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HeadRequirement3335 t1_j8tn13m wrote

These Tik Tok challenges are getting out of hand


grixorbatz t1_j8tyuv1 wrote

How about we call it, "The Kentucky Challenge"


chewbaccawastrainedb t1_j8to90v wrote

It says 25 days without food or water but if you don't drink water in over 3 days you start dying. So going for 25 days seems rather suspect.


dogsent t1_j8trj9n wrote

Today people say they are fasting, but still drink juice.

Fasting during Ramadan means abstinence from all food or drink, including water and chewing gum, from dawn to sunset.

We don't know what Jesus did. All the writings were done after he died. Also, 40 days is a symbolic number, so that could be inaccurate.

Fasting would not be a common practice if people died frequently.

Definitely suspect.


vahntitrio t1_j8tt29d wrote

40 isn't a symbolic number - it's just a translation thing. Imagine putting the number 7 in the place of every instance of the word several.

40 is inserted in the bible wherever a word that should more closely be translated to "many" appeared.


ericisshort t1_j8tvbsa wrote

Interesting. Where did you learn this?


vahntitrio t1_j8twy21 wrote

I have a friend with a PhD in Religious Studies (focused mostly on the old testament and Hebrew), he mentioned it to me.


Ironwolf7448 t1_j8v0xha wrote

Can you ask your friend what the fuck is up with the bears for me?


doogle_126 t1_j8vjzts wrote

Elisha and God didn't like the teenagers. So bears ate them.


nWo1997 t1_j8w8qd3 wrote

I heard that the bear thing was less "a group of wee ones call a man bald" ("go up, baldie") and more "a mob of young men threateningly group up and shout at a man to die" ("go up, baldie").

It was in one of those "what does everyone get wrong about the Bible" threads on r/askreddit.


TucuReborn t1_j8wxjb5 wrote

This is also the case for a lot of religious texts.


Zootguy1 t1_j8tw2rd wrote

it's totally crazy though. I go that long without eating (still taking liquid) and I feel like a deadman walking 2 weeks...


dogsent t1_j8u3ysd wrote

According to the story, Jesus fasted until he had visions. I don't know what that means. I think he was trying to have visions. He was in the desert. So even with drinking water the body gets dehydrated.

Anyway, weird story. And a pretty dumb idea to try doing a fast like that.


Zootguy1 t1_j8u4ac3 wrote

not eating till you trip out in the desert sounds like a death sentence. unless you're Jesus


dogsent t1_j8u7lv4 wrote

He had angels taking care of him. Snacks don't count when you're fasting if they came from angels.


arealhumannotabot t1_j8yacew wrote

>Today people say they are fasting, but still drink juice.

There are huge forums of people ho do proper fasting, I'm not sure what you're referring to. Sounds like some people trying other things, orthey're calling it a "juice fast" referring to the liquid diet, and you're not framing it properly.


[deleted] t1_j8ttazx wrote



TyphoidMary234 t1_j8tubth wrote

Too bad you didn’t copy the part where he said from dawn to sunset, which is a fancy way of saying, only at night. Read before you start typing lmao.


FamiliarTry403 t1_j8unig9 wrote

The rule of 3 is not a definitive rule, the record is 18 days without water


Flashy_Attitude_1703 t1_j8vthwq wrote

My mother refused to eat or drink when she was 92 and she passed after a week.


Leifseed t1_j99xys2 wrote

Why'd she do that? Was she just ready to go you think?


Flashy_Attitude_1703 t1_j9bbtz7 wrote

My mother had Alzheimers, heart problems and other medical issues. Because of her Alzheimers she was in a memory care facility for many years. She was 92 and refused eat or drink. I think she decided it was time. It was decided to let her go rather than force feed her. The staff there kept her as comfortable as possible until she passed and my sister was there for her. Unfortunately I was too late to say goodbye.


PyrrhoTheSkeptic t1_j8u1wtq wrote

I did a quick search on this. The world record is 18 days, and even that isn't a proper record without water:


>Andreas Mihavecz, an 18-year-old Austrian man, may have survived the longest without drinking water: Police accidentally left him in a holding cell for 18 days in 1979. It's a fuzzy record, though, since he allegedly licked condensation off the walls of the prison.

So he got some moisture licking the walls during that 18 day period, so even that was not completely without water.


It is probably just false that this pastor went without water for 25 days.


One must be an idiot to attempt to go 40 days without food or water. Food, that is possible (though not a good idea), but not water.


ForgingIron t1_j8up2ei wrote

> Food, that is possible

I looked it up and even the Bible, all versions I could find and read, only mention that Jesus went without food. Nothing about water.


laughs_with_salad t1_j8vjuif wrote

How are people people being rescued even after 10 days in the rubble in the turkey earthquake? They must not have had any food or water. Even some kids are surviving.


ibbity t1_j8xay4c wrote

If it's rained since then, they could get some water dripping down through the cracks maybe


thegoodnamesrgone123 t1_j8uetr0 wrote

I mean Jesus did have those abs that transcend space and time


InfluenceTrue4121 t1_j8ud142 wrote

That’s what you get for trying to usurp Jesus’ 40 day record. His dad doesn’t take kindly to this crap.


TheRynoceros t1_j8tv9q0 wrote

Anybody else wanna do some fictional shit in real life?

I'm thinking about hiking to Mordor with my homie Roland to slay the Grendel.


Slight_Knight t1_j8tp9u5 wrote

And what was Jesus response to the devil tempting Jesus to jump off a cliff on his own 40 day fast?

"You shall not test the Lord your God"

Christians need to actually read the Bible.


Xionel t1_j8txyyi wrote

They use it for selective reading. Most havent read the Bible in its entirety. Itll scare them.


Darth_Tiktaalik t1_j8u83gn wrote

Ah yes the "I know what the stories say he can do but don't expect too much from Santa this year" of Christianity


JoeGoats t1_j8ugilp wrote

I have a fun theory that Jesus never came back from the desert and died or disappeared out there. Satan took his place for the remainder of the story and Christians have been worshipping him ever since.


jeremygordonauthor t1_j8tmrwo wrote

Adding insult to injury, I don't think you could get more Darwinian than this Darwin award


HeadRequirement3335 t1_j8tna45 wrote

Lool it's up there with the flat earth rocket guy


Garlicholywater t1_j8tssx6 wrote

Flat earth rocket guy was low-key kind of awesome. Taught himself how to build rockets and had a few successful launches. No rocket program has ever had a 100% success rate. Unfortunately he also suspected that the world was flat.


kashmir1974 t1_j8u94e4 wrote

I think he was gaming the flat earthers for funding. He just wanted to do rockets and found a bunch of gullible fools to bankroll him.


HeadRequirement3335 t1_j8tt4a1 wrote

True and somehow discivered there is an other side of rock bottom in the process. He should have been a hollow earther thinking about it


thefoodiedentist t1_j8tqpr9 wrote

Religion and science often tend to be at odds.


TucuReborn t1_j8xbx8e wrote

Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

Some religious people are extremely rigorous with science and knowledge. Historically, a lot of major scientists and academics were religious in some manner. Many got into science to "understand the heavens" so to speak.

And, for many religious people who actually study religion(which is academic in it's own right), they understand where myth, legend, and codified religious beliefs are in the texts and follow them accordingly.

For example, most Christian theologists know that creation myths exist to explain the world to early societies and should be taken with a pile of salt, so Genesis is seen less as "historical" and more "metaphorical" or just culturally relevant.


Sir_Gamealot t1_j8tnhbq wrote

I am willing to bet they killed him via the refeeding syndrome. If you give anything that raises insulin to someone who has fasted hard (without water) or long (over a week) you, dear doc, can kill him. Insulin depletes the already low phosphorus in his blood (shuttles it into all cells, regardless of the cells' needs for it) and that means some cells don't have enough phosphorus to create ATP while the metabolism ramps up severely fast. Cell die, organs die, patient dies, and the docs are happy that they did all they could for him.


thought_first t1_j8tpduj wrote

According to the Good Book. Jesus was God in the Bod.

Average people shouldn't try this obviously and especially not in the desert with the Devil in your ear.


Dalantech t1_j8vqon6 wrote

Actually, according to Revelations chapter 3:14...

>14 And
unto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write; These things
saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the
creation of God;

So Christ was the first thing that God created. Not particularly religious myself, but the whole trinity thing that a lot of "Christian" religions cling to doesn't seem to be based on their own manual. Besides, why would Christ pray to himself? Why, when asked about it by his disciples, did Christ say that he didn't know when the end would come (Matthew chapter 24)?

There are versions of the Bible that have a different interpretation of Revelations 3:14, but those denominations lean pretty heavy into the trilogy idea.


5xad0w t1_j8tu3d9 wrote

It is always sad when someone dies needlessly due to mental illness.


MonstroFrog t1_j8uphht wrote

I was forced to go to a southern baptist church up until i was 17.

The Youth Pastor (A Pastor specifically for Teens and young adults) suggested doing this exact thing over 10 years ago when i was forced to go there by my family.

I stood up in the middle of him saying they should do this and screamed that anyone who tried that would likely die or risk permanent bodily harm. I mentioned how going more than 3 days without water can easily kill you due to dehydration and that we werent Jesus so we couldnt use "Holy Magic" to sustain ourselves nor did Jesus tell anyone to try doing this in the bible.

I was berated by the pastor and told to leave.

Shortly after however he got in trouble by the head of our church for suggesting something so dangerous and was fired.

I believe he runs another Youth Program in Arkansas now.

But i cant imagine what mighy of happened if those teens were gullible enough to try doing what he said.

Might have watched some friends die.


Commie-cough-virus t1_j8xbpy2 wrote

I hope you don’t scream anymore to get your point across ;) That said, it was satisfying to read how your spirits were up, and not mentally shackled through years of religious dogma. I hope you’re doing well these days.


jaapi t1_j8vj87a wrote

What was thing he suggested that was so dangerous?


[deleted] t1_j8tl26d wrote



Electronic-1911 t1_j8w7vqu wrote

That is probably expected. The real test is if he came alive again…


Traditional-Junket29 t1_j8unl1g wrote

What if jesus was just the david karesh of his day?


Haunting-Range5812 t1_j8x507b wrote

Nah, Jesus was about healing and compassion, whereas David Koresh was about child brides and automatic weapons.


Odd-Cartoonist-288 t1_j8vxtd1 wrote

Really made we worried that not eating killed him, but then I read he didn't drink water for 25 days ... that's actually impressive. Gives me hope if I'm ever stuck at sea.


MonsterMaud t1_j8x0wpv wrote

I'm pretty sure the secret to these is that you are supposed to sneak food and just claim you are surviving off of prayer


Squildo t1_j8txpbz wrote

Their faith clearly wasn’t strong enough

Jesus didn’t tap out


Factsaretheonlytruth t1_j8uqks2 wrote

Just another data point demonstrating religion is a pandemic of mental illness.


LiliNotACult t1_j8uvqkn wrote

This reminds me of kids trying to act out the feats in cartoons and comics. F for his family though.


Davik t1_j8vg58t wrote

Religious people are strange.


Rutaguer t1_j8xfvx6 wrote

First of all, Jesus is a fictional character and the Bible is also mostly fictional. What's next? Trying to live inside a whale?


idletooth t1_j8tv68d wrote

Yeah, that will do it


bonjelascott t1_j8u4liu wrote

lived for 39 years, died for 40 days.


groveborn t1_j8ujm6l wrote

Hey, it's great that you want to be like your hero, really great stuff...

But don't try to emulate a god. We can put aside the whole "it's made up" argument for this... A god has certain advantages over mortals. Namely immortality.


synchrohighway t1_j8w0at6 wrote

Jesus was a God, was he not? Seems blasphemous to presume a human being can do the same things.


bonjelascott t1_j8xpgzk wrote

Does this count as suicide? Cos if so...


investinlove t1_j970w79 wrote

Problem of Evil calling collect--but no one's picking up.


Tchrspest t1_j8u1hgv wrote

I can't help but respect his devotion, in a sense. It's certainly a shame, but like, that's dedication.


ACorania t1_j8u2bms wrote

Poor guy, did no one tell him most 'christians' just lie and eat anyway so this type of thing doesn't happen and the miracle is 'proven'?


MyLifesParody t1_j8vf1ok wrote

40 days... 28 on water only was fucking brutal enough for me.



chockedup t1_j8vij35 wrote

Fiction disclaimers on fictional works are important.


Cockydjinn t1_j8w0hcd wrote

“Suck it, poser!”

  • Jesus

tomtomcowboy t1_j8wfd0h wrote

Seems like Jesus had a word with him .


Nigredo78 t1_j8yrokj wrote

same result with the walking on water challenge..


jetbag513 t1_j8u710i wrote

What Would TikTok Jesus Do?


1dad1kid t1_j8umwzj wrote

Didn't have enough faith I guess eyeroll


Edwardc4gg t1_j8uoaua wrote

well he completed the 'ima go meet a ghost' challenge.