off where it's John Travolta's character talking about Nicolas Cage's character as the camera slowly pans around him... then after it's done a full 360, we see that Travolta is now Nic Cage.

While it did mislead me into thinking Face/Off would be even more out there than it already was, I still think about that trailer/promo/whatever often. Blew my little kid mind, back in the day.


JaqentheFacelessOne t1_j1vcshr wrote

Don't know if it's the greatest trailer of all time but..



Flakfizer80 t1_j1vdhk4 wrote

The Beach had an epic trailer, set to Live’s “Dolphins Cry”. Too bad every single intense moment in the trailer was a fake out in the movie itself.


Stunkydunk t1_j1vdp9z wrote

I watched the trailer for Dune that had that Pink Floyd song in it about fifty times


Randall058 t1_j1vefks wrote

I’ve been on this hill before and I still maintain Battle Los Angeles.

Maybe it’s just the disproportionate disappointment that was the film, but it really makes the trailer stand out.


Villebilly t1_j1vfaij wrote

Cars 3

For real, one of the best trailers of all time.


Simplyx69 t1_j1vfgm7 wrote

It may have given a bit much away, but the trailer for Spiderman 2 went HARD. That music, too.


BossmanBobCormier t1_j1vfjyt wrote

Iron Man 3. Trailer was so cool I can still hear the mandarin saying his line “some call me a villain, I consider myself a teacher. Lesson number one; heroes… they are not real”


peaceblaster68 t1_j1tc4sk wrote

Star Wars: The Force Awakens had me SO HYPED and I’m only a casual Star Wars fan


pointy_object t1_j1tcwvq wrote

I’m rather fond of the Barbie trailer


Otter_Nation t1_j1uc6qy wrote

Watchmen. Plus this was just asked a few days ago.


haybai81 t1_j1tnnwl wrote

I have to say, I love the new Indiana jones trailer… gave me goosebumps.