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Persianx6 t1_iyazyff wrote

Put him in jail.

Don't let him buy a gun.

Let's see if society can get this right.


SubHominem t1_iyb1c5y wrote

Oops we gave him a free rifle


wildskater96 t1_iybqsyp wrote

He landed on go. Gotta give him a rifle now.


SubHominem t1_iyc7s9m wrote

Say the line, Bart.

*sigh* suspect was known to the FBI...


redmixer1 t1_iyckvsf wrote

But after extensive… policing they conducted he was safe and just needed a new m249 to cheer him up


JohnHwagi t1_iybkn90 wrote

That, but also send him to a psychologist and some therapy while in jail. He’s going to get out eventually, and I’d rather he improve himself than shoot people in 10 years.


_welcome t1_iyevl56 wrote

honestly, I'm tired of people making every potential or actual shooter a mental health patient. I'm not saying he shouldn't get therapy, but people want to pretend therapy is an easy answer to fixing people who want to shoot up a place. The reality is the majority of people with mental illness are nonviolent, some people are just evil, and all the therapy in the world probably won't change someone. therapy and mental health isn't the answer to resolve the majority of america's mass shooting problems.


im4lonerdottie4rebel t1_iyewuri wrote

Yes but therapy helps with self reflection. It helps to uncover why we believe certain beliefs, why we take certain actions and why we behave certain ways.


JohnHwagi t1_iyf89id wrote

I’m not sure I agree with the assertion that psychological treatment is not able to significantly reduce the chance of someone engaging in a mass shooting.

While people that shoot others are unlikely to seek treatment themselves, it should be forced upon people who commit violent crimes. Many shooters have massive red flags that should have led to arrest and psychological treatment prior to the shooting.


majora9109 t1_iyfdery wrote

How is psych treatment reducing the chance of anything if it's not applied or the person isn't actively seeking treatment.

Red flags exist, but you can't force someone to just not do something unless you put them in a box. So there's going to continue to be shooters until we come up with a better solution.


Zealousideal_Bid118 t1_iybvdue wrote

> Don't let him buy a gun.

Uh oh, you triggered the Republicans, so now you're either going to be brutally murdered, or nothing at all will happen. It's a weird system at the moment because republican view points can only be considered from Q anon posts.


Bagellord t1_iyd4b4e wrote

No, he should be tried and convicted of making threats. Then he'll be a prohibited person for life (barring any eligibility for expungement).


VenserSojo t1_iyd5gp5 wrote

Only if said threats result in a conviction of a felony or a year or more in jail.


needabiggerhammer t1_iyeoakz wrote

>conviction of a felony or a year or more in jail.

Minor pedantic moment, but people seem to miss this: That should read "punishable by a year or more in jail". Even if the defendant just gets a fine, if the crime allows for a year+ it counts as a federal disability (basically it is a felony even if not called one).


Bagellord t1_iyd5oyo wrote

Depends on what charges they bring, but I imagine they're going to throw the book at him.


karsh36 t1_iydnqap wrote

Let’s be real, it’s Georgia. He’ll be out with an interview scheduled for the local police department and a voucher for a discount gun within a week


ElfLordSpoon t1_iyavnid wrote

Why do all these guys look like they were conceived at a family reunion?


sjfiuauqadfj t1_iyb9qov wrote

they just need a makeover courtesy of a new show on bravo, queer eye for the homicidal guy


Malaix t1_iycezfn wrote

I remember when those oathkeepers got arrested from their clowncar uhaul raid on a gay pride event and a lot of them looked like they had FAS. One of the repeating behavioral characteristics of FAS is a tendency toward violent behavior and joining violent groups. So that at least sort of explained a number of those.

But yeah. untreated mental illness is going to be a huge trend among these people.


DukeOfGeek t1_iye67vu wrote

Untreated illness is a big thing in the United States period.


badalchemist85 t1_iycav49 wrote

They haven't had any progressives thoughts in their family line since the 1920's


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408javs408 t1_iybw5wi wrote

I checked out his profile on Facebook. Seems like a normal dude who would be pro lgbtq. I do wonder what the hell happened; a manic episode perhaps? Or perhaps he was a wolf in sheep's clothing?


IsThisKismet t1_iydsgoq wrote

I miss the ATL gay scene. Heretic in particular is one of the best nightclubs I’ve ever been to. Like, you get the whole experience there. Everything from good music, lights, DJs, leather shop, relaxed patio, and… spooky darkness.


mymar101 t1_iyb6is9 wrote

Spreading information without conformation or even truth is misinformation.


Classic-Kitchen-7665 t1_iyb9021 wrote

Confirmation** not conforming to something, and agreed. But I doubt the members of the LGBTQ community would lie about him being one of them. But yes I agree spreading misinfo should be something that’s handled. his arrest records are also linked on there so I’ll let everyone draw what conclusions they will. I’m not trying to spread an inflammatory rumor if it seems that way, just trying to keep non-locals in the loop.


vexpopped t1_iybinrn wrote

Surely no one would lie on the internet.


mymar101 t1_iybbshm wrote

I would doubt anything at present. The initial information supplied turned out to be wrong in the most recent attacks


NoThereIsntAGod t1_iyauuc8 wrote

His hair aside, this guy has some serious self-loathing issues


Chubby_Pessimist t1_iycsdbj wrote

Yeah I only saw the short clip but it sounds to me like this guy is not well and he’s threatening the places he himself frequents. I think he’s gay, mentally ill, and being held accountable for his actions while also being referred for help.


JKUAN108 t1_iyawu5w wrote

I read this as LGBTQ+- on the app and wondered who was being removed from the LGBTQ+ community.

It’s (LGBTQ+)—friendly


kennedye2112 t1_iybzgyt wrote

Wouldn't proper syntax for removing from the LGBTQ community be LGBTQ-- ?


sebjapon t1_iybn6nn wrote

It’s “+-“ as in “more or less” friendly to them


Richard_AIGuy t1_iyb22yy wrote

They could have arrested him just for that yee yee ass haircut alone. Clearly life choices are a weak point on this fuckers resume.


DjScenester t1_iyb0b7f wrote

The Heretic. Wonder if they still have bare as you dare night?

If you hate gays, Atlanta is NOT the city for you lol


calmforgivingsilk t1_iyckr39 wrote

Looks like the love child of Elon and Judge Doom from Roger Rabbit


19Backrooms93 t1_iybfdo2 wrote

Why so much hate towards LGTBQ?


zeddknite t1_iybkmwm wrote

I don't know the details about this case, but in general, conservative media figures have been spreading misinformation, to encourage hate towards them.


TheGreyOne889 t1_iycp12l wrote

And the media CONTINUES to cover it, thus putting it in the forefront. Nobody would know about a bunch of inbred hicks protesting a drag brunch if the media wasn't there. It's a problem. There is literal blood on conservative media hands. And non conservative media should know better than to draw further attention.


19Backrooms93 t1_iybmgsw wrote

I thought the guy in the thumbnail was making threats to LGBTQ? That’s why I asked why so much hate towards them? Why did I get downvoted? Is Reddit homophobic or something?


408javs408 t1_iybvmns wrote

No, people are just dumb as heck. Also in a world of about 8 billion, there's bound to be many skewed perspectives


Elanapoeia t1_iycvjnv wrote

Gay people have long been a target for being otherized and blamed for societies ills (also black people and jews...anyone non white and non-cishet, really). For a while, homosexuality was on a pretty good upwards trend in social acceptance and most open forms of hatred thrown towards them was viewed as very negatively in the westernmainstream, and even anti-gay hategroups tried to keep a low profile and not be too public about their homophobia.

Because of that, Trans people became the new target for the socially conservative, being talked about in the exact same manner gay people used to be talked about. Society wasn't ready for any form of larger trans acceptance and false narratives demonizing trans people took very strong hold in american society recently. The hatred of trans people allowed the same groups who always hated gay people, but now pretended to only be against trans people, to sublty expand their open hatespeech towards gay people again as the LGBTQ label includes both homosexuality and transness. Suddenly, being anything sexually or gender non-normative is receiving strong vocal demonization in the mainstream again, leading to increased hatred and eventually....action. And as we see with the person talked about in the OP, this demonization can affect even gay people themselves, as these narratives can lead to intense self-hatred. And if you're also generally mentally unwell and on drugs already, that's a bad combination.

Ultimately, the reason for LGBTQ hatred is just the fact that there needs to be an outgroup that can be blamed for whatever fits a narrative, so that the general masses can be distracted from actual issues. If your audience is too occupied hating LGBTQ people, they're too distracted to notice that you are actually a fraud and won't rise up against you etc etc. This applies to politicians as much as it does to social commentators who make money off of selling narratives. Trans people acted as a very potent outgroup to rally people up against, and with the success against trans people, now we are seeing attempts to expand the outgroup so it includes gays and lesbians as well, because if your audience is already convinced that one group part of a progressive movement/label like LGBTQ is fundamentally bad, it's easy to expand that impression towards any group within the movement/label.


Junior_Builder_4340 t1_iycne1s wrote

It's a backwards Racist Mullet: Skinhead around the sides and back, Nathan Bedford Forrest KKK leading the front.


dearestramona t1_iybgidk wrote

Judging from his Facebook, he may be projecting a bit.


kiet33 t1_iycx5fw wrote

Cut it out Mackleless


phizzwhizz t1_iydddxq wrote

Gaydar going ding ding ding.

I'm guessing this club was a place he went to and had a problem with someone who ran it.


IsThisKismet t1_iydrlvl wrote

There’s no way any self-respecting gay man would have that haircut. And even if he was gay, if he had any gay friends, THEY wouldn’t let him have that haircut.


phizzwhizz t1_iydsg6v wrote

his facebook is still up. Take a look and let me know what you think.


IsThisKismet t1_iydsmsr wrote

I’m not on Facebook. But I do see elsewhere that I’m wrong. Which means, no one loved him anymore. Meth. It’s probably meth. It’s still has a gut wrenching hold on gay men.


8BitSk8r t1_iyelltn wrote

> There’s no way any self-respecting gay man would have that haircut.

Eh, I mean I've seen some AWFUL gay guy haircuts...the "perm" look some people have and that awful Roger Klotz haircut.


IsThisKismet t1_iyexse9 wrote

Milo Yiannopoulos usually has a pretty awful hair cut. But note, I did say self-respecting and thusly he does not count.


DamagedHells t1_iyb6fcs wrote

I cant wait to hear from totally credible conservative sources that this wasnt motivated "at all" by hate crime like the Q and Pulse ones "weren't."


Mid-CenturyBoy t1_iybv9r1 wrote

Loved in Atlanta most of this year for work and frequented Heretic multiple times. This is hitting closer and closer to home. I’m trying desperately to get my family and Allies in my life to see this threat and know that it’s serious and it’s growing.


Perfect_Opposite2113 t1_iybmpky wrote

Looks like they’ve been doing Benjamin Button tests on Mathew Broderick.


Azdak66 t1_iyc0a3w wrote

Guy looks like Elon Musk’s younger brother.


Chardradio t1_iyctk3c wrote

"They arrested him with making threats"

Oh man.


pataconconqueso t1_iyern1q wrote

I lost friends at Pulse, i was supposed to be there that night, and you cant stop me from going to gay bars even with these upticks in domestic terrorism. Fuck these losers lgbt clubs and bars will always be a sanctuary no matter how much they want to take it away from us


Hall-Double t1_iybotuo wrote

He's wearing an Eagle's nest ....


buddycheesus t1_iydlnh6 wrote

Dude got that Lewis from Christmas Vacation look goin on….


Pealzy t1_iydm5t8 wrote

Now bury the report and let him get a gun a year from now


Nyctoblind t1_iydmu65 wrote

He’s just mad cuz someone shit on his head


Lost-Bee-7507 t1_iye2inu wrote

Is that a rug sample on his head?


Trauma-Hunter t1_iybgf3g wrote

God bless America. For real this time, I am happy he was caught


GDStreamz t1_iycfjk4 wrote

Watch how he’s secretly gay


Educational_Ad_2343 t1_iyb3by7 wrote

i watched the whole video and don’t quite see where they saw the threat was against a gay club. but i don’t guess it matters. my gut tells me he was making instagram posts, thinking he’s cool being cruel. using a pepper spray gun 🙄

and now dude, your life is in shambles. you’ll go to jail forever thinking about how an impulsive video ruined your life. sux


Podzilla07 t1_iyb9imq wrote

Now why couldn’t this dude have been “accidentally shot”?


JJscribbles t1_iycin84 wrote

They arrested him for a potential “Future Crime”? I’m all for preventative measures, but arresting someone for something they haven’t done is a slippery slope. There’s gotta be a better way to identify a potential threat without taking away someone’s freedom whether they’re assholes or not.


Totally_Not_High_420 t1_iyb1xaf wrote

Well this guy definitely isn't a conservative, they are a peaceful bunch..

Sigh do I really need to put /s???


hamletloveshoratio t1_iybci9a wrote

He isn't a conservative


kciuq1 t1_iybwyg9 wrote

Says who


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UnenduredFrost t1_iyb57kp wrote

There's nothing morally wrong about hating bad people. And all conservatives are bad people.


ButtMilkyCereal t1_iybiczo wrote

For anyone doubting this, the Republicans still have overturning obergefell (named specifically) in their current party platform. Re-banning and invalidating existing gay marriages is literally their stated stance. Just because a handful got a hall pass to vote with the democrats to protect gay marriage doesn't mean that they won't turn around if they ever get the chance and make gay people second class citizens again. They literally just did it with abortion, after all their recent Supreme Court picks said under oath that it was settled law.

Good people don't want to break up marriages, and good people are honest.


Valant0324 t1_iybkh60 wrote

>no. it’s not sarcasm. i know more hateful liberals than conservatives lol

>we really have to stop assuming there’s a good and bad team when evil (for lack of a better word) exists across the spectrum


You don't know enough liberals who will placate to your ludicrous "perspective".

Not to mention, mass shooters are NEVER liberal. They are mostly white conservative young men.


Totally_Not_High_420 t1_iyb3gc2 wrote

Lol and I know more conservatives that have done reprehensible shit like this, targeting minorities. It absolutely was sarcasm as we know nothing about this person yet lol.

Oh there's no good and bad, there's somewhat tolerable and then downright fear based evil lol. It's not a difficult concept here.