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ZealousidealClub4119 t1_jb6myt5 wrote

This reminds me, it's time for my old Kindle's quarterly charge.


SomebodyInNevada t1_jbb0opb wrote

Good thought--I probably ought to do the same thing with my old ones. I normally only use the phone app these days.


sasukest t1_jbcsikv wrote

why wouldnt one use Kindle daily?


ZealousidealClub4119 t1_jbctezi wrote

I used to use it all the time for reading old, public domain stuff.

I'd still use it regularly if it was possible to get new titles I want without giving anything to Amazon.


sasukest t1_jbctn1l wrote

if you dont mind not paying for your content, there are websites you can go to for that


[deleted] t1_jb6ud28 wrote

am i the only one who reads "Wii U" and immediately thinks: Enter the Fist?


iamrancid t1_jb7os4j wrote

Those curlicues in your hair make me so hot I can’t think straight.


GetlostMaps t1_jb6hb4r wrote

Just for?

What language is this? It's not English.


noctourne t1_jb6ilb8 wrote

Theres nothing incorrect with using just for in this sentence


BranWafr t1_jb6pu5v wrote

Grammatically, yes there is. It should be "just by". "For" indicates that an action was taken by Nintendo in response to not using the console. "By" indicates that the act of not using it can cause the thing to happen.


GetlostMaps t1_jb6rqk1 wrote

By or From would have been fine. It's the result of, but not a reaction to the non-use, and the actor is yourself, ("You could") so unless you're suddenly having a psychotic break and destroying things as a result of not using your console it doesn't make a lot of sense.


x-munk t1_jb6k4sx wrote

It's not natural phrasing and sounds awkward. That's a quite valid concern.


N013 t1_jb6go3s wrote

Isn't this is the case with a lot of electronics that have a battery?


jimi15 t1_jb6k3p5 wrote

Its not the battery. Its the result of a bad batch of samsung supplied eMMC chips that have a random change of corrupting themselves which increases with age. SSBU was infamous for trigering it already (due to how often it wrote to the eMMC) and here it seems to be triggered by activating the console after its been dormant for a long time.

It also only affects launch 32gb Wii U models with the aftermentioned Samsung chips. Not the ones with Toshiba and Hynix made chips.


UnoriginallyGeneric t1_jbgxtjx wrote

Our Wii U still gets used, those fitness games are good fun.


RangoTheMerc OP t1_jbh5j7f wrote

Let me introduce you to Ring Fit Adventure and Fitness Boxing!


UnoriginallyGeneric t1_jbhhwow wrote

The Wii Balance Board and Wii Fit U get used nearly daily here.

I'd kill for a Switch version of those.

Thr Ring Fit Adventure game seems interesting.


RangoTheMerc OP t1_jbhiirx wrote

Ring Fit will likely be up your alley since it's the successor with the same director (Matsunaga) as Wii Fit U.


UnoriginallyGeneric t1_jbhjjmw wrote

It looks like a fun game, and I'll try to get a copy at some point, but I love the all-in fitness focus of the Wii U game. The ability to to track one's weigjt is so good.


tesrella t1_jb6i17w wrote

CMOS battery devices all have this problem, not news


jimi15 t1_jb6k7nf wrote

Not the battery. See my answer to the post above.