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mf-TOM-HANK t1_iybs8kj wrote

Yeah I'm sure these ghouls won't weasel their way out of this or carry out their penance in bad faith in any way


OftheSorrowfulFace t1_iybvtyi wrote

Yeah, they're just going to run a registration drive at CPAC or a Proud boys rally

Edit - They've been ordered to register in low-income neighborhoods of Washington, D.C, but I'm sure Wohl will be up to his usual bullshit.


LiveOnFive t1_iye3qic wrote

What did the residents of DC do to deserve being treated like shit by these goons?


Mountaingiraffe t1_iyeam7d wrote

You know. These goons might finally be in contact with the people they hate. Only way to stop hating people is getting to know them. Might actually do some good


ilikedota5 t1_iyewspf wrote

That was the takeaway from the Robbers cave experiment. That exposure to others can destroy outgroup bias. When the two groups of boys were assigned cooperative games, they stopped hating each other and saw they were just there to have fun at a summer camp too.


ACaffeinatedWandress t1_iyeqvez wrote

Having lived in the DC area, I would strongly caution those douchebags against pissing off low income residents of that area.

They might find that the world is less kind to spoilt cis-gendered white dudes who do nothing but brew bullshit in some places than others.


hyren82 t1_iydqnvo wrote

While I agree the sentence is woefully inadequate, this is just the state of Ohio's sentencing. Michigan has criminal charges against them and the FCC is suing them for $5.1M


jazzwhiz t1_iye7568 wrote

I love this. Ohio goes, "well the FCC is already working on hitting their wallet hard and Michigan is trying to lock them up. Doing the same thing again will have limited impact, let's try something else."


bluesam3 t1_iyeaol0 wrote

I wonder how it works out if their sentence in one prevents them from fulfilling the sentence in another. If, say, they're in a cell in Michigan and so unable to spend any hours at all registering voters in Ohio.


KillNyetheSilenceGuy t1_iyf0tam wrote

It's not inadequate, it's inappropriate. These guys are known fraudsters why should they be handling voter information? Let them spend their 500 hours of community service picking up trash by the highway or cleaning bathrooms at public parks and rest stops.


GeneralLoofah t1_iyf3916 wrote

Oh I don’t know. I’m sure they’ll be watched very closely, and if they violate their community service terms… BAM. Straight to prison I bet.


norahceh t1_iyc3gg8 wrote

In my state they would not be allowed to register voters after a fraud conviction. They should in no way be involved with the information people put down on voter registration forms or as a custodian of a legal record in the voting process.


PerNewton t1_iyd7fw2 wrote

I agree. That’s bullshit. That Wohl is a bad actor and shouldn’t be anywhere around voter registration or information.


tyco_brahe t1_iyduulj wrote

So, this is an Ohio ruling, so maybe the are in favor of what these felons did. Give them access to the voter registration of low income people that are likely to vote D in a state that is firmly red.


woops69 t1_iyeizsu wrote

Voter registration only impacts primaries and the candidates that the parties put forward. Won't have a huge impact on actual elections.

Edit: unless they just don't complete the registrations. I didn't think about that aspect...


philodendrin t1_iyeupty wrote

I would just make sure that their work was doubled-checked so that when they pull some shit, and they will, that the Judge throws the archive at them, not just the book but the entire archive.


the_grass_trainer t1_iybteqw wrote

You mean to tell me they gotta do one hour of work each day... For a year and a half... And that's fucking it?

Edit: probably not even.


hypatiatextprotocol t1_iybvxgw wrote

Another calculation: it's around 3.5 months of full-time community service, on a 35-hr work week.


the_grass_trainer t1_iybwzqz wrote

Get the fuck outta here. Why aren't we more angry about this??


hypatiatextprotocol t1_iybxqmx wrote

I'm not saying it's enough time! I'm only showing what the sentence looks like in practice (if they do it properly).

Messing with democratic systems deserves much more serious sentences, I agree completely.


YakInner4303 t1_iyc0hvg wrote

The correct penalty is a restraining order on behalf of the telecommunications system. They are permanently barred from possessing or interacting with any telecommunications device or approaching within 50 yards of such a device.


gregorydgraham t1_iycv7g4 wrote

Surely that’s not possible in today’s world


TavisNamara t1_iydc5fj wrote

Pretty sure the second part would require living in the mountains or the middle of a desert and never going to town or having visitors. They'd have to get supplies airdropped.


Elanapoeia t1_iydqx62 wrote

I think things like this are still done but more on a "you don't get to own a tv or a phone with internet access"-level rather than any distance requirements which, yeah, physically impossible to enforce


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Farcespam t1_iyddttl wrote

This is like writing an essay to your English teacher type punishment.


MustLoveAllCats t1_iyf8ygt wrote

Rehabilitative models of punishment are more effective than retributive models, no matter how much of a hardon redditors get for locking people up.


Nop277 t1_iye4jua wrote

Not only does it not seem enough, it seems kind of odd to require people guilty of election interference to to participate in it more. Like punishing a pedophile with community service in the local school cafeteria.


InGenAche t1_iycosa9 wrote

Nearly four full months at 35 hours a week is a hefty community service tariff. Plus being a felony comes with its own disadvantages.

And there are other criminal charges and the $5m lawsuit still in the works with him already pleading guilty on this, isn't going to help.


SelectiveSanity t1_iydiail wrote

Oh it gets better...

> reports that Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court Judge John Sutula also fined each $2,500 and placed them on two years' probation. He ordered them to spend six months of that period on home confinement beginning at 8 p.m. each day.

I mean, is public flogging really that cruel and unusual when comparing this crime sentence to say, a normal person on probation getting 5 years for voting when nobody told them they couldn't, which in of itself is kind of fucked up?


MustLoveAllCats t1_iyf9kt5 wrote

Yes, public flogging is fucked up and there is no place whatsoever for it in civilized society. It's on a similar level of thought and intelligence as thinking it's reasonable to break someone's jaw because they looked at your girlfriend the wrong way.

As for the issue you're trying to compare this to, that's a really, REALLY bad comparison. You're comparing a completely barbaric punishment for a crime to severe punishment for a misunderstanding


os10sibly t1_iyd1phm wrote

If it makes you feel a little bit better: I think the article says they are not allowed out of the house after 8pm for the next 2 years


Scoobydoomed t1_iybuj0v wrote

What's next?

Judge: OK sir, you have been found guilty of reckless driving...I'm sentencing you to 500 hours of community service driving a school bus.


Polymersion t1_iyd3bs7 wrote

Yeah, that's the vibe I got.


oz6702 t1_iydemrj wrote

I dunno, it could also be that the judge's intent is to force these two shitweasels to interact with Black people and learn that they are, in fact, people, and that they deserve a vote as much as anyone else.

Now, I think the judge is smoking some top shelf if that is in fact their intent, but at least that'd be a reasonable interpretation of the sentence.


tr3v1n t1_iydjk63 wrote

But why do those poor black people have to interact with these two? Why punish an entire group like that!?


PaxNova t1_iydyiuj wrote

Unless they're wearing nametags and sandwich boards describing their crime, I doubt anyone would notice.


QuantumTea t1_iyeksj2 wrote

Honestly I think that should be part of the punishment.


LoneRonin t1_iyezr2k wrote

Wohl is a bloody sociopath who should be locked up and never be put in a position of authority over anyone for the rest of his life. He genuinely has some kind of bad wiring where he has no morals, conscience or inhibitions.


elisakiss t1_iycsdr4 wrote

Registering voters is hard to do. If you are doing it in bad faith, there are going to be lots of errors in the voter registration applications. People are going to think they are registered to vote, show up at the polls and they won’t be registered. Bad idea. The judge show have asked for 500 voters registered correctly.


misconceptions_annoy t1_iyd4jnr wrote

My thoughts too.

They should get jail time for attacking democracy (it’s proportionate - the laws these people would’ve voted on could include things that impact whether they get unjustly incarcerated) and they should be forced to help the community they harmed, but not in a way that’s risky like this. Make them babysit to give parents time to vote. Or make them work in a food bank or soup kitchen so people have one less thing to stress about. Or, if they’re not unbearable to be around, make them tutor kids.

Best option: hundreds of hours of babysitting kids while the parents are in the next room with responsible people teaching them more about voting and law, and getting them registered. Partner with a local non-profit that gets people voting and that lets them know which laws are most likely to be changed by this election.

Of course removing the need for registration would be best of all, since in most countries you’re registered automatically, but this judge can’t control that. Make these guys volunteer for an organization getting rid of voter registration, doing something they can’t sabotage, like prepping meals or watching kids.

(Edit: I’m in Canada. For the provincial election I don’t think I needed to register at all. They mistakenly didn’t send me a card and I called to ask and they told me where my polling station should be, based on my address. I just showed up and voted. Every person has only 1 voting station they’re allowed to go to, based on their geographical area. At the station, there’s a guy with a list of all the eligible voters in the area. He checked off my name as having voted. Perfectly easy to have mechanisms to prevent someone voting multiple times at different stations or in a different person’s name without adding hurdles like registration. For the federal one a few years ago I remember checking some stuff online. Could’ve been that I needed to register, but I think I was checking where my area’s polling station was. Either way, took 3 seconds. We still have skeevy things - the federal election had a polling station on my university campus, within walking distance for tens of thousands of people who took classes and/or lived nearby. but for provincial, the closest one required a car to get to, or a bus ride on a really bad transit system. ‘5 minutes by car or 50 by bus’ sort of thing.)


mixmasterbk t1_iyeiwts wrote

If you think either of these guys should ever be responsible for or even generally around kids you’re crazy. Terrible idea.


1zzie t1_iyecccc wrote

Judge gets A+ for effort but D- for execution.


CrewMemberNumber6 t1_iybrt5j wrote

They should have received prison time. This is bullshit.


m0nkeybl1tz t1_iyeef2s wrote

I didn’t realize you were allowed to commit election fraud in exchange for community service. Can I clean trash from the side of the freeway to remove people I disagree with from the voter roll?


bustedbuddha t1_iycn4bg wrote

I don't want these jokers anywhere near people's voter registration.


squirt619 t1_iybv6kp wrote

How about a day in prison for every fake robocall made? That sounds fair.


Derpinator_420 t1_iybx5m4 wrote

The boys at Internet Today are not going to like this, ricky and elliot have been following these clowns for years. If you want full documentation of all their crimes and stunts, Internet Today probably has a playlist on their youtube channel.


misconceptions_annoy t1_iyd3tlz wrote

I love the punishment fitting the crime, but this needs to be accompanied by real punishment. Subverting democracy. People get incarcerated, get food stamps cut, get pushed further into poverty, etc, based on laws, including unfair ones they would’ve voted against.

In the same way you get a worse sentence for attacking a cop vs a random person, because it’s attacking the system, attacking democracy should have a very high sentence. Higher than attacking a cop, because that’s an individual and these guys are attacking the very foundation of democracy.


Baloooooooo t1_iydfyn3 wrote

Yeah but he's a white Republican, so... kid gloves and all the benefit of the doubt


davidgstl t1_iyc90u9 wrote

Couldn't give them 1 year?


blazinrumraisin t1_iyd9z7t wrote

Judge is a fucking moron.


dwsam t1_iye3ti2 wrote

(Serious question) why do you say that?


blazinrumraisin t1_iye9d6s wrote

Becasue this sentencing makes no sense. He should be cleaning garbage by the side of the road, not sitting in air conditioning registering voters.


dwsam t1_iye9ye7 wrote

Thanks, I was hoping that’s what you meant.


lucymx16 t1_iyefwtj wrote

Agree, they will sabotage this somehow


Khemith t1_iyfabin wrote

Like protects like. Rich upper class judge sees rich upper class defendants as their sons.


Sweatytubesock t1_iycdjck wrote

These two idiots are working hard to get to the federal pen. I wish them godspeed.


misconceptions_annoy t1_iyd5fv0 wrote

Honestly they should’ve gotten it from this. If it’s a worse crime to attack a cop than a regular person, because you’re attacking the system, then shouldn’t there be a very high penalty for directly attacking democracy itself?


Musetrigger t1_iyd8ugl wrote

Jacob Wohl. Now there's a name I haven't heard in a long time.

Little shitstain.


Rad_Dad6969 t1_iye9i92 wrote

Not enough time. Even if those calls were only 30 seconds, their crime would span over 700 hours. If the call lasted a minute and a half, that's over 2000 hours.

Bare minimum they should be required to spend at least as much time being punished as was spent by thier victims listening to that crap.


aircavrocker t1_iye4m5e wrote

This weasel is gonna ratfuck this punishment in his usual bad-faith actor way…


Greigh_flanuhl t1_iye2mno wrote

I’ve never been in a fight in my 42 years, and I’ve never had an urge to punch someone in the face like I do these assholes.


stalinmalone68 t1_iye3u55 wrote

They should have been sentenced to cleaning septic tanks.


SEDA-GIVE t1_iyeq48p wrote

Thank God they’re getting actual consequences in NYC! New York City Values 🫶🫶🫶!


TheBlueNomad t1_iyesipl wrote

They got away with a crime. Only 500 hours and most likely they won't even do a proper job.


XN28thePOS t1_iydzu0o wrote

I like how they said they "regret" their actions and are "sorry," but they are appealing their case for charges of doing the exact same thing in Detroit . Yeah, seems real sorry.


naugasnake t1_iye4bfn wrote

I wouldn't let these two ass hats be in charge of cleaning the floors of your local gas station, let alone be involved in registering voters.


The_PosterNutbag t1_iyee9mx wrote

Why the hell are they letting people register voters as a punishment ?


LikEatinGlass t1_iyf0wbm wrote

Wow if only they had done something actually dangerous to the community like have a personal amount of drugs!


Khemith t1_iyf9wxg wrote

Should have been 10,000 hours. Republicans have 100 other racist and illegal scams going on.


OGZ43 t1_iyd7hp1 wrote

Republicans win at all cost. "$5.1 million fine levied by the Federal Communications Commission".


john181818 t1_iyefgab wrote

I am curious about how a state judge can enforce a penalty to be done in a federal district?


brpajense t1_iyenoab wrote

Seems like a really stupid idea to send these two people door-door soliciting people’s private information, particularly when they have repeatedly demonstrated antipathy towards minorities.

The dumbass judge should have just given them jail time.


Coogcheese t1_iyewf3c wrote

What could possibly go wrong....

Does the same judge also sentence back robbers to work as bank tellers?


Anagatam t1_iyf0fc2 wrote

Restorative justice works.

To be clear, RJ has oversight & accountability.


l3etelgeuse t1_iyf2dyf wrote

Typical projection from the right. They say the left is commiting systemic voter fraud, but the only criminal convictions for this are coming from right wingers.


disdainfulsideeye t1_iyf5bd2 wrote

Great, so now they can lie directly to the people they are registering.


juxley t1_iydvjtk wrote

They should appeal for cruel and unusual punishment against their religious beliefs.


BillyQz t1_iydwe4g wrote

Hmm I bet the Democrats say we will send folks to help :) LOL