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joshchandra t1_j3nifn9 wrote

I've never donated to anything on GoFundMe, ever. Until you actually see the person and talk to them and hear their story, there is almost no way to verify things if you're too far removed from the situation. Give in other ways like time and energy, not money. And even then, give to them directly, not through GFM which keeps taking a cut and leeching off of people's compassion.


pipinngreppin t1_j3om7fu wrote

I don’t know. I’ve given to people who have had their house burn down, lost a husband, wife, or kid to an accident, or sustained life changing injuries. It sucks that people need charity, but a lot of them really can’t be faked.


joshchandra t1_j3qgqc3 wrote

That's fine. The majority of them probably isn't. I'd still rather go find the contacts directly and land at least some sort of personal connection, even if briefly, than just pseudo-anonymously go through GFM.


Hojalu t1_j3pquiu wrote

I run a tiny nonprofit, and we've benefited from a few GoFundMe fundraisers. The fees (for nonprofits at least) seem to be worth it; GFM has provided us with a reliable service. Our little fundraisers haven't reached people too far removed from us, but that's OK. It's enough that we can reach family members and friends and friends-of-friends; for that it's worked well.