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Bazin_B9 t1_j51ver3 wrote

It's literally against the law in Florida to teach anything that makes whites look bad.. or might cause whites discomfort.


N8CCRG t1_j51xvaw wrote

Almost exactly a year ago too. In case anyone thinks you're exaggerating:

>ALLEN: The Florida Legislature is now considering a bill proposed by the governor that would prohibit educational lessons or training that cause people to feel, quote, "discomfort, guilt or anguish on account of their race." It doesn't name white people, but DeSantis says it will make sure no race is scapegoated in lessons or training influenced by critical race theory.


SabrinaR_P t1_j52s8wu wrote

Time to ban American history, seeing It pretty much shits on Native Americans, Hispanics, just about everyone.


slom68 t1_j53hzgx wrote

I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t even know about the 1921 Tulsa race massacre until HBO addressed it in Watchmen.


Butterball_Adderley t1_j53jb8f wrote

You shouldn’t feel embarrassed. That’s the American educational system working as intended.


C3POdreamer t1_j53qqqq wrote

Florida had its own version, just one century ago this month, the Rosewood Massacre. It wasn't taught in K-12. The now Tampa Bay Times did a great investigative series within the past few decades.


dezmd t1_j549xxm wrote

And let's not forget ongoing attacks including Ax Handle Saturday in Jacksonville.

Ax Handle Saturday - Wikipedia


C3POdreamer t1_j5500gi wrote

Your post is the first time I have ever heard of this particular incident in the series of sit-in protests. Erased struggles are easily discounted in the current political discussions about the impacts on generational health and wealth.

Florida history at middle and high school covered ad nauseum Henry Flagler as the builder of the railroads, but nothing about the convict leasing or the prosecution of his agents for conspiracy to hold workmen in peonage and slavery, or how his newspaper swayed the case.


mdmd33 t1_j55f1vi wrote

There are honestly so many instances of groups of white people attacking black people in this country…I present the NY Draft Riots….another horrible event that black people found themselves as the main target in


edingerc t1_j53p5bn wrote

Rosewood suffered a similar fate but fewer deaths, as the community was more spread out and easier to escape from. The post WWI period was the low point of white/black relations post-Civil War.

Sundowner towns and Black Codes made things so much worse.


RedditorChristopher t1_j54c5ma wrote

I guarantee you it’s on their minds. That’s or the narrative of “America is freedom. Disregard all of those inconvenient parts that contradict that.”


PC509 t1_j56xduy wrote

It should be discomforting. Because if it wasn't, we'd just continue down that same path. Guilt? Not unless you're continuing with that same mindset as they had.

We want to do better. We want to keep that stuff in the past and move forward. Not because we feel guilty, but because it was wrong and we want to do better. It should make you feel discomfort in the past. It was shit. Our ancestors (as a whole, not calling out my or anyone elses.) did some pretty bad shit. The best we can do is do better with who we can and with what we can.


BoilerMaker11 t1_j55cego wrote

“It will make sure no race is scapegoated”

I’m sorry, but it wasn’t Chinese people in the white hoods, burning crosses, and lynching black people. It wasn’t Arabs saying “race mixing is communism” and shouting at Ruby Bridges and holding signs saying “all I want for Christmas is a clean, white school”.

It was white people. This is a simple historical fact. It’s not “critical race theory”. To call it “scapegoating” to discuss an objective fact means that you want to whitewash and sanitize history.

If merely talking about this makes a white child feel “anguish” and “discomfort”, then that’s a failure on the parent, not the teacher (ironic, because all these conservatives want “parental choice” in education, but don’t prepare their kids for education) for simply pointing out facts.

What does it say about your kid that when told that white Americans enslaved black people, they identify with the slaveholders and feel “anguish” instead of identifying with the abolitionists and feeling pride in the good things that white people have done? What are you teaching them at home? That white people are angelic and perfect, so when they hear about segregation, they think “no, not us white people!”

I sure as hell never felt “anguish” when I learned about black gang violence from the late 80s and early 90s. Because that didn’t represent my values. What values are white conservative parents teaching their kids at home that makes it so they feel “anguish” when they go to school and learn “white people did bad things in the past”?


ragingRobot t1_j53xs9j wrote

Banning learning about the history of one specific race probably makes the people of that race feel discomfort, guilt and/or anguish.

Also, why should white people feel bad about black history? There were plenty of white abolitionists and people who did things to help black Americans.


dostoevsky4evah t1_j54147k wrote

The people voting for it know which side their ancestors were on.


GloriousStoat t1_j56tvex wrote

It wasn’t their ancestors. It was them. These are the same people who fought against civil rights not nearly as long ago as it feels.


DeffSkull t1_j572qy1 wrote

OOOH... I'm guessing there are some Criminal Justice courses that would be ripe for a legal challenge in FL!


CaptainCAAAVEMAAAAAN t1_j535c9g wrote

> It's literally against the law in Florida to teach anything that makes whites look bad.. or might cause whites discomfort.

Honestly it's worse than that. DeSantis and the GOP are trying to erase history itself, and teach history more interconnected with conservative, christian values (ie. Jesus was a white Republican). It's how they intend to win the culture war - brainwashing.


AintEverLucky t1_j538pdn wrote

> Jesus was a white Republican

gonna be pretty funny when they get to Heaven and learn actual Jesus was a brown socialist

... assuming they get to Heaven, haha


bettername2come t1_j53eodb wrote

Like Satan isn’t rubbing his hands together to reveal that fact to them in hell.


hellomondays t1_j5523hg wrote

Hell for them is just an endless Quinceañera for a gay couple's girl.


dba1990 t1_j53cldn wrote

Made from the same state who imprisons, and sentences to consecutive life terms, any public official who says the phrase ‘climate change.’