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hyren82 t1_iydqnvo wrote

While I agree the sentence is woefully inadequate, this is just the state of Ohio's sentencing. Michigan has criminal charges against them and the FCC is suing them for $5.1M


jazzwhiz t1_iye7568 wrote

I love this. Ohio goes, "well the FCC is already working on hitting their wallet hard and Michigan is trying to lock them up. Doing the same thing again will have limited impact, let's try something else."


bluesam3 t1_iyeaol0 wrote

I wonder how it works out if their sentence in one prevents them from fulfilling the sentence in another. If, say, they're in a cell in Michigan and so unable to spend any hours at all registering voters in Ohio.


KillNyetheSilenceGuy t1_iyf0tam wrote

It's not inadequate, it's inappropriate. These guys are known fraudsters why should they be handling voter information? Let them spend their 500 hours of community service picking up trash by the highway or cleaning bathrooms at public parks and rest stops.