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Southernerd t1_j6oofca wrote

Weird business model. Like having a guy standing between you and the cash register so you don't hand them the money directly.


srlehi68 t1_j6oqyu4 wrote

Isn’t that what Visa and Mastercard are as well?


Worthyness t1_j6osjfz wrote

They were pretty far ahead of their time with peer to peer payments, especially in the US. Made it also a lot easier for people to exchange cash for goods in the eBay type e-commerce space. Not a lot of companies had those abilities. Hell the fucking banks in the US didn't want to start direct ach payments until Zelle became a thing. They've since expanded their services to a couple different arms in tech.


pm_me_ur_pharah t1_j6p2lri wrote

But the guy isn't behind a cash register and I'm not handing them any cash.

So what the fuck are you on about


DeificClusterfuck OP t1_j6oqz6y wrote

If you think about it our lives are plagued with guys standing between us and the direct route to the things we need or want