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geekteam6 OP t1_j67ckzn wrote

Actual interview starts around 17 minutes in BTW. In all his interviews, Maron does a lot of personal patter up front that's funny to regulars but might be off-putting for first time listeners. (Like, he goes on and on about his recent colonoscopy.)


Chem_is_tree_guy t1_j67hv6s wrote

As a regular listener, sometimes I listen just for that first 15min if I don't care about the guest...


OathOfFeanor t1_j683frq wrote

As someone who doesn't understand podcasts, could I interest you in a holiday meal with my family?

We have a ton of elderly folk and they will all be thrilled to tell you about all of their recent medical procedures. Colonoscopies are the tip of the iceberg!

I should tell them to start a podcast, apparently this is good material


Ambartenen t1_j6886ug wrote

I do not understand your downvotes at all. I chuckled at your joke!


jchray t1_j6894oc wrote

They might like HypochondriActor with Dr. Priyanka Wali and Sean Hayes.


intercommie t1_j68ydr4 wrote

This is kind of dark, but his life updates/intros after the death of Lynn Shelton was some of the most captivating podcasting I’ve ever heard. I love it when he gets vulnerable.


Rugrin t1_j6a2kiz wrote

Me, too. Mark’s journey has been inspirational for me. I love to see how much he’s grown. He’s a cranky Buddha now.


Chem_is_tree_guy t1_j6a7x11 wrote

Going through his grief cycle with him over the last 2 years really helped me with the loss of someone this last year.



Lilliam_Pumpernickel t1_j6ac41o wrote

That first episode he did after Lynn passed was so incredibly heartbreaking and emotional


fastermouse t1_j68hkap wrote

Did you know he used to be an alcoholic that partied with Sam Kinison? Or that he was interviewed by Lorne Michaels to maybe replace Norm McDonald?

Because if you don’t know, he will tell you over and over and over.


WREPGB t1_j68l0ee wrote

Same, those Openers with Professor Doomburger helped with a lot with validations regarding my thoughts over 2020/2021.


Soccermom233 t1_j68l6f0 wrote

Marc Maron interviews Marc Maron with a celebrity as audience.


Emmafabb t1_j68pgdv wrote

Yes! Well put. At his worst-this is exactly it. But sometimes he’s really really good. So, there’s that too.


Dirty0ldMan t1_j6cxfhk wrote

I personally feel like Marc is too up his own ass lately. 5+ years ago I would've checked this out, but I can't move jive with his style anymore.


Kingdolo t1_j696v7e wrote

He gets the best guest but I can’t stand him


Married_with_Meeples t1_j688hhy wrote

It's a great interview. Marc is regularly emotional but that combined with Brendan Fraser's vulnerability and the decision to leave in the pauses, sniffles, and shortness of breath, during near emotional breakdowns is a testament to Marc's abilities as a host and podcaster.


solman52 t1_j68f7y4 wrote

He really is so good at what he does. Honestly I’ve never been a huge fan of his stand-up but I love his podcast. Recommend the pay version so you can access over 1000 old shows.


crapfacejustin t1_j68iq8x wrote

His new stand up is pretty good


solman52 t1_j68nj73 wrote

The HBO special? Didn’t think it was out yet.


crapfacejustin t1_j68rrpd wrote

Oh, idk I just saw him perform about a year ago and it was much better than his older stuff


solman52 t1_j68s2px wrote

Ah yeah. He was working out his special. Comes out maybe next month? You will probably have heard some of the content


ryanderkis t1_j69m7ff wrote

I've avoided his podcast because I don't like his stand up or tv appearances. But you're saying I should give it a go?


solman52 t1_j6al8ip wrote

Yeah, I listen to a lot of podcasts, and I have tried to get into other interview shows, but some of the ones I have heard sound too scripted. Marc just has a way to get his guests talking, and a lot of the questions he asks are very thoughtful. He also likes to mix it up with guests and I end up learning a bunch about stuff I never knew existed. I say check out the latest show with Fraser, its one of his best more recent shows, but DO NOT listen to the Courtney Love show that is also recent. That one was painful to hear, and not because of anything Marc did.


Disco99 t1_j6apaig wrote

The Courtney Love one is not good, and I really disliked the Seinfeld interview. Other than that, most of his episodes have been solid.


lemon_whirl t1_j6c7pik wrote

As someone who used to revere Seinfeld I can't handle him much anymore. He's so smug and just doesn't seem curious. Like his past success leaves him with nothing new to discover about anything.


dwilliams22 t1_j6bmd7l wrote

I fell for the Maron thing back around 2015 super hard. Got 2nd row seats, was super amped. He comes out firing the same shit from that Epic Channel special and Im just full stop bored with him. He’s a good talker but I cant say I fell for his standup side.


[deleted] t1_j68d1h3 wrote



ManIWantAName t1_j68e6s6 wrote

If you're a full-grown man and think this, you might want to do some self reflection. If you're just a teenager trying to figure out your way through toxic masculinity, then you have some work to do.


kleptophobiac t1_j67c77s wrote

Both became emotional and each allowed the other time to compose himself. I don't think I'm up for The Whale, but much respect to Fraser. Seems like he put everything he had into it.

I loved it when you could tell how excited Brendan was when he was talking about the Tabasco tour.


olddicklemon72 t1_j676mgh wrote

Listened to this earlier, VERY good interview.


colorcorrection t1_j677qg9 wrote

Marc could interview a dried up turd he found while on a walk around his block, and it would somehow be one of the best interviews you've ever listened to. I haven't listened to this one, but I'm beyond excited to hear him interview Brendan.


Skadoosh_it t1_j68c7lb wrote

It was great that Brendan ended it with a hearty "What the fuck!" Callback to Doom Patrol.


podo413 t1_j68a7ge wrote

"Who's your guys?"


overnyte23 t1_j69fa0o wrote

This was one of the best interviews I’ve listened to. I’m kicking myself for not knowing about Marc’s podcast until today! Both of these dudes are national treasures.


bentheone t1_j6ch3g2 wrote

Listen to the Andrew Garfield one if you enjoyed this one.


darsvedder t1_j69h7ij wrote

Always love a food Marc Maron love post

Good** fucking autocorrect the irony lol


mamacosta t1_j69ess9 wrote

Can I listen without having watched the movie yet or are there spoilers?


PM_Me_Batman_Stuff t1_j69pi9n wrote

I listened without having seen the movie, and there are vague references to things that happen in the movie that you could possibly infer what happens. There are no explicitly stated spoilers, though.


DavefromKS t1_j69sbgj wrote

How am I just now learning Marc Maron has a podcast. I must live under a rock.


Tehsoupman12 t1_j6a3sny wrote

It's been running for 15 years and probably what he's most famous for.


geekteam6 OP t1_j6bfpll wrote

The wild thing is the literal President did a show with him in 2015, bringing a whole entourage and sharpshooters to Maron’s garage to record it, and then Maron went right on with the same format like that never happened.


Evil_Morty_C131 t1_j6azen8 wrote

You're in for a treat. The interviews are just as compelling as Marc's personal journey.


listyraesder t1_j6br1pq wrote

You must do. Obama used the N word when he was a guest in his last months as President and there was a massive Thing about it.


[deleted] t1_j6bczw0 wrote



lemon_whirl t1_j6c7tma wrote

DMB is great. People who make DMB part of their identity suck.


sdscraigs t1_j68c9f9 wrote

Terrible interviewer, can’t listen to him. He talks over the guests, changes subject frequently, and talks too much about himself.


thrillhoMcFly t1_j68d94l wrote

His format is conversation, not interview. Many times he just flips things on as they were already chatting while sitting down.


sdscraigs t1_j6ach9a wrote

Yes it’s a conversation, which is mostly one sided towards him. He doesn’t let his guests finish their thoughts. As opposed to Rick Rubin who affords his guests enough time to get everything out. Marc has such a short attention span and seems to be such a narcissist that I cannot listen to him.


thrillhoMcFly t1_j6ad1tt wrote

Going to politely disagree and say that he shares personal information with his guests to get them to open up. Seems to work from the episodes I listened to.


sdscraigs t1_j6aeycq wrote

I understand sharing personal information, I just think he does it too much.


fastermouse t1_j68hukh wrote

It’s always the same conversation. He will totally walk all over a story if it’s not on his list.


[deleted] t1_j69181y wrote



fastermouse t1_j692xe9 wrote

I’d rather not.

Maron - where’d you grow up?-what did your parents do?- have you heard about what a shit my Dad is and how I called him last week and he acts like I’m not a working actor?- did you parents support your career? -oh they did? Because mine never seemed to care- how’d you get started?- you know I’ve been acting/playing music/writing/buying vinyl/getting custom made boots and I’m thinking you’re not really all that much better than I am but some how you’re more famous-did you know I was a doorman at the Comedy Store?- that’s where I met Sam. You know Kinison, the one with the drugs?- did you ever do drugs? No but you still drink?- did you know I’m an alcoholic? - it’s spelled Marc with a C

Ok well it’s been good talking to you. Are we ok? Because I felt that you didn’t like me when we started but I feel better about myself now.

Alright I’m going to play my guitar without tuning it now. BOOMER LIVES.


JuliusPepperwood85 t1_j6a4pmp wrote

Can’t speak for any of his other interviews really, but I don’t think he asked about or mentioned any of that stuff in this one


GoblinObscura t1_j68hjt0 wrote

They might get of track but Marc always circles back and picks up the conversation to make a thru line.


Emmafabb t1_j68pspz wrote

This is a fair critique-I wouldnt downvote it. I love maron but he def sometimes does this. He’s pretty self-involved.


literaphile t1_j6991p6 wrote

Yes. I listen to a lot of his episodes because I want to hear the guests, but Maron needs to give them more space.


sdscraigs t1_j6ab20y wrote

Wow a lot of butt hurt fanboys. The dude is insufferable.


cheesesliceyawl t1_j68ayql wrote

I know we are supposed to embrace the Brenaissance but there seems to be something really off with Brendan Fraser in recent interviews and round tables. His speech is really stilted, he's super serious and just comes off as a little creepy and weird. Nothing like he used to be in his younger days. Especaily during his recent Graham Norton interview or actors round table, the other celebs had a clear distance between themselves and Brendan. Maybe it's his meds or something? Maybe I'm the only one to notice this?


The_River_Is_Still t1_j681eq6 wrote

Cool. But not for nothing, you're on a talked-based show, Brendan. Speak the hell up lol.


WREPGB t1_j68lfij wrote

Downvotes are unnecessary here. Try listening to this in the car. You can’t make out anything he says.


BelgianBond t1_j6awldv wrote

Wow you can't even say somethingly mildly negative about Fraser during this Oscar season.


The_River_Is_Still t1_j6cn8zt wrote

heh, I didn’t even mean it bad at all. Love the guy and the WTF podcast. But my fault for not phrasing it better. All good.


omicron7e t1_j685oq7 wrote

I like Brendan Fraser as much as the next guy, but what is Reddit's obsession with him? I'm convinced that he has agents posting stories and bots upvoting every one.


Plong94 t1_j68bzim wrote

Well from all accounts he seems like a good guy and he was in some beloved movies that came out when a lot of redditors myself included were kids


omicron7e t1_j69w9zf wrote

Sure, but there are lots of actors who seen like good guys and gals. Why is Reddit apparently so obsessed with Fraser?


Plong94 t1_j6b5gbj wrote

I literally just answered your question, he was in movies in the 90’s/2000’s that a lot of redditors enjoyed at a younger age


theotheroobatz t1_j68k2ff wrote

I just want to say that George of the Jungle shan't be included in this list.


Plong94 t1_j69gck1 wrote

Get that shit out of here George is a classic


Bindlestiff34 t1_j695w6h wrote

Same with Keanu. I’m glad he’s a nice guy, but he’s the same lackluster actor he was in the 90s.


WornInShoes t1_j68pmns wrote

>'m convinced that he has agents posting stories and bots upvoting every one

are the agents in the room with you now?


deadspaceremake t1_j68b9qo wrote

No idea, it's not like he was some acting savant before this movie. He'll always be the shitty Disney George of the Jungle to me