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CaptainCAAAVEMAAAAAN t1_j535c9g wrote

> It's literally against the law in Florida to teach anything that makes whites look bad.. or might cause whites discomfort.

Honestly it's worse than that. DeSantis and the GOP are trying to erase history itself, and teach history more interconnected with conservative, christian values (ie. Jesus was a white Republican). It's how they intend to win the culture war - brainwashing.


AintEverLucky t1_j538pdn wrote

> Jesus was a white Republican

gonna be pretty funny when they get to Heaven and learn actual Jesus was a brown socialist

... assuming they get to Heaven, haha


bettername2come t1_j53eodb wrote

Like Satan isn’t rubbing his hands together to reveal that fact to them in hell.


hellomondays t1_j5523hg wrote

Hell for them is just an endless Quinceañera for a gay couple's girl.