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ZealousidealClub4119 t1_jb6myt5 wrote

This reminds me, it's time for my old Kindle's quarterly charge.


SomebodyInNevada t1_jbb0opb wrote

Good thought--I probably ought to do the same thing with my old ones. I normally only use the phone app these days.


sasukest t1_jbcsikv wrote

why wouldnt one use Kindle daily?


ZealousidealClub4119 t1_jbctezi wrote

I used to use it all the time for reading old, public domain stuff.

I'd still use it regularly if it was possible to get new titles I want without giving anything to Amazon.


sasukest t1_jbctn1l wrote

if you dont mind not paying for your content, there are websites you can go to for that