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bigbangbilly t1_j70gmm2 wrote

The tourist was Polish and I think the site changed the title


competitive-dust t1_j711uov wrote

The subtitle says polish. I don't understand why they would change only the title and nothing else.


Timbershoe t1_j712tt1 wrote

Lazy copy check.

They have used AI to generate copy for over a decade, and the writers just check and change parts for publication.

I would think the AI meant a tourist in Mexico = Mexican Tourist.


Zolo16x t1_j73alpv wrote

What I don’t understand is why him being Polish or Mexican matters at all in the context of the scenario. Legit the title could’ve read “tourist hit with stick and heckled for illegally climbing stone monument” and I think we’d have all been fine


Goldraftribe t1_j769d1y wrote

It matters because of context, before I even checked this out it was confusing because the pyramids are already in Mexico, so why would the person be a 'Mexican' tourist in their own country, and not understand it being inappropriate to climb the pyramid. I understand people can tour their own country but in the context of a news article it confused me. And if they had left it as just tourist, I would have assumed the person was American.


diagnosedwolf t1_j707pv5 wrote

I feel like this should be the expected reaction if you climb someone’s sacred anything without permission.


grimtrigger86 t1_j7153fk wrote

It's not that sacred. They used to let people up until 2008.


FreeholdDemesne t1_j71c7dk wrote

I remember climbing it, along with everyone else there, in 1996. Was amazing, though it's incredibly steep and difficult to come down. Back then they even had a chain bolted into the middle of the steps for descending.


AJ_Mexico t1_j71kzb8 wrote

Yeah, I climbed up there c. 1987. It was cool and unsafe. But, in Mexico, the cars didn't have seat belts or safety glass, the boats didn't have life preservers -- everything was unsafe. There was a chain just kind of lying on the steps for descent. Descending was scary. There was a guy descending by sliding his butt down one step at a time while holding on to that chain for dear life.


nidedin t1_j73k6e6 wrote

yeah, well I actually climbed up there in 1634. way less tourists back then, but still steep as hell.


[deleted] t1_j71dztr wrote



tedfundy t1_j74nwiz wrote

I climbed coba and cried on the descent. There’s was a rope I hung on to. Took me a while to get down.


SuDragon2k3 t1_j72az8x wrote

They recently shut down Uluru (Ayers Rock) to climbers because it's a sacred site. It took that long for the local tribe to convince people that they had some say in the matter.

That, and it killed a few tourists each year. Because tourists can be real stupid.


Welpmart t1_j72zyeq wrote

But those ruins are pretty delicate, and I think that's the real thing.


cstmoore t1_j73lo7v wrote

True. I climbed it. (Actually, I walked right up like climbing a mall's stationary escalator. Easy, NBD. Then I turned around and saw the steps from the top. I looked around and took a bunch of pictures. Then I eventually got my nerves together and descended by scooting down on my butt… one step at a time.) I even bought the CD of pictures the guide took of me there.

So, yeah, not so sacred, but I do see how people could get hurt.


FellowConspirator t1_j71tphe wrote

Climbing is not prohibited because it’s sacred, but rather a bit over a decade ago they determined that it was being damaged by the constant flood of tourists, so now it’s posted that climbing it is prohibited.

If you want to climb a Mayan pyramid in Yucatán, there are plenty of other sites that permit it.


Superpiri t1_j70uh3q wrote

It is. There was a recent, well-publicized case with the same outcome. This guy had to be living under a rock if he didn’t know what was going to happen.


yourmomsucks01 t1_j708k6w wrote

Lmaoo he had it coming


WeLiveInAnOceanOfGas t1_j716jr0 wrote

Mexican tourist is not the same as a Mexico Tourist. The man was Polish.


LunDeus t1_j71lrti wrote

Karma farmer intentionally baiting with post title? Why I never...


imregrettingthis t1_j74sxlp wrote

Mexico tourist makes no sense either.

It would be “tourist in Mexico”


IamAFlaw t1_j70d4dy wrote

Disrespectful dumbass deserved it. It is common for tourists to think they can do whatever they want. The worst is when they crave up and engrave stuff on ancient things.


watchpigsfly t1_j710ejw wrote

It’s possible they just had outdated information. You used to be able to climb Chichén Itzá until like 20 years ago.


24-Hour-Hate t1_j73z0qz wrote

And I'm sure there were no signs or people saying that they couldn't do that.


TheAnt317 t1_j70adki wrote

What is wrong with people? Stop destroying history!


Rosebunse t1_j70ly5n wrote

It just seems really unsafe to walk on those things.


Thoth74 t1_j73o0r7 wrote

I was there about 40 years (fuck) ago when it was still ok to go to the top. Going up was easy. Coming down? Not so much. Scooted down on my ass one step at a time. I think that pyramid is the source of my fear of heights.


Blakut t1_j70zi38 wrote

ugh i had to see tucker carlson's face in the morning thanks op


24-Hour-Hate t1_j73z31h wrote

Good warning. I won't click, it's too close to dinner time!


mandelot t1_j70htvh wrote

I really wish they would increase the fine for the idiots that do this. $263 is such a paltry fee for the damage and utter disrespect for the culture.


loose_head_devo t1_j735bl0 wrote

Good. The world needs more of this. Start punishing idiots for breaking clear rules.


Chard069 t1_j70jc32 wrote

Some Mexican archeological sites have marked paths on the ruins for tourists to follow without causing more damage. Some have guards/guides on hand. Some stone structures are best avoided because monkeys living on them tend to throw rocks at humans. But all too many are open to casual sacrilege. Sad. 8-(


Paytane t1_j71660i wrote

It's impossible to go to that site and not know climbing is off limits. No respect shown, none given.


JimJalinsky t1_j73505k wrote

Was so relieved to read the tourist was Polish and not American this time.


FlightBunny t1_j71a4iu wrote

The whack from the stick was because he had a manbun


Jack-Campin t1_j71diaw wrote

I thought they had somebody up there to cut your heart out with a flint knife if you volunteered like that?


batchy_scrollocks t1_j71dvwn wrote

If it's sacred, put up a chain or something. If people climb up there, the officials should just push people down those stairs like they used to in the old days


imregrettingthis t1_j74te5t wrote

Do you want your hand held for everything or can you just be an adult.


batchy_scrollocks t1_j75ti80 wrote

Care to elaborate, why I would need my hand held at all?


imregrettingthis t1_j76igk6 wrote

In other words you even need your hand held in having this simple concept explained? No wonder you need a bright shinny chain.


batchy_scrollocks t1_j76isgj wrote

You're talking about the fact I'm suggesting to put a chain in front of the sacred monument so that people don't walk up the stairs? I think the video speaks for itself no? People either don't know or don't care, I'm not sure which, and there don't seem to be any signs saying 'don't climb' so how are you planning to ensure this simple concept is well understood?


imregrettingthis t1_j76j18j wrote

The video became international news. Which means it’s obviously an event that is extremely unusual.

So yea the video speaks to how rare this is even with tens of thousands of people visiting a week.

I guess you do need things explained to you.


batchy_scrollocks t1_j76k8qg wrote

It made the news because the guy was assaulted, if you search for the terms 'walking on stairs' then the name of the pyramid you'll see numerous reports and videos of other people doing it. This video is the second in 3 weeks, just on this sub. Maybe stop trying to make it personal about me, and realise that not everyone appreciates the significance of the monument, cos you sound like a bit of a dick and it's me explaining things to you, which is also getting annoying


imregrettingthis t1_j76kdu5 wrote

This video is the second in this sub in 3 weeks... and they were both hit with a stick.

You’re being disingenuous as fuck.


batchy_scrollocks t1_j76kwq4 wrote

Good word, just the wrong context, and also way more emphatic than you need to be, since you're also wrong. The previous one was a woman who was only fined, not beaten. What else have you got?


imregrettingthis t1_j76l1tq wrote

Show a link that shows that I’m wrong.


batchy_scrollocks t1_j76lape wrote

I think you're expecting too much from this conversation. Have you used Google before? If not it'll be a learning experience for you to research it yourself


imregrettingthis t1_j76lger wrote

Lol. No I don’t expect a link. You’re already being disingenuous. I’m just calling you a liar in a more polite way.

I am in no way surprised you’re not backing up your claim, or that you’re confidently being an ass about it.


batchy_scrollocks t1_j76nhr4 wrote

I don't have time or patience to educate you, that was your mom's job and clearly that didn't go too well, plus you would be amazed how little I'm interested in the things you call me, even if you were right. And please look up the word 'disingenuous', because I know you think it makes you sound clever, but that only works when you're using it correctly


imregrettingthis t1_j76o1qg wrote

lol, sure buddy. I am glad we both agree you cannot back up the claim you made.

Also, feel free to look up the word yourself. you're either being disingenuous about this or you're about at thick as it gets.

It doesn't really matter which one it is I was just going with the more polite option. So ok, you're not disingenuous (thought you clearly don't understand the word) and you are slow and need to have stuff clearly explained to you. (which I guess would explain why you can't understand what disingenuous means).

Thanks for making sure I understand.


Farnic t1_j71gmi4 wrote

Good. Plenty of idiots here deserve to get whacked with a stick too.


cookiemonster247 t1_j71jds3 wrote

Why is this news. Dude got like gently tapped with a stick one time and that was about all I could make out in the video.


Neat_Library7540 t1_j72p1rd wrote

Just a STICK - - -should be taken to the top for SACRIFICE


SouthernBlueBelle t1_j72ybnp wrote

Better be careful-may be the next sacrificial lamb thrown into the volcano


t4ct1c4l_j0k3r t1_j7232fv wrote

Might be me, but it seems pretty easy to sort out the differences between a Polish tourist and a Mexican one.


KazkaFaron t1_j72tt4s wrote

fucking white people (I'm also white, and sorry)


keninsd t1_j70ok07 wrote

How refreshing that it wasn't some idiot from the USA.


Paytene t1_j716d0x wrote

A good way of letting people know they shouldn't be climbing on something is perhaps, a fence? Chain link would allow tourists to see what is on the other side.


E5VL t1_j71okyn wrote

If it is the pyramid I think it is. It is a fake pyramid rebuilt as a tourist attraction by the have government to help boost tourism numbers and was embellished in the design to how they'd imagine it should look and has no sacredness to it.

Reason they can't go up it is because the steps are too narrow and steep.

Equivalent to the whole headscarf thing. They only was introduced relatively recently but people think the headscarves have been a a traditional head wear for women for eons.


trickster199 t1_j70wi4m wrote

Better to ask for forgiveness and have cool story. No point in going, if you can just view the same images on google.

The only reason its illegal is probably the safety issues and the defacing of the ruins.

It shouldn't be illegal to go up the stairs. How is it disrespecting the culture, if the steps were made to be walked on. Imagine if you couldnt walk on the Great wall of China.


Competitive_Cloud269 t1_j711oz3 wrote

everyone walking on the stair will wear them down down and i guess we’re short of ancient mayan architects to rebuild them


trickster199 t1_j71k9wd wrote

No worse than rain erosion.


Competitive_Cloud269 t1_j73fnae wrote

it would come on top of that.Why add to the natural erosion?Amazing sights like these should be preserved for future generations to see and learn.


trickster199 t1_j74t8qn wrote

Name one thing that has eroded to foot traffic other than grass. (Roads are not comparable)

Who says it will be standing in 10 years. Sucked in by an unknown massive sinkhole. Although there is a higher probablity of it being bought by some rich arsehole such as Jeff Bezos for 10 billion.

Heritage sites can be bought, its just currently more profitable to put on display. They are just mad people are taking souvenirs. Who cares if it is a ship of thesus or not. It just shows they dont care about fixing it.


timothyjwood t1_j71li4g wrote

You've obviously never been to Chicken Pizza. I can assure you, seeing it in real life is a great deal different than seeing a picture.