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JannTosh12 OP t1_j6km2ie wrote

an action horror film that kind of combines elements of The 1988 Blob remake, Tremors. and The Poseidon Adventure. Has a lot of the adventurous wit that would characterize Stephen Sommer's The Mummy the following year. Treat William's character Finnegan even has a bit of a Rick O'Connell vibe


Mst3Kgf t1_j6kt2eh wrote

That and Kevin J. O'Connor provides ace comic relief in both films.

But yes, this is Sommers testing what he'd perfect with "The Mummy."


failinglikefalling t1_j6kmrmy wrote

My favorite line as they are chased by the monster. Dude stops and barely catching his breath goes “can you just get asthma?”


jdixon76 t1_j6lfgze wrote

I always liked Williams': "I'm not staying down here and that's a fact."


pleasereadthanks t1_j6kvp5v wrote

This movie is such goofy fun, they don't make em like they used to!


KneeHighMischief t1_j6l3usi wrote

Treat Williams as Han Solo & Famke Janssen battle a subterranean Cthulhu with an absolutely loaded cast of great character actors. Such a tremendously fun movie. Shame it didn't do better at the box office. Would have loved to see them follow up on the teaser at the end


[deleted] t1_j6msypq wrote

Was supposed to be a King Kong prequel. That was skull island.


shaffe04gt t1_j6kpder wrote

Loved this move when I was a kid


ElectricZ t1_j6lovd1 wrote

Saw this in the theater way back when. I was blown away by the effects, the action, and most of all how much fun it was. It definitely had everything that a director would need to go on and make The Mummy.


bearvert222 t1_j6lavma wrote

Creature features aren’t just movies starring a monster, they were the hosted or non hosted block of films broadcasted on television around the 70s and 80s They relied on films mostly from the 70s and before: Hammer horror movies, Japanese monster movies, 50s monster and alien films.

What killed then was horrors increasing reliance on gore, I think. Also sort of the camp aspects of genre films and their transition into serious business.

While Syfy films tried, they were too low budget and not particularly likeable.


theHerbieZ t1_j6mpw1i wrote

I love this film. It doesn't pretend to be something its not. The scene with all the bloodied skeletons is still haunting.


Earthpig_Johnson t1_j6nilzt wrote

I wouldn’t call it a lost art, but big studios definitely don’t want to pump much money into creature features.

Still kicking myself for not getting out to the theater to see Underwater. The Ritual is another really good recent example of a creature feature.


klsi832 t1_j6lqcy6 wrote

Is that where Janice got her AIM name


Fieryhotsauce t1_j6mmecj wrote

This film is so great, absolutely slated on release but it's so much fun. It knows exactly what it is.


staedtler2018 t1_j6mnp80 wrote

This movie is good because it's so mean spirited.


Burkey8819 t1_j6mz8jc wrote

Saw this on the Disney app and watched a year ago,, still has that magic of goofy fun action worth a watch 🙌