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retroracer33 t1_j6iiosw wrote

The only questionable thing to me is the American cheese. I cant ever see a chef like that using american cheese on anything but a cheeseburger.


Worthyness t1_j6imuqg wrote

It's actually a really fantastic cheese to use for cheese sauces in a pinch because American cheese is made with sodium citrate, which emulsifies the cheeses together, so its perfect for something like macaroni and cheese or a mornay sauce. Granted a restaurant of their caliber might straight up have sodium citrate.


allthenights t1_j6irm0j wrote

they said that they had everything during Tyler’s trial, so I think that’s why they had the cheese. Plus American cheese is still a common ingredient in sauces and those things


Jackie_Paper t1_j6iyb3c wrote

Holeman & Finch, serving arguably the best burger available in Atlanta, uses American cheese. Chef Linton Hopkins is pretty dogmatic about this.