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Danh1004 t1_j6knq9h wrote

Watching Laverne & Shirley was a wonderful part of my childhood.

Thank you Cindy


franker t1_j6ncn44 wrote

Born in '68, I loved all those goofy seventies comedies.


see-k-one t1_j6nfa05 wrote

  1. I learned way too much stuff from watching MASH.

AnnVealEgg t1_j6n18vs wrote

Same here. My mom loved Laverne but Shirley was my fave! ❤️


Select_Action_6065 t1_j6knw3d wrote

Same age Penny Marshall was when she passed.


riegspsych325 t1_j6ko4jp wrote

reminds me, been far too long since I’ve watched Big


More_Asbestos t1_j6odgx3 wrote

Growing up, I watched it so many times on HBO and then I watched it recently for the first time in many years. I had a smile on my face through the whole movie.


jmblumenshine t1_j6niqcr wrote

FUCK Michael Mckean is the same age.

We must protect him with our lives.


spoon_shaped_spoon t1_j6kztc8 wrote

Laverne and Shirley was one of the Happy Days spinoffs along with Joanie loves Chachi and Mork and Mindy. But it was my favorite Schlemiel! Schlimazel! Hasenpfeffer Incorporated!


tfresca t1_j6lqc16 wrote

They are all spinoff of Love American Style


klui t1_j6lw2nq wrote


Loved when Laverne and Shirley were introduced on Happy Days.


fungobat t1_j6mrguo wrote

Those jokes went way over my head when I was 7.


Thromkai t1_j6my7cu wrote

Well now Kristen Schaal just gives me Marshall as Laverne vibes sometimes.


DonRicardo1958 t1_j6mmgw4 wrote

Yes, there was an episode, called “love and the happy days“. The Cunningham‘s bought the first TV on the block, I think.


Blackash99 t1_j6mwlpg wrote

Spin off or just an introduction?


patronizingperv t1_j6mx3lu wrote

Right. Love American Style was just a collection of different sketches, so idk if spinoff is exactly the right word.

See also: The Simpsons (The Tracey Ullman Show)


minnick27 t1_j6mxwcp wrote

It was created as its own show and the pilot went unsold so they used it for an episode of Love, American Style. So I'd say introduction is more appropriate


tfresca t1_j6myxbv wrote

I think spin off is more accurate as if it hadn't been a hit as an episode they wouldn't have gotten a show. You could call it a backdoor pilot.


minnick27 t1_j6nw7dy wrote

I don't know if the episode was a hit or not. It aired almost 2 full years before the series aired. I think it was the success of American Graffiti that had them say "we own this show that's similar in tone and stars the same guy."


flibbitydoo2 t1_j6ntw5w wrote

I remember watching that pilot on Love American Style on a Friday when I was a young kid. I think it was a year or two before Happy Days actually premiered.


Atfay-Elleybay t1_j6kt7yw wrote

She was almost Princess Leia


purplewhiteblack t1_j6lv6as wrote

They should have had her come back as an understudy when the time came.


franker t1_j6ncegr wrote

Now I'm imagining the Laverne and Shirley theme song playing while Princess Leia is busting out of the Death Star prison. And we'll do it always yes always...


AspireAgain t1_j6l44dt wrote

She was great in everything, but I really loved her in American Graffiti.


Maddie-Moo t1_j6mvzhn wrote

She took a part that could have been bland or even irritating and made the character really charming and funny. She’s so, so good in it.


LanceFree t1_j6nc13p wrote

I liked her in The First Nudie Musical - my familly had just received cable tv and at the time, Cinemax had obscure films. At the end, she came out topless, and I was shocked as I thought of her as so pure. Kids are dumb.


Narrator_Ron_Howard t1_j6koow0 wrote

The stars are a bit dimmer today. Miss you already Cindy.


IkilledRichieWhelan t1_j6lmhak wrote

Schlemiel! Schlimazel! Hasenpfeffer Incorporated!


NaughtSleeping t1_j6naiee wrote

Perfect example of how different things were back then. As a little kid in the late 70s, it was very hard to even phonetically guess what they were saying, let alone have a shot at knowing what it meant.


franker t1_j6neg77 wrote

> Hasenpfeffer

I'm 54 and I still am confused, having only heard that word elsewhere in a Bugs Bunny cartoon.


Scorpress77 t1_j6nk105 wrote

It's rabbit stew


franker t1_j6nkxkq wrote

I just remember "TAKE IT BACK AND COOK IT RIGHT!" from the cartoon.


auggie5 t1_j6nejbi wrote

What does all that mean?


Scorpress77 t1_j6nkf6g wrote

Schlemiel is Yiddish for a stupid, awkward, or unlucky person. Schlimazel is Yiddish for a consistently unlucky or accident-prone person. Hassenpfeffer is a rabbit stew.


muchomojotx t1_j6kvsx7 wrote

RIP, Shirley -loved the show when I was a kid.

Now everyone say it with me - Schlemiel, schlimazel!


Kyrgan t1_j6l5cry wrote

Somebody find Lenny!!


PotatoOnMars t1_j6lnaz3 wrote

He’s been pretty busy calling out chicanery in recent years.


InsertCoinForCredit t1_j6lvtio wrote

I saw him a few months back in Weird: The Al Yankovic Story. He played the emcee in the dive bar.


minnick27 t1_j6my0je wrote

After having previously worked with Al on an episode of The Weird Al Show as a miner


artistofdesign t1_j6kq8fy wrote

She was a happy person! RIP


your_moms_ankes t1_j6mlp19 wrote

I worked with her. Off stage she was not a nice person.


StolenErections t1_j6nzlu8 wrote

idk why you’re downvoted.

Idgaf about what famous people did to get famous if they were assholes in everyday life.

Exceptions would be if they are famous for contributing to the human race by developing a vaccine against an awful disease or something.


your_moms_ankes t1_j6oid3y wrote

She was a major diva and very difficult to work with in person. That’s been my experience and that if others I know that have worked with her.


StolenErections t1_j6oiwb1 wrote

I’m never surprised when I find out that a star is an asshole.

Years ago I met a girl who had waited on Stallone and that was the first time I realized that stars can be toxic assholes. He had booked the whole upstairs of their restaurant, and didn’t leave any tip at all.

Since then, it rarely surprises me, unless it’s like, a story of Robin Williams being an asshole or something.


RealMartinKearns t1_j6ktqxx wrote

Well, there’s three.

Lisa Loring Annie Wersching Cindy Williams

We can stop there… please.


hydra1970 t1_j6l10xs wrote

Gomez is the last surviving cast member of The Addams family


Kyrgan t1_j6l5pi0 wrote

Samwise's Dad?


hydra1970 t1_j6lc3gc wrote

TIL Samwise's Dad in real life is Jon Astin.

Was wondering if Jon Astin was in LOTR


Kyrgan t1_j6lcsde wrote

That would have been amazing.


jupiterkansas t1_j6kq176 wrote

star of The First Nudie Musical


barmanfred t1_j6lhml8 wrote

Well, now i know there's two people that watched that.


CrunchHardtack t1_j6mvc5j wrote

I saw the preview, do I get a participation trophy or somethin'?


Hairy_Seaweed9309 t1_j6l8724 wrote

Didn’t miss a show. So..who’s left from the cast ? Lenny ?


draft_beer t1_j6lqsx1 wrote

Lenny died in a house fire that was caused when he (intentionally) kicked over a gas lantern in his library


seadragon65 t1_j6lz9ia wrote


MC_Fap_Commander t1_j6msyu3 wrote

"Well, I don't really think that the end can be assessed as of itself as being the end because what does the end feel like? It's like saying when you try to extrapolate the end of the universe, you say, if the universe is indeed infinite, then how - what does that mean? How far is all the way, and then if it stops, what's stopping it, and what's behind what's stopping it? So, what's the end, you know, is my question to you."

(EDIT: It's not a slight against the man; it's a quote from one of his most famous characters about mortality)


str8sin t1_j6pfus2 wrote

"I'm sure I'd feel much worse if I wasn't so heavily sedated"


Canuck-In-TO t1_j6lx8ea wrote

The Fonz and Richie are still alive. Not sure if they were considered part of the regular cast though.


minnick27 t1_j6myjmi wrote

Definitely not regulars. They were on 4 and 2 episodes respectively.


rbhindepmo t1_j6m68qu wrote

Ed Marinaro jumping directly from Laverne and Shirley to Hill Street Blues was probably a good decision.

Also, Wikipedia doesn’t list a birthdate for Leslie Easterbrook. So aside from McKean, you gotta dig deep into the regular cast.


AnimalsInDisguise t1_j6mpydz wrote

Yes! He plays Chuck on Better Call Saul and making this connection blew my mind.


AnyNamesLeftAnymore t1_j6mzsai wrote

Yeah McKean is basically it. All the rest of the main cast died in surprisingly quick succession there.


lizzpop2003 t1_j6kqqvb wrote

I had a massive crush on Shirley when I was a small child watching reruns in the late 80's. I'm a bit sad now...


totallynaked-thought t1_j6lzw3w wrote

Imho, her sex appeal really shows in “the conversation” even tho it’s a very small role.


argument_sketch t1_j6l4i4u wrote

Can people I love and grow up with stop dying!?!?!?! :-(


Pal_Smurch t1_j6m5yv9 wrote

Was just watching a documentary on American Graffiti last night.

In 1990, I met her and her husband, Bill Hudson, and their two kids. They were snowed in and waiting out a storm in my sister’s restaurant. Her daughter was eight, and danced for my sister who was a dance instructor. They were very gracious folks.


hell_kat t1_j6mwsje wrote

Oh, I forgot who her husband was. She is Kate Hudson's stepmother. Bill was married to Goldie at one point. Hollywood can be really small sometimes.


No_Chapter_948 t1_j6ks7h6 wrote

RIP Cindy Williams, thanks for entertaining us.


Papichuloft t1_j6kwwqi wrote

The icons have been dropping too soon this past week. RP Cindy and thanks for the laughs.


Zoso1973 t1_j6l2c5b wrote

Check out her episode of Law and Order SVU.


Tim-in-CA t1_j6liluc wrote

RIP Cindy. Thank you and Penny for all the childhood laughs!


Ilikewaterandjuice t1_j6ku64t wrote

Wow that is sad. Who is left from L and S? Is it just Spinal Tap?


THE_some_guy t1_j6l0v0a wrote

Michael McKean is a lot more than “Spinal Tap”.

And Spinal Tap is a lot more than him, too.


barmanfred t1_j6lhj62 wrote

Clue and Better Call Saul just off the top of my head. Amazing actor.


CX316 t1_j6mqa9s wrote

The clown from the Star Trek voyager episode The Thaw, too


minnick27 t1_j6mze34 wrote

Amazing comedian as well. He was in a comedy group called The Credibility Gap with Harry Shearer and David Lander. Also, he and David created the characters of Lenny and Squiggy while in college at Carnegie Mellon


BuranBuran t1_j6n9v3w wrote

Part of Christopher Guest's troupe since Best in Show


gravybang t1_j6md0u8 wrote

Big Rosie Greenbaum is still alive. Carmine died in 2021.


IndyMLVC t1_j6l5ro9 wrote

Penny also died at 75. Strange


NSFWThrowaway1239 t1_j6kz25i wrote

Dang, I JUST looked her up yesterday to see if she was still alive and it was pretty away to see that she was. It's sad to her gone.


autopsis t1_j6lbuwp wrote

NOOOOOOO! I loved her. She was such a happy part of my childhood. This is so sad.


getdemsnacks t1_j6m6kge wrote

Someone please check in on Michael McKean please. He's the last one standing.


FlyingAce1015 t1_j6mporc wrote

so many famous people dying in January this year. :(

I mean statistically Jan has the highest number of deaths in the year but good grief. It seems way worse this year.


melouofs t1_j6mw55r wrote

The original sweetheart. Rest easy, Cindy.


Rlchv70 t1_j6mom2l wrote

FYI, died last week. Jan 25th.


SoHiHello t1_j6n9q2w wrote

She has sadly schlemieled her last schlimazel.


ErrorZealousideal532 t1_j6ncanp wrote

God bless her, her family and her friends. She brought lots of happy memories into my life as a child. Like many of my generation, I was a regular Lavern & Shirley watcher. I had a little bit of a crush on her as a boy. She was very pretty.


thenewmook t1_j6ndwzu wrote

I wasn’t into the dumb girls when I was a child. I was into the smart ones like her and Janet from Threes Company.

I just watched L&S for the first time in probably 25 years during Christmas. It was still funny all these years later.



crudedrawer t1_j6lyiqh wrote

seeing her in the conversation after growing up on l&s reruns was kind of mindblowing. I think I read somewhere that she was worried that taking asitcom would sink her as a serious actress and I wonder if that's true. Her acting in that film is so understated and perfect for the material it feels like she could have done more like that.


Rigma t1_j6m7nou wrote

this is a sad one


junky_godzilla t1_j6maaew wrote

No more pain ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Typingdude3 t1_j6mga7f wrote

And another mainstay of childhood in the ‘70’s gone. Laverne and Shirley was such a great show.


Akahcakalakuh t1_j6mgsde wrote

She was great singing Mack the Knife on that Andy Kaufman Special


SlashdotDiggReddit t1_j6mr8oo wrote

Aw, man ... this sucks! I absolutely LOVED her in American Graffiti; she was more edgy than Shirley. What will Boo Boo Kitty do now?

Let's all listen now.


Puppiessssss t1_j6ncrbg wrote

Ironic that she died @ same age as Laverne (Penny Marshall)


sailorjasm t1_j6ndkzo wrote

Penny Marshall also died at 75


rohithkumarsp t1_j6ngp7x wrote

That's 3 celebrity deaths in 3 days.


jeepster98 t1_j6njywv wrote

Lenny and Squiggy still around?


boywonder5691 t1_j6ns49o wrote

I had such a crush on her back in the day from when she first appeared on Happy Days. Years later I saw her in The Conversation where she was surprisingly good. RIP


PissedCaucasian t1_j6pb84r wrote

I read she started her career working with Sally Field! Two cuties. My crushes as a little boy.


Realcbear t1_j6peiw6 wrote

Rules of threes :( just awful


Kinser9 t1_j6menms wrote

For a time she was Kate and Oliver Hudson's stepmom.


Britneyfan123 t1_j6mro9k wrote

R.I.P. loved her in the conversation and American Graffiti


l94xxx t1_j6mwgyd wrote

I never understood why the Laverne & Shirley cartoon took place in the army, with a Horshack pig as the sergeant . . .


purplemoon73 t1_j6n1ast wrote

Now she can be with Laverne. RIP ♥️


[deleted] t1_j6n8c3k wrote

‘Oh, the red, red robin goes bob, bob, bobbin’ along.”


Sensitive_Library967 t1_j6ndnph wrote

“A brief illness” just like they said about Tom Verlaine… my grandpa lived a very unhealthy lifestyle and even he died at 85.. why? Cause he died before 2020. all these people dropping in their 70s right now is NOT NATURAL.


Theurgie t1_j6n4p9v wrote

I watched reruns of the show as a kid. So sad but they're in a better place now. RIP.


uno_dos_3 t1_j6lswf4 wrote

Dang.. people with money are dying in their 70s..