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calloy t1_ivb5d5n wrote

So they dug up a relative to sell the casket? That’s what used means, you know.


ramtax666 t1_ivbaxul wrote

Not necessary, they could have use a nice casket for the funeral and burn the body without one.


jpowell180 t1_ivbd817 wrote

Yes, and it seems ridiculous to not allow the casket to be reused if all it was used for was to display the body for a funeral and not to bury the body.


chapstick__ t1_ivbw3t1 wrote

Maybe there should be a casket rental service, for people that are being cremated, but still want a open casket funeral.


Infynis t1_ivbx07j wrote

I think funeral homes already do this


Prudent-Beautiful-33 t1_ivc1g2t wrote

I paid $1200 to rent a casket for 2 hours that was specially designed so the cardboard cremation refrigerator box thing slipped inside.

$1200 gave me the right to ask the unamused undertaker if he fucked my wife as hard as he was fucking me.


SilasX t1_ivc88go wrote

Oh yeah it’s totally no big deal to take a body out of its coffin and bury it without. Just make sure to also pee on the body and turn it face down for final burial!


BoredCop t1_ivcdafj wrote

Yes, viewing caskets are a thing. Some old, ornate ones have been used hundreds or even thousands of times.