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Yousoggyyojimbo t1_j51td47 wrote

>the Florida Department of Education’s Office of Articulation said the course is “inexplicably contrary to Florida law and significantly lacks educational value.”

AP African American studies is against the law in Florida?

I would put money down that this is about them trying to claim that this is CRT, when it isn't, which everybody with half a brain warned was going to happen when they passed that law last year


Bazin_B9 t1_j51ver3 wrote

It's literally against the law in Florida to teach anything that makes whites look bad.. or might cause whites discomfort.


N8CCRG t1_j51xvaw wrote

Almost exactly a year ago too. In case anyone thinks you're exaggerating:

>ALLEN: The Florida Legislature is now considering a bill proposed by the governor that would prohibit educational lessons or training that cause people to feel, quote, "discomfort, guilt or anguish on account of their race." It doesn't name white people, but DeSantis says it will make sure no race is scapegoated in lessons or training influenced by critical race theory.


SabrinaR_P t1_j52s8wu wrote

Time to ban American history, seeing It pretty much shits on Native Americans, Hispanics, just about everyone.


slom68 t1_j53hzgx wrote

I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t even know about the 1921 Tulsa race massacre until HBO addressed it in Watchmen.


Butterball_Adderley t1_j53jb8f wrote

You shouldn’t feel embarrassed. That’s the American educational system working as intended.


C3POdreamer t1_j53qqqq wrote

Florida had its own version, just one century ago this month, the Rosewood Massacre. It wasn't taught in K-12. The now Tampa Bay Times did a great investigative series within the past few decades.


dezmd t1_j549xxm wrote

And let's not forget ongoing attacks including Ax Handle Saturday in Jacksonville.

Ax Handle Saturday - Wikipedia


C3POdreamer t1_j5500gi wrote

Your post is the first time I have ever heard of this particular incident in the series of sit-in protests. Erased struggles are easily discounted in the current political discussions about the impacts on generational health and wealth.

Florida history at middle and high school covered ad nauseum Henry Flagler as the builder of the railroads, but nothing about the convict leasing or the prosecution of his agents for conspiracy to hold workmen in peonage and slavery, or how his newspaper swayed the case.


mdmd33 t1_j55f1vi wrote

There are honestly so many instances of groups of white people attacking black people in this country…I present the NY Draft Riots….another horrible event that black people found themselves as the main target in


edingerc t1_j53p5bn wrote

Rosewood suffered a similar fate but fewer deaths, as the community was more spread out and easier to escape from. The post WWI period was the low point of white/black relations post-Civil War.

Sundowner towns and Black Codes made things so much worse.


RedditorChristopher t1_j54c5ma wrote

I guarantee you it’s on their minds. That’s or the narrative of “America is freedom. Disregard all of those inconvenient parts that contradict that.”


PC509 t1_j56xduy wrote

It should be discomforting. Because if it wasn't, we'd just continue down that same path. Guilt? Not unless you're continuing with that same mindset as they had.

We want to do better. We want to keep that stuff in the past and move forward. Not because we feel guilty, but because it was wrong and we want to do better. It should make you feel discomfort in the past. It was shit. Our ancestors (as a whole, not calling out my or anyone elses.) did some pretty bad shit. The best we can do is do better with who we can and with what we can.


BoilerMaker11 t1_j55cego wrote

“It will make sure no race is scapegoated”

I’m sorry, but it wasn’t Chinese people in the white hoods, burning crosses, and lynching black people. It wasn’t Arabs saying “race mixing is communism” and shouting at Ruby Bridges and holding signs saying “all I want for Christmas is a clean, white school”.

It was white people. This is a simple historical fact. It’s not “critical race theory”. To call it “scapegoating” to discuss an objective fact means that you want to whitewash and sanitize history.

If merely talking about this makes a white child feel “anguish” and “discomfort”, then that’s a failure on the parent, not the teacher (ironic, because all these conservatives want “parental choice” in education, but don’t prepare their kids for education) for simply pointing out facts.

What does it say about your kid that when told that white Americans enslaved black people, they identify with the slaveholders and feel “anguish” instead of identifying with the abolitionists and feeling pride in the good things that white people have done? What are you teaching them at home? That white people are angelic and perfect, so when they hear about segregation, they think “no, not us white people!”

I sure as hell never felt “anguish” when I learned about black gang violence from the late 80s and early 90s. Because that didn’t represent my values. What values are white conservative parents teaching their kids at home that makes it so they feel “anguish” when they go to school and learn “white people did bad things in the past”?


ragingRobot t1_j53xs9j wrote

Banning learning about the history of one specific race probably makes the people of that race feel discomfort, guilt and/or anguish.

Also, why should white people feel bad about black history? There were plenty of white abolitionists and people who did things to help black Americans.


dostoevsky4evah t1_j54147k wrote

The people voting for it know which side their ancestors were on.


GloriousStoat t1_j56tvex wrote

It wasn’t their ancestors. It was them. These are the same people who fought against civil rights not nearly as long ago as it feels.


DeffSkull t1_j572qy1 wrote

OOOH... I'm guessing there are some Criminal Justice courses that would be ripe for a legal challenge in FL!


CaptainCAAAVEMAAAAAN t1_j535c9g wrote

> It's literally against the law in Florida to teach anything that makes whites look bad.. or might cause whites discomfort.

Honestly it's worse than that. DeSantis and the GOP are trying to erase history itself, and teach history more interconnected with conservative, christian values (ie. Jesus was a white Republican). It's how they intend to win the culture war - brainwashing.


AintEverLucky t1_j538pdn wrote

> Jesus was a white Republican

gonna be pretty funny when they get to Heaven and learn actual Jesus was a brown socialist

... assuming they get to Heaven, haha


bettername2come t1_j53eodb wrote

Like Satan isn’t rubbing his hands together to reveal that fact to them in hell.


hellomondays t1_j5523hg wrote

Hell for them is just an endless Quinceañera for a gay couple's girl.


dba1990 t1_j53cldn wrote

Made from the same state who imprisons, and sentences to consecutive life terms, any public official who says the phrase ‘climate change.’


UoFSlim t1_j53cubt wrote

How can something be inexplicably contrary to law? You’d have to be able to explain why it’s against the law, the opposite of inexplicable.


ComunqueS t1_j53nzv7 wrote

Betcha they meant “indisputably” or “inextricably” - not that the first is true or the matter makes much more sense. But maybe like when people say “guttural” when they mean “visceral” because it has the word “gut” in it.

Much Articulate, so Education


Hrekires t1_j51rwyu wrote

Is there a coherent explanation for why AP African American History "significantly lacks educational value" but AP European History does not?


Yousoggyyojimbo t1_j51s3vt wrote

Coherent explanations? None. Bigoted and overtly racist explanations? Lots.


jsgolfman t1_j51sjt8 wrote

Based on what? There is no context from the article on what the curriculum that was proposed lacked or included.


Yousoggyyojimbo t1_j51t1l3 wrote

I responded to a question. Take my post in context with the question I responded to.


Scoutster13 t1_j51tet8 wrote

There really isn't - I mean context is a real thing and it matters. They want to rewrite history. It's very weird to me. I'm white and I'm disgusted by what this country did. So what - it WAS disgusting. I will never understand the inability to state something so obvious.


jsgolfman t1_j51vgye wrote

You responded and I asked a question based on your response, take my post in context.


Yousoggyyojimbo t1_j51w1mq wrote

"NO U"

Oh, goody.

I answered if there was a coherent explanation for why studying african american history lacks significant educational value next to studying european history. They both have high educational value. Damn near every possible historical study subject has significant educational value, and someone would have to be biased to claim otherwise.

You immediately demanded I explain my answer to that question, which was general about the educational value of the 2 subjects, as if it were made about the specific choices of the government of florida, which I was not addressing in my reply.

Now that you've made me explain something that should have been overtly evident, again, I responded to a question. Take my post in context with the question I responded to.

If you want to argue with someone about the motives florida has, argue in response to a post that maybe is talking about the motives florida has.


Flatline2962 t1_j523x80 wrote

Based on the law that he is using to raise this objection that he proposed a year ago that literally outlaws anything that makes white kids feel bad (It's worded as race neutral but since teaching traditional US history could make any minority feel like shit it's obvious that it's not aimed at minorities, it's aimed square at protecting white peoples' feelings)


Flatline2962 t1_j522pty wrote

Because it's the perfect red meat for the people he expects will elect him president in 2024. It is Schrodinger's bigot: it's racist to the white supremacists, it's anti-woke to the MAGA people, and it's pwning the libs for all Republicans.


Rage_Like_Nic_Cage t1_j52hip8 wrote

> it's racist to the white supremacists, it's anti-woke to the MAGA people,

you just typed out the same thing twice


AnalogSolutions t1_j52t0pw wrote

What is the opposite of anti-woke? Pro-slept?


AudibleNod t1_j51t1qu wrote

*Checks notes "Because."

There's AP courses for Chinese Language and Culture, Environmental Sciences and Music Theory. Which, through the Florida lens, seem woke-adjacent. However, those aren't part of the pilot program that the AP African American Studies is in. My only guess (and I'm playing Devil's Advocate here) is that they can hide under the "pilot program" aspect of the course that the others aren't part of.


rabidstoat t1_j5mh5d0 wrote

Holy shit, someone needs to raise attention against those overly woke courses, stat!


Isocratia t1_j528zex wrote

Wait until he cancels European history because it has the French Revolution in it.


C3POdreamer t1_j53rbbv wrote

They would if they could. Labor news from modern France is kept quiet here, too. The Baldwin movie set shooting received equal time on even public radio.


hellomondays t1_j552aqh wrote

I would love to see him argue that the work of WEB Dubois doesn't have educational value. The guy was one of the founding fathers of sociology!


dba1990 t1_j53cufk wrote

Because the colonists and Weimar Germans never attacked American police officers for courageously defending themselves against a Black thug like Eric Garner. Unlike the ‘woke’ and violent Black Lives Matter. Obvs!



rabidstoat t1_j5mgz8q wrote

So I just heard about the latest idiocy in Florida and thought to myself, well, maybe there's a legitimate reason why he might be opposed to this. Maybe there's a general ban on anything but world history for an AP class. Maybe there are valid reasons that others have also raised not to allow the course.

But nope. Just DeSantis pandering and being ignorant.


hellomondays t1_j52sm1z wrote

Friendly reminder that Chris Rufo, the activist that coined the conservative conceptualization of 'CRT', workrd for a creationist think tank who's main goal is the end of secular and public education. It's a hedge bet that conservative populism is more about racism than religion.


Fuzzy_Logic_4_Life t1_j554m2u wrote

I watched a roe v way documentary that spelled out the same conclusion. They were never against abortion, they were for segregation. They just use abortion to get into office.


999others t1_j5209go wrote

Every time DeSantis says woke he means an ethnic slur that starts with n.


jough22 t1_j538bco wrote

I’d love for Samuel Jackson to interview him and say that to him.


Amberatlast t1_j56rkkt wrote

That's not true. Sometimes he means a slur that starts with an F.


earhere t1_j51tpix wrote

Can't have students learning about the historical atrocities the country committed against non-whites; lest they realize that maybe the United States isn't the bastion of freedom and liberty after all, but rooted in white supremacist ideals and the furtherance of wealthy capital owners at the expense of just about everyone else.


[deleted] t1_j523e71 wrote



DeepRoot t1_j527r6k wrote

I did not receive a full Black History lesson until I paid for the class in college. The information in High School is surface level, at best.


RobinsShaman t1_j52dco8 wrote

That's how education works.


DeepRoot t1_j52izgz wrote

Right, that's what I was saying, it wasn't taught so this is a non-issue.


MeatsimPD t1_j52d54x wrote

I'm betting you didn't learn of the full scope of slavery or it's lingering affects on the United States and the people who suffered under it. Especially if you went to school in the south where they still talk about how slave owners looked after and educated their slaves and other nonsense


earhere t1_j524j3y wrote

and what about after it was abolished?


[deleted] t1_j52fedv wrote



pinetreesgreen t1_j5316dv wrote

Was it ap? This is a deeper look, and generally accepted at colleges for credit, if you do well enough.


[deleted] t1_j53g6ru wrote



pinetreesgreen t1_j53gc7y wrote

Yes, I'm saying the AP classes are much more extensive than what you took in high school. They have them in all sorts of subjects, which makes the FL thing a glaring mistake.


caddyofshak t1_j55l73c wrote

Don’t forget about the ethnic cleansing down here in Florida before statehood. The 5 civilized tribes marched out to die after living in the southeastern US for thousands of years.


mdjak1 t1_j53kc7b wrote

Next thing you know DeSantis is going to ban history courses on WWII because it might make Nazis look bad.


LurkingRats t1_j53qhm1 wrote

There was one state that did something like that. Required “all perspectives” be presented equally for issues like WWII and the Civil War


Art-Zuron t1_j55j8ie wrote

I remember a story of a middle school teacher who had a class demonstration where he would have students state their opionion on some matter and they would tear it down to be an ass and a contrarian.

Then, one of the kids supposedly said that "Nazis are bad."

Supposedly, the kid got dentention or some shite.

Then everyone clapped.


Karnorkla t1_j52g559 wrote

DeSantis is pure evil and so are the people who vote for him.


[deleted] t1_j53d3a7 wrote



Vermillion_Crescent t1_j53lyjf wrote

Not evil. Traits like stubbornness, immaturity, weakness, pride, spite, are not necessarily evil..just unpleasant.


[deleted] t1_j53l13g wrote

They aren’t smart or clever enough to be evil, just pure low IQ trailer trash.


kwangqengelele t1_j52dt2v wrote

Never believe a conservative when they say they want smaller government. They just want less restrictions stopping them from dishing out their disgusting cruelty on others.


melteemarshmelloo t1_j55v45c wrote

Everyone who looks and thinks like me is OK; throw everyone else in the gulag


WallyMcBeetus t1_j51u045 wrote

> The rejection of an Advanced Placement African American Studies course follows efforts by DeSantis to overhaul Florida’s educational curriculum to limit teaching about critical race theory. In 2021, the state enacted a law that banned teaching the concept, which explores the history of systemic racism in the United States and its continued impacts.

"Don't teach about what we're doing."


VanDenBroeck t1_j52km43 wrote

He doesn’t even really try to hide his prejudice and biases. He uses the power of his office not to do what is right, not to do what benefits the various segments of our population, not to further the cause of justice, but rather to further his own agenda of discriminatory hatred.


Outrageous_Garlic306 t1_j55bdh8 wrote

I’m looking forward to watching him come unglued during the primaries, hateful little puke.


VanDenBroeck t1_j561dhd wrote

I bet he tries to be a baby Trump in the debates and act belligerent and engage in ridicule. However, I don’t think it will succeed in influencing as many people to vote for him as it did with Trump. Plus I tend to think as you seem to, that he will get stronger push back than trump did from other candidates and he is far more likely to blow his fuse. Should be entertaining.


sonofagunn t1_j523qj5 wrote

Has any state ever rejected an AP course before? Or is this breaking new ground?


barrinmw t1_j527fke wrote

Republicans hate black people? Say it ain't so. /s


PC509 t1_j56wcgu wrote

Nah. They claim they aren't because they have that one Fox gal... So, they're all good.


possiblyMorpheus t1_j52otq1 wrote

To the surprise of nobody.

Was in FL a few weeks ago and heard a speech by DeSantis that was basically fascist bingo lol


999others t1_j520fes wrote

Can't wait for the Don't Say African American History Law.

He thinks being a racist bigot will win him the white house the same way it did Trump.


ConfidentPilot1729 t1_j521ze5 wrote

Ya, they are running the same playbook and their core voter base is dying off.


Flatline2962 t1_j523k7t wrote

>He thinks being a racist bigot will win him the white house the same way it did Trump.

Have you seen recent pictures of him? He's getting more and more orange. That can't be a mistake.


DadBrainz t1_j53c3jl wrote

Just absolutely mind boggling what a complete piece of shit this fool is...


Salty_Lego t1_j52r8gt wrote

Political pundits after reading this: “Hm, how can I blame this on economic anxiety?”


slocalocal t1_j53bsa4 wrote

I've come to the conclusion that conservatives are afraid of their own shadow..........

Because they're black.



edogg01 t1_j52chct wrote

Republican Party = white supremacy


Bringbackdexter t1_j538rvg wrote

Took people way too long to start accepting this. The religion angle was pushed hard by the media (for clarity I realize religion is a big factor) despite white supremacy being the common denominator.


lovingverbosity t1_j52weo7 wrote

Oooh someone thinks he'll get to be president if he panders enough to MAGA 🤮 gross.


greenmonkey66 t1_j51tlw9 wrote

That’s very white supremacist if you Ron.


willit1016 t1_j521qfl wrote

so a card carry racist turd is a card carry racist turd


AKMarine t1_j544ntz wrote

He only has 11 days left to ban Black History month in Florida.

I wouldn’t be surprised.


LimitedSwimmer t1_j51tosp wrote

And then they will wonder why it will be harder for Florida students to get into competitive college slots and claim bias.


DeepRoot t1_j527sdk wrote

Weaponized education, got it.


I_am_not_JohnLeClair t1_j52nffd wrote

You know if I wasn’t sure I’d swear Ronny boy simply dislikes black people...and I’m not sure


tasimm t1_j53u0ze wrote

If they allow the children to learn this stuff they’ll eventually figure out that DeSantis and the rest of the GOP are in fact doing the very things they’re learning about. Which will result in a another generation of people that won’t vote for them.

They can’t have that.


Blofish1 t1_j54n2mv wrote

buT LiberALs wAnt tO cAnCel hiStorY


Rex_Lee t1_j553zvd wrote

Now you see what the real goal of the GOP's war against "critical race theory" was really about - as if there were ever any doubt


ChucksNorris243 t1_j53jgpm wrote

Why do people still live in Florida? Gross


Dawnfreak t1_j55gb8r wrote

Imagine living in Florida . Lmao.


Skid-plate t1_j5630aq wrote

More POC voting blue in 24


cold_iron_76 t1_j583u5z wrote

Yeah, cause College Board is sooooo "woke". What an idiot.


TwilitSky t1_j524i7w wrote

I don't think he's running. The stink of Florida won't come off of him anytime soon, plus he'd have to face off against Trump who would probably say that he has a flat ass or something equally childish.


PF4LFE t1_j53dmmu wrote

Since when did Florida become Orania?


old_Trekkie t1_j541tm5 wrote

If I were a teacher in Florida, I bet DeSatan would approve Italian-American studies!


mckulty t1_j56h4h2 wrote

In a move supporting Gov. DeSantis, the Alabama legislature passes bill to prohibit teaching the 1901 Alabama Constitution.



mckulty t1_j5awzve wrote

Before you downvote, read the damn thing.

PBS: When Alabama’s state constitution was written in 1901 by 155 white men, their goal was to “establish white supremacy in this state.” The document has been hotly debated ever since. Earlier this month, the state legislature took an important step: voting unanimously to delete the racist language that remains in the document.


Ex_Machina_1 t1_j5o8df3 wrote

This is sickening. Folks this is how you strategically wipe out an oppressed people's history. Vaguely define ideas you consider dangerous (like teaching history accurately), claim the teaching of one's history advocate's for said ideas, place restrictions on how much they can teach it, and slowly work your way up to completely banning the thing in full. Desantis is hoping to eventually completely get rid of african american history and make it a crime to teach. Soon, if he had the chance, he start putting restrictions on black people. And eventually just straight up reinstate jim crow! Remember folks this is the guy republicans see as the next hope!


Zeus_Hera t1_j55bvyc wrote

Nazis burning books. Hypocrite. Big government. Christian in name only. Republican Governor. Racist? The busing migrants to me is racist. For half the money you could build homes for these people, creating jobs for carpenters and small businesses in the process. But crucify me.


tarotslayer t1_j529lv9 wrote

Can this be contested in a court of law? Can a judge issue an injuction stopping the implementation of the same?

Also he should kiss his 2024 ambitions bye.