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NachoNinja19 t1_ixuve34 wrote

Are they saying the banks were aware of what Epstein was doing with his money? If anyone should be sued it’s the state of Florida. They knew what he was doing and made back room deals to reduce the charges and fake a prison sentence and allowed it to continue.


Vic_Hedges t1_ixvjg59 wrote

Seriously. Stating lenders are responsible for the actions of those they lend money too would pretty much end capitalism.

Which I understand that the Reddit mob would probably applaud, but most people would recognize as a bit of problem.


CatProgrammer t1_ixvrkxa wrote

Banks are not allowed to engage in money laundering, so yes, to some degree lenders are in fact responsible for those they lend money to. In fact, being a money mule is illegal even if you don't know you're doing it, so if a bank is facilitating illegal activity even without knowing it it can in fact be held responsible for it. Doesn't mean it will, of course, but it could be.


BigBradWolf77 t1_iy0wsuu wrote

Laws are for the poors exclusively and always have been.


TransposingJons t1_ixvo2nn wrote

Dude, the entire C-suite of Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan were clients of Epstein, and likely took part in the murders of the underage girls out at sea.

Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself.


Devmoi t1_ixx6ngj wrote

Murders of underaged girls? Is this an actual fact? Just wondering where the articles are stating this or if it’s a conspiracy theory, etc.


MGD109 t1_ixxh505 wrote

Considering it would probably have gotten a lot more publicity with everything else, I'm going to assume its a conspiracy theory.


BigBradWolf77 t1_iy0wz5k wrote

lots of conspiracy facts flying around these days, now that you mention it...


MGD109 t1_iy0x8q9 wrote

Well I suppose that's true. Still it feels like something like this wouldn't need to be something you find out from an anonymous source on reddit.


BigBradWolf77 t1_iy3opv0 wrote

facts being suppressed is nothing new imho...


MGD109 t1_iy3p3j4 wrote

Sure that's nothing new, but this case has been in the media spot light for three years at this point.

If the only claim about it comes from an anonymous post on reddit with no source or much information, then its probably a good sign its not actually true.


MGD109 t1_ixvz8bx wrote

>Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself.

Reading through everything, he probably did.

Nearly everything they've been able to claim was suspicious turned out to have pretty mundane explanations. Most along the lines that underfunded American prisons are utterly awful.


Plenor t1_ixwn67g wrote

Is that meme finally going away? A meme is all it ever was.


MGD109 t1_ixxe12x wrote

I think so. And your right its more a meme than anything else.


johnn48 t1_ixxltlz wrote

Amazing isn’t it that Ghislaine Maxwell is serving time for all of Jeffrey’s crimes, yet the murder of underage girls was never brought up. Not one charge related to harm other than providing 4 women for sex that were underage at the time.


MGD109 t1_iy1559l wrote

>Amazing isn’t it that Ghislaine Maxwell is serving time for all of Jeffrey’s crimes

I mean technically she's serving for her's, she was the one who made sure his ring actually ran and regularly abused the women as well.

But yeah, its hard to believe that wouldn't have come up at some point.


together_we_build t1_ixyv4ng wrote

Can you provide evidence for your claim that the C-suite of JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank were clients of Epstein and killed girls at sea?


Vic_Hedges t1_ixx7jxx wrote

That’s some pretty bold claims. Is there strong evidence to back it up?


Cloacation t1_ixwkcdx wrote

It’s like suing the usps for drug trafficking.


ARKenneKRA t1_ixwutw0 wrote

Does the USPS have ZERO obligation to ensure laws are being followed by the citizens using the service?

No. Of course they have such obligation.


Great_Hamster t1_ixx5c9k wrote

There's a big difference between having an obligation and having a tortable obligation.


FappyChan t1_iy2iwp0 wrote

Im suing Reddit because people made racist comments towards me and they didnt delete the comment. Reddit allows hate crimes. /s


Devmoi t1_ixx709v wrote

To be fair, I’m sure UPS has thorough measures to make sure drug trafficking is not happening through their services knowingly. It’s totally different if the banking executives were in on it and knew Epstein was using funds to operate this kind of business. In fact, I’m pretty sure that could lead to prosecution if there is substantial evidence.


Apart-Link-8449 t1_ixwwbtz wrote

L take.

Money laundering is absolutely prosecuted when it is detected, a situation where lenders are held accountable for the actions of those they lend money to.


RonaldWoodstock t1_ixvp85w wrote

The journey from holding corporations and executives accountable for enabling high level clients to sex traffic children to ending capitalism seems very purposefully worded…


BabySuperfreak t1_ixvrm2z wrote

Accountability wouldn't end capitalism, it would save it. Capitalism and free trade are slowly dying from mass corruption.

Problem is, the pillars of the current system are so rotted out that holding them accountable now would hurt everyone. We've gone septic and our only options are "let it die" or "accept that this is gonna HURT".


cromwest t1_ixwvx7g wrote

Capitalism can't survive without corruption. Taking the excess of labor is corrupt. If everyone acted in their rational self interest, the whole system would implode immediately.


Great_Hamster t1_ixx5lls wrote

If everyone acted in their shortest-term self-interest, which is I think what you're describing, lots of stuff would implode.


lewger t1_ixwwpsi wrote

They are saying the banks have deep pockets and will probably settle to minimise exposure to their dealings with a paedophile/ sex trafficker


BigBradWolf77 t1_iy0x94m wrote

because they would rather pay a pittance and admit no guilt than confess the truth of their crimes and go to prison for it

and the system as it stands currently will allow them to do it


BruisedPurple t1_ixz73wz wrote

No I think they are stating " that is where the money is " , we should get some