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[deleted] t1_iwkr80s wrote



Cyanopicacooki t1_iwktqkz wrote

Aye, a farmer on the news this morning says that they lose 30p per dozen to the supermarkets. I'm buying from a local farmer at an eye-watering price, but heck, I like omlettes


GolgiApparatus1 t1_iwl680r wrote

All they had at my store were top tier organic free range eggs. Now I know how shitty my old eggs were


ShankThatSnitch t1_iwll4ed wrote

Yeah, there is a major difference between the budget eggs, and eggs from healthy chickens on a farm.


broom-handle t1_iwl5khr wrote

I'd heard the bird flu narrative, while a small part of it, was a distraction. The real issue is that the egg farmers won't accept the low prices the supermarkets were trying to force on them. The issue was firmly with the supermarkets.


TheAbominableRex t1_iwlbssu wrote

While I don't doubt that for a second, the bird flu narrative isn't a distraction. They're actually underplaying it. Bird flu in North America right now is completely and devastatingly out of hand. It's so much worse than what they're portraying to the public.


TheSpeakingScar t1_iwm6tyr wrote

I heard some 'crazy person' on youtube ranting about this coming like 6 months ago...


JibJabJake t1_iwku077 wrote

Here I am in the US having a hard time selling eggs for $3/dozen when they’re $4-5 dozen at the local Walmart and Publix. “They’re too rich tasting for me” is the main pushback I get from people not wanting free range farm eggs.


Boobsiclese t1_iwkv2bx wrote

Which state are you in?

Asking for my partner who lives on eggs and loves them so much I've considered telling them to marry one because I'm a 12yr old at heart.


JibJabJake t1_iwl0f7j wrote

Alabama. Folks rather "rather go down to the wall-marts" and get them while they're stocking up on mt dew and little Debbies.


Boobsiclese t1_iwl1ytc wrote

SC here. We used to get duck eggs from a friend but he had to get out of the game cause his relationship imploded.

I hate Walmart. 😒

And MtD and I've never had a Little Debbie so I can't comment on that... I have had a Nutty Buddy tho, so guilty as charged there I guess... 😅


thatswherethedevilis t1_iwmuhas wrote

I have heard ducks are terrible at relationships, so I’m not surprised your friend broke it off with his duck.


digd0g t1_iwmxhnf wrote

Ah, the old reddit duck-a-roo!


COinAK t1_iwqgb6b wrote

Hold my tail feathers, I’m going in


phezhead t1_ixy8uwu wrote

"Th-aat's wha-at sheeEEee sai-d"... ... 👻

I think ASSGHOST is getting weaker the farther it gets from it's original timeline


JibJabJake t1_iwl2ne0 wrote

I don't eat sweets much but it's hard to pass up a Swiss roll and definitely can't pass up a nutty buddy


Boobsiclese t1_iwl33mb wrote

I'm Canadian...I fixed it. Lol

So Little Debbie makes them all I take it? It's not it's own thing like a Twinkie? Lol.

I never grew up with that stuff in Canada. I tell you what though, after my seventeenth package of Nutty buddy's I knew I needed to stay far away from anything closely resembling that packaging so when I see them in the grocery store my eyes glaze over and I flit right past them! Lol There's a lot of different iterations!


JibJabJake t1_iwl3hm6 wrote

If you're feeling squirrely buy a box of their christmas tree cakes. They should be out in stores by now. Good for a treat with coffee once a month or two. Absolutely nothing healthy in it whatsoever.


Boobsiclese t1_iwl4a7q wrote

I absolutely refuse.

Lol, I'm off excess sugar. I mean, it's in all our food now, I don't need to add to it. 😅


HealthWealthFoodie t1_iwlvzfy wrote

That’s just so wrong. I love pasture raised eggs and can’t imagine someone picking other eggs at a higher price


Tortured_Moll t1_iwlmw5l wrote

Huh? Are they crazy!? I would buy from you every week, if I could. Those “rich tasting” eggs make everything taste better.


aqlu t1_iwkxxva wrote

Who has palettes so discerning that they complain about an eggs richness? Eggs are eggs.


Nitz93 t1_iwkzphr wrote

No. If the hens are fed the wrong stuff they just taste bad.


aqlu t1_iwl0ekp wrote

Granted, I'm not out visiting local farms to try an assortment, but I've never had eggs that I could describe as "too rich"


PermanentTrainDamage t1_iwn6bzo wrote

It's like skim milk vs whole milk. I know people who only drink skim milk because whole milk is too rich.


WaytoomanyUIDs t1_iwsom72 wrote

Yup I've had eggs that somehow tasted of fishmeal. That's one good thing about the UK, the eggs are generally pretty decent.


JibJabJake t1_iwl0bud wrote

No, they taste different. They most definitely have a richer taste to them.


aqlu t1_iwl0k2f wrote

I'm struggling to imagine what that tastes like. Rich is a word I associate with milk, cream, or butter


JibJabJake t1_iwl0zkr wrote

You're on the right track. They're more creamy, thicker, and I guess you could say a more buttery taste to them. Even the meat tastes different sometimes depending on the year if they're eating more grass and bugs versus more supplemented grains.


MNConcerto t1_iwl2d6z wrote

Costco is also limiting eggs to two cartons per customer.


Sadler999 t1_iwlrljn wrote

That's 2048 eggs in total right?


MNConcerto t1_iwm03ky wrote

About that. Actually 4 dozen total. Had to check dates, see how long eggs last in fridge vs how many we what in a week and factor in holiday baking.

Got one carton as we had about a dozen as home.


Sadler999 t1_iwm4742 wrote

Eggs last for ages in the fridge BTW, far far beyond the date they print on them, and you don't need to worry about getting sick from one that's slightly gone bad. If it's even slightly bad you'll smell it when you crack it


UnplugTheKitty t1_iwl47ts wrote

I pay 6.99 a dozen of eggs now, don’t eat them a lot but these blue eggs are the tits. I still remember gas under a dollar a gallon, inflation doesn’t make sense to me.


Trips-Over-Tail t1_iwl8l3e wrote

It's simple: some real-world effect raises the price of a fundamental goods, such as oil or grain, which has knock-on effect on the price of doing business. This raises the price of everything.

Once the word "inflation" is on everyone's lips, the public is primed to expect price rises but have no way of knowing by how much prices will rise. This is an opportunity for corporations to find their new "price point," choosing higher and higher prices not to cover their own costs but to increase their profit margins. These companies then pass on their profits to... no one, they keep it for themselves and their shareholders, their workers just have to struggle with pay that is worth less.

This is why the rich get richer during inflationary periods while the poor get poorer.. As usual.


Firesalt t1_iwlgn01 wrote

This would be more onion-y if they were required to be labeled "Do not throw at monarchy"


Hanginon t1_iwm7zov wrote

If only they were in some kind of free trade agreement with some nearby countries and could bring in stock and/or supplies with little to no extra costs, delays, or issues.

Nah! That's silly, there could never be any real benefit to that! ¯\_( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛)_/¯


Picolete t1_iwmpax8 wrote

You can sign free trade agreements with other counties, you dont need to belong to an union for that


ledow t1_iwnlhlv wrote

So you can leave a union without abandoning all the free trade agreements you had?

Gosh, seems like someone could have mentioned that in the last few years...


Picolete t1_iwnlqx9 wrote

Hay can make new ones, or keep importing with out problems(but they will tax you)


uberduck t1_iwljrqc wrote

Yet someone tried to egg the king! Could have made a good omelette instead.


Kind_Bullfrog_4073 t1_iwny8wv wrote

Just took 1 guy throwing eggs at the king to ruin things for everybody.


ledow t1_iwnltom wrote

"How to cause a panic for eggs", Lesson #1.

It's gonna be like toilet-paper COVID all over again, isn't it? Though I will laugh even more at the people who try to hoard eggs long-term...

Last time I bought an actual egg was about a year ago. There's a huge box of egg powder in my larder (yes, I have a larder! Even I think that's hilariously outdated!) though and I can promise you that powdered-scrambled-egg is the best I've ever had. Also, you can use it in cakes and stuff in place of an egg.

So I'm sorted, which is like the time I bought 96 toilet rolls on Amazon because there was a special deal (and toilet rolls don't spoil), and the next day the entire country were panicking about toilet roll shortages. Timed it perfectly, without even meaning to. Still have some of those toilet rolls, in fact. What's that? 2? 2 and half years?


WaytoomanyUIDs t1_iwsob4u wrote

Seeing as ASDA sell boxes of 18 eggs, that's not that much of a hardship.


Incubus85 t1_iwlc3w8 wrote

Not oniony. Remove it. Exceedingly hot summer had an impact on birds. Constant bird flu has been an issue. So has inflation and cost of running the business. Now its serious bird flu again.


Afferbeck_ t1_iwmkhhn wrote

We had basically no eggs in Western Australia for like 6 months this year because a heat wave killed a shitload of laying hens and it took 6 months for more to be raised. And then there were restrictions on them during parts of covid, along with tons of other products. Feels like years since just casually buying food was a given, and now that supply is more consistent, the prices are fucking insane.


Incubus85 t1_iwml0zo wrote

Yep. None if this is onion worthy though. I've already explained the situation in the UK. Farmers making a loss on eggs currently if going through supermarkets.

I fail to see how the rationing of in demand foods considered essentials is onion worthy, and people downvoting the reasons I've given as to why its not oniony. Well. Moronic.

If I was being pedantic... what's two boxes a customer. PERZ CUSTOMER perhaps.

Whole thing is lazy and not worthy of being in here.


FrannieP23 t1_iwlpgus wrote

Chicken feed is expensive these days. Can't use "chicken feed" as a substitute for "cheap" any more.


Incubus85 t1_iwlr4n2 wrote

Yes. Inflation and the cost of running the business. As i said