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Snl1738 t1_j063x57 wrote

Cops are treated with kid gloves in this country.

EDIT: kid, not kiddy


HornyToad1984 t1_j06rruj wrote

Kid gloves. As in the soft, delicate hide of a young goat.


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ablondedude t1_j08ei40 wrote

Them: "If you're not making enough then pull up your bootstraps and get a second job!"

Gets a second job

Them: "How dare you take another job while working for us! What if we need to call you in on a random day? Of course we wont give you 40 hours or pay you as a full time worker but don't you dare work anywhere else or you're fired"


therealgunsquad t1_j0arphv wrote

I've worked multiple part-time jobs for family owned businesses that had a strict rule against hiring you if you worked or planned to work another job (I don't even know if these questions are legal for them to ask). I've always liked working two part time jobs over one full time job. I never had to worry about getting fired or one of the businesses closing because I would still have another income. Plus, if I needed I could just ask the other job for full-time hours.

I've always been a good worker and never call in, and always pick up sick co-workers shifts. I've never been fired from a job either, but I still don't like the feeling of having my entire livelihood and income tied to one person. It's also way more stressful to have to find a new job if you only had one to start. Working two jobs also let's you take a longer time to hunt for a new second job instead of feeling pressured to take the first offer you get.

I know people who hate working two jobs and would rather work one job and get full-time benefits, but I also think working two jobs shouldn't always be thought of as a bad thing.


TallQueer9 t1_j07mkl8 wrote

Huh? You could you get fired for working another job?


carpediem6792 t1_j07nsl4 wrote

In a world where they expect 2 weeks notice, so you can train your replacement...

It's not a stretch.


TallQueer9 t1_j07octf wrote

I’m pretty sure that’s against the law is most westernized countries


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r0botdevil t1_j07qer9 wrote

You don't have to worry about finding a cop. If you're in one of the 49 out of 50 US states that have at-will employment laws, you're free to just get up and walk out of your job any time you want.

Your employer could try calling the police to stop you, but they'd get laughed at and then ignored.

The expectation of two weeks notice to quit your job is simply a standard courtesy, and you have no obligation to provide it if you're not planning on asking them for anything in the future.


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orangeman10987 t1_j08ohaa wrote

Depends how long you've worked there, as the gap in work history could be difficult to explain, but you could just leave them off your resume.

How would your next employer know to call them?


Theletterkay t1_j0a5ieh wrote

Hard to keave anything off the resume these days when even the most basic intro level jobs want you to have verifiable experience.


ialsohaveadobro t1_j08tl78 wrote

You're looking for freedom from consequences, then.

And, unless there's something going on that you didn't mention, you're probably overestimating how far anyone would go out of their way to interfere with your job prospects.


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Yeah, I've had people quit without notice.

I'm just like "Okay, that didn't work out. Moving on ..."

If someone doesn't want to work for me then it's better for both of us to just move on.

Only once did another business call me about a former employee that I had a negative experience with. Said employee was fired for theft.

No idea why they listed us as a reference or how the new employer found out about the work history, but I just confirmed "Yes, XYZ worked for us."

AFAIK as an employer I can actually risk trouble if I say too much about a former employee, so I just follow the "If you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything" rule.

The other employers get it. "No comment" means "don't hire". No specifics necessary...

No good business is petty enough to bother with such nonsense.

I'm sure some businesses are petty enough to go out of their way to harass former employees, but workers should endeavor to refrain from applying to said businesses whenever possible.

(Easier said than done, I know)

Sucks that you can't always tell at first if it's a shifty business or not when applying.


RoastedRhino t1_j0aslim wrote

I assume that you would walk out without notice only because you have accepted a job offer somewhere else, not to go sit on the couch.


KillstardoAbominate t1_j07siw3 wrote

Cops have nothing to do with enforcing employment laws.


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canman7373 t1_j08amvc wrote

You have no idea how the legal system works do you?


1573594268 t1_j0a1n4x wrote

Playing devil's advocate; I would say that it's fair to admit that the current legal system is pretty convoluted. I doubt the average person has more than a surface level understanding of it.


canman7373 t1_j0cxa1w wrote

Most people should. Know tou do not call 911 over stuff like this


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No_North_8522 t1_j08swj6 wrote

Ever heard of the department of labour? They enforce employment law.


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canman7373 t1_j08adxf wrote

In Canada you are obligated b contract at most jobs to give 2 weeks notice, if you do not they can sue you for damages. So say you are in construction and because you quit early the project fell 2 days behind, now they are 2 days late starting the next job, can sue for for the lost income in that 2 days difference, etc...


zerostar83 t1_j0800of wrote

Depends on whether you're "working from home" for one and actually working the other one.


Pansie_Schioler t1_j08b6ru wrote

Can't let the serfs get too comfortable. Oh who am I kidding, I get less days off than medieval serfs.


POTUSBrown t1_j08gmzj wrote

Sometimes it's a "conflict of interest," you wouldn't be allowed to work at Walmart and Target, because they're competitors. Most employers will allow multiple jobs, as long as it's is approved, no conflicting interest, or conflicting scheduling.


Fly_onthewindscreen t1_j0a02by wrote

I'm not sure what the circumstances of that person are because I'm not OP. But if you are below 18, your employer can fire you for working another job. This is because there are laws restricting the hours an underage person can work (it varies from state to state). And since the employer is not going to coordinate the number of hours you work with your other employer, if they find out you have another job they'll just fire you instead.


Crow-Caw t1_j085o1n wrote

Working the second job during his first jobs shift? Or a night job?


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ImAnonymoose t1_j0a9c3b wrote

Well that’s some bull shit then. i’m a software engineer and it’s surprisingly not all that uncommon to find people holding two full time jobs and half-assing one or both of them. That’s where my mind first went but someone should be able to have a second job after hours if they want.

edit: spelling


Deyln t1_j069p07 wrote

Our afternoon shift manager writes novels at work; it so I've been told.


Kw5kvb5ebis OP t1_j060shg wrote

> Officer Matthew Luckhurst's rehiring was the centerpiece of an investigation into Texas' lax and fragmented oversight of police licensing.

> Matthew Luckhurst, the now-former San Antonio police officer who drew international outrage for trying to give a sandwich filled with dog shit to a homeless man, is once again working as a cop, the Express-News reports.

> In an investigation looking at how lax and fragmented state oversight enables problem police officers to seek jobs with other departments, the daily revealed that Luckhurst was hired as a reserve officer on the Floresville Police Department five months after he was last terminated from SAPD.

> It's unclear how Luckhurst's current job duties differ from those of regular cops in Floresville, a town 30 minutes southeast of San Antonio, since neither the department nor the officer himself responded to the paper's inquiries.

> Even so, a position as a reserve cop in Texas allows Luckhurst the "same legal authority as any law enforcement officer," according to the Express-News.

> In case anyone needs a refresher, Luckhurst drew international headlines after he gave a homeless man the feces sandwich. SAPD fired Luckhurst, then a bike officer, over the incident. However, a third-party arbitrator returned him to the force three years later.

> Luckhurst was terminated a second time after a separate investigation found that he left an unflushed turd in a women's restroom at a downtown police station and smeared a brown substance on the the toilet seat after a female officer requested that staff keep the restroom clean.

> In 2020, an arbitrator upheld the second firing. Even so, the incidents were an embarrassment for SAPD and bolstered activists' demands that San Antonio revise its police contract to give arbitrators less power — something city council ultimately did.

> By some estimates, two-thirds of fired SA cops were allowed to return to their jobs under the old union contract's arbitration clause.

> The Express-News' investigation of fired officers' ability to find new work in other cities draws heavily on a recent study by Texas' Sunset Advisory Commission. The commission examined the effectiveness of the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement, the agency that oversees licensing of police and jailers.

> “The state’s regulation of law enforcement personnel and agencies is, by and large, toothless,” the Sunset Advisory Commission concluded.


curious_dead t1_j070xv7 wrote

This guy's a cop and he's still in his anal phase. I'd call him an asshole, but I'm afraid it would arouse him.


sagittariisXII t1_j08awen wrote

>he's still in his anal phase

Too bad he's not in prison, he'd love it


Fuckedby2FA t1_j09m4fm wrote

"You don't know about jail? You'd love jail Oscar"


lddn t1_j0aw2vg wrote

Please don't put me in the white-collar resort prison, I want that federal pound me in the ass prison.


NarrowSalvo t1_j083g9e wrote

Lots of problems here. Aside from the obvious.

Arbitration system is broken. And it always will be. Prospective arbitrators want to be desirable to both sides. So if the PD only fires people for good cause, the arbitrators will still want to reinstate half of them even if none are worthy of it.


defusted t1_j06glms wrote

These assholes are like pedophile priests.


plopseven t1_j07zemi wrote

They protect their own and wonder why people hate them.


Kastro2323 t1_j09e23e wrote

Any POS can get a badge and a gun…. Or a collar.


Moosetappropriate t1_j06bdgh wrote

As it has been in America for a long time. Fuck up as a cop, move one town over a get a handshake and promotion.


Matthew_C1314 t1_j06tnj9 wrote

The crazy thing, is I don't see a way out of these situations. Cops hold all of the power in the union. When it comes time for a new contract you aren't going to be able to be rid of these clauses, because no city is going to risk a police strike. If you want to be more infuriated, google "Law Enforcement Officer Bill of Rights".


Mike7676 t1_j07jftj wrote

Yet the Teacher's Union in this state is so laughable it may as well not exist for all the advantages it gives.


Matthew_C1314 t1_j07lxf0 wrote

Surprised there even is one.


Mike7676 t1_j07mepf wrote

So is my fiancee who teaches at a private school for a bit LESS a year just so she feels actually listened to and her lesson plans aren't ridiculed.


timojenbin t1_j07aqid wrote

Do what Reagan did, fire the cops.


Matthew_C1314 t1_j07hvey wrote

Reagan had legal authority, because they were federal employees. That was a clause in their contract. Also, there was an alternative. You can't deploy the military to police cities, it's actually a law called "Posse Comitatus Act".


dynex811 t1_j08yjwe wrote

So just declare martial law, deploy soldiers and then everything is fixed! Wait...


HornyToad1984 t1_j06rnf8 wrote

Literally no oversight, accountability, or background checks. This guy should never work in the public section again. Permanent red flag.


AllChem_NoEcon t1_j089222 wrote

The infrastructure to do so is either present or absent at the state's populace's behest. The people in that state, other than some fraction of them for ~15 minutes one day, are totally fine with this state of events.


No_Carpet7125 t1_j06e4r2 wrote

Officer Frank Reynolds, reporting for doodie.


Central_Control t1_j06lh5r wrote

It never stops until you create a national registry of bad cops that are permanently ineligible for police duty. This will continue for many generations otherwise.


HugeHans t1_j06ozwl wrote

That sounds like a good idea but I don't know how it would have prevented this case when they could have gotten the relevant info by googling their name. Lack of knowledge doesn't seem to be the main issue here.


OniExpress t1_j07gwxp wrote

Because it shouldn't be an option for them to hire him. Get on the list, and you shouldn't be able to be at all involved with cops.


Silkygoods t1_j07tzbu wrote

Should have the same system that they use for sex offenders. A registry that's checked when hiring for schools etc. Have something like a law offenders registry, that becomes compulsory to check on each hire.


HarryHacker42 t1_j07rqr2 wrote

This new job is 20 miles from his old job. They knew who he was and still hired him. It is really in the same city he was an arrogant asshole in.


PG-Noob t1_j074cqr wrote

Giving a shit filled sandwich to a homeless person... wow this is low even by cop standards


sentient_lamp_shade t1_j07h3rn wrote

Forget being a cop, how many more red flags does this guy need to give us? He shouldn’t lawfully possess anything more dangerous than a weed trimmer.


shaunl666 t1_j06wlq1 wrote

Any wonder that the public views all cops like this shit cop


cmilliorn t1_j07bjwv wrote

I hate cops like this. I despise organizations that would employ them. Why? Oh you gave a literal shit sandwich to a homeless person? Yes please represent our organization… wtf


bsynott t1_j06du4l wrote

This guy really likes to play with shit. That’s disturbing.


GroinShotz t1_j08b5oe wrote

I'm no doctor... But eating shit isn't good for you right? Like toxic and might kill you? So this guy tried to poison someone... Sounds pretty criminal to me. Why isn't he in jail? (Rhetorical question, as I know Cops are above the law in the US)


GEM592 t1_j06kroh wrote

No cop has ever been successfully fired


bountygiver t1_j07kt2q wrote

No there are plenty of them, they just all happen to be the good cops who were trying to call out the inner corruption.


ResettisReplicas t1_j08fqsz wrote

Welcome to the American Police, where you get reassigned instead of disciplined.


obsertaries t1_j079nc6 wrote

The way I see it, America doesn’t have “the police”, it has 17,000 different police organizations that all have their own standards and don’t necessarily communicate with each other at all. To many people this is a feature, not a bug, as they want local standards over stuff like policing and not national standards.


Mike7676 t1_j07k6qt wrote

And more factions within those organizations. I have cop friends in the SAPD and wouldn't want to paint them with the same douchebag brush as Officer Fuckhead up there wear the same uniform you are going to be judged the same. I didn't know the jackass's at Abu Ghraib but suddenly the locals were a bit reluctant to talk to us after that horseshit came out.


obsertaries t1_j07yy5c wrote

Yeah, a complete lack of consistency or shared standards. In a sense, that’s the “system” of policing in America.


chuckles65 t1_j0832fh wrote

There are state standards, each state has a governing body that certifies law enforcement officers. It is possible to lose your certification, but how that happens varies from state to state.


obsertaries t1_j08amhz wrote

I didn’t know that. Why haven’t I ever heard of a state de-certifying a police department, in spite of (gestures at everything)?


chuckles65 t1_j08eaz2 wrote

Individual officers are certified not departments. It is public record.


SANTOSHiHoHiHoHiHo t1_j081soi wrote

Dude looks like a clean cut version of The Nightstalker Richard Ramirez.


KINGCOCO t1_j0850bt wrote



aidan8et t1_j088cxf wrote

> In  case anyone needs a refresher, Luckhurst drew international headlines after he gave a homeless man the feces sandwich. SAPD fired Luckhurst, then a bike officer, over the incident. However, a third-party arbitrator returned him to the force three years later.

> Luckhurst was terminated a second time after a separate investigation found that he left an unflushed turd in a women's restroom at a downtown police station and smeared a brown substance on the the toilet seat after a female officer requested that staff keep the restroom clean.

> In 2020, an arbitrator upheld the second firing.

So trying to feed someone literal shit is ok with an arbitrator, but terrible toilet etiquette is too far. Good to know, Texas. Good to know...

Can we just let them secede already? Please? They already have their own power grid...


Revolutionary_Ad1451 t1_j07kymx wrote

Homie looks like he would club the buttercream gang.


ThePizzaNoid t1_j07sgyj wrote

I actually get that reference. Thanks Cinema Snob! lol


Revolutionary_Ad1451 t1_j07t5lg wrote

Have you seen 3 ninjas?


ThePizzaNoid t1_j07zqpo wrote

I have not.


Revolutionary_Ad1451 t1_j07zztq wrote

Ok that’s going to be something that is epic and would improve your whole holiday season.


tyco_brahe t1_j089hjt wrote

I still think of the chubby one rolling down the hill with cabbages from time to time. It does make me smile.


FireWireBestWire t1_j07ti9u wrote

Cops should have to have a license that is a permanent, publicly searchable record, just like a criminal record or an accident history that cops are involved in altering for other people


chuckles65 t1_j083c9q wrote

They do. Every state has a governing body that certifies law enforcement officers and you can look them up if you want to.


DerekDemo t1_j08kggq wrote

Post this guys face in every fast food joint in his state. Anytime he tried to buy something to eat anywhere, he should have to check to make sure it's safe to eat it.

This guy needs to eat a real shit sandwich


[deleted] t1_j06uyhj wrote

He has the face of a sociopath on a huffing bender.


mistersmith_22 t1_j07v9rw wrote

I want to hear republicans defend this on the presidential debate stage.


skippyspk t1_j08c40d wrote

If shuffling around bad actors to terrorize the populace is good enough for the Catholic Church and pedophile priests, then by gum it’s good enough for the state of Texas.


gaps7 t1_j08ky87 wrote

Loathsome Dungeater really tried to defile the poor homeless guy’s soul.


el_kowshka_es_diablo t1_j08mff0 wrote

Several comments saying he should be arrested…I agree. But more so, I think he needs the brakes beat off of him. Fuck this pos


DaJebus77 t1_j08syno wrote

Of course he is...


[deleted] t1_j07e3hd wrote

Yea once again Texas rears it’s ugly head with its overcrowded miscreants. For the mainly lowlife uneducated in Texas miscreant is another word for criminal or villain


jonny_wow t1_j07xaw2 wrote

There is no justice unless this human trash is tricked into eating a shit sandwich and have it go viral on the internet.


[deleted] t1_j08mhy4 wrote

He's the actual piece of shit


CreamyNailClippings t1_j08vrx2 wrote

His nickname around the office is definitely shit sandwich


jimdotcom413 t1_j09wmem wrote

Man I wish I had the money and time to make an independent list of every offending officer that gets shuffled around like a pedophile priest.


Potato_Productions_ t1_j09xbs7 wrote

Literally just what happens every single time a cop gets fired for doing something heinous


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Plisken999 t1_j08bqp9 wrote

I'd never want a public job ever if I got caught doing this...

He shouldn't be a cop


manhatim t1_j08nitk wrote

Geez...i winder why the public hates the PO-lease???


Chardradio t1_j08x2sc wrote

Two word review - shit sandwich.


Khemith t1_j09vt2h wrote

Federal registry for all LEOs.


jjj1986jjj t1_j0bdvdo wrote

A RESERVE police officer is someone who wants to keep his license active, and can do side jobs security for business and construction site, Floresville and Windcrest city police chiefs have been known to do this for officers in order to allow them to get outside jobs in uniform earning $40-$80 per hour in what would be side gigs for active police offices and sheriff staff.

I personally know many officers who work lucrative contracts with security companies are reserve officers in either one of those two cities, the assumption is that chief isn’t paying them and doesn’t have to worry about his payroll of city approval of his new police reserve staff, many suspect there is cash exchange for those favors between all those reserve officers and Police chiefs who hire them.

Windcrest Police

Floresville Police


floofnstuff t1_j0c0ryo wrote

I’m pretty sure this happens in other states- the policeman gets put on administrative leave and quietly gets transferred to another place somewhere typically small where people are unlikely to recognize their name.


Twograin t1_j0yxhix wrote

Two word review…


swisscriss t1_j068d6c wrote

Look its not like we haven't all thought about it. Some people are just brave enough to live their dreams


protostar777 t1_j07fd6k wrote

I have never once thought about shitting in a sandwich or smearing shit on the walls


mechmind t1_j07f51w wrote

We all have crazy thoughts. It's when you consider acting on these insane ideas that the problem rears is head. If you actually go through with it and "live your dream", As you put it, then that's punishable. And when you joke about it online is pretty alarming as well.


swisscriss t1_j083q9e wrote

oh really? alarming is it? don't you have any pearls to clutch?


mechmind t1_j087z6d wrote

I understand the implication. You think I'm being overly sensitive, correct? , so you don't think it's a warning sign when a grown man acts like this?


swisscriss t1_j08iw1u wrote

That is just projection, first of all I am not a man.Secondly a proud filipina woman doesn't succumb to didactic questioning so easily


Lemkis t1_j08vuzg wrote

Uhhh, you claim to be a man in other comments. Bad troll, F- for your crap-tastic "effort".


swisscriss t1_j09ymk7 wrote

What are trying to say here? that I'm not a real woman?


mechmind t1_j08kaqh wrote

I'm sorry for the confusion. I was talking about Officer Matthew Luckhurst, who is clearly a man.


Orcabandana t1_j09ol3p wrote

I've argued with that one before. He's not Filipino. He doesn't understand a lick of Filipino and is actually insane. Just look at his recent comments.


mechmind t1_j09qrlh wrote

Thanks, took me a few replies to come to that conclusion.!


swisscriss t1_j08vm6x wrote

How could you possibly know that?


mechmind t1_j08yebj wrote

I guess you're right. I should have known u/swisscriss would be there to add a health dose of skepticism! You put things in perspective, and I thank you for that!


lunelily t1_j08bnqo wrote

If you genuinely consider “I should give a homeless man a sandwich containing feces” to be a “dream” that you can be “brave enough” to act out—rather than an “intrusive thought” that you know better than to ever act on, because it’s abhorrent—then I deeply pity you.

Society would be so much better off if people like this asshole never stepped outside their home, much less held positions of power.


Hayden_Zammit t1_j08ctsa wrote

Tell me you don't understand the difference between bravery and cowardice without telling me you don't know the difference between bravery and cowardice lol.