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Natural-Intention334 t1_jb2tsl8 wrote

WTF is wrong with people


hansulu3 t1_jb34wma wrote

Well judging from the article, racism.


coolhmk t1_jb3gonx wrote

This we'll be heavily downcoted. You'd be surprised to find people who believe non-white can be biased but never racist because they were never given a chance of racial hegemony. What a dumbfounded idea but it's what it is.


web3gamer t1_jb3ns8m wrote

Well…Latinos are mixed with white so….


MemoLePewPew5 t1_jb2w0il wrote

This question will never ever go unwritten unfortunately. Just a bunch of low-class trash causing mischief out of boredom. I don’t think anyone in their right mind would brag about beating/messing with a 44 year old woman, let alone 3 grown idiots


djdjddhdhdh t1_jb3f0wm wrote

Let me introduce to YouTube Lol

Oh wait you said right mind! Totally agree there


BunLife t1_jb2ycoi wrote

Gotta make sure to call out the white car


UKnowDaTruth t1_jb2ycnx wrote

Smh I hope they find their asses fast


Dazzling-Ring6037 t1_jb34ih8 wrote

They're done because that's Hate Crime Charges now and they definitely getting double digits


wrldprincess2 t1_jb35ivh wrote

What's just as scary as this situation is in the New York Post's comment section the commentors (almost always conservatives) are accusing the attackers of being African-American. I wanted to set up an account and tell them to watch the video closely again.

It's like this vicious cycle of hate in this country.


sunflowercompass t1_jb374c0 wrote

that's the only time you can get anyone to "care" about crimes against Asian Americans.


web3gamer t1_jb3nwmj wrote

Yeah…we both know that they’re Latino, but that won’t fit the conservatives narrative so…MSM on both sides


DonConnection t1_jb3hnlv wrote

The comments on the article are wild. Stay classy NY Post


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Dazzling-Ring6037 t1_jb34jsc wrote

They're done because that's Hate Crime Charges now and they definitely getting double digits


RustyOP t1_jb39366 wrote

NYC is Never going to same like it was anymore , so many craziness going on lately , like holly molly


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Colorfulgreyy t1_jb37afq wrote

What kind of trash stats is that? Base on number? Asian only have 5% of population of US while black has 20%. Of course theres more hate crime on black than Asian if you base on number. Worst analysis ever


SbarroSlices t1_jb33259 wrote

Why was it necessary to post this?


1AngryBrotha t1_jb3494p wrote

Because these types of posts are not individual stories but part of a larger narrative that must be dispelled. This and the stupid handwringing about SHSAT and phantom discrimination in higher ed.


k1lk1 t1_jb2umhn wrote

ThE pOSt iS tRAsH


hau5keeping t1_jb3kjmt wrote

We get it, the Post is the only news that writes at your reading level


DeathPercept10n t1_jb3hb42 wrote

The Post is trash. You can still occasionally find useful stuff in the trash.


1AngryBrotha t1_jb31y5z wrote

I'll just preface this by saying I condemn all hate crimes of any sort and stand with my brothers and sisters in the AAPI community.

With that said, here we go with the hundreds of hArD-wOrKinG moDeL mInOrItY dog whistling, racist comments.


web3gamer t1_jb3nyuj wrote

Keep in mind, these aren’t black people who did this attack.


[deleted] t1_jb3549q wrote



Colorfulgreyy t1_jb3727b wrote

Didnt know trash talk= justified violence. Weird argument.


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againblahisnothere t1_jb3ivk3 wrote

Not in civilized society. Only people who immediately resort to violence are the ones too dumb to fight with words and that lack self control-


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againblahisnothere t1_jb3kwwl wrote

Lol!! You funny


[deleted] t1_jb3l5a9 wrote



againblahisnothere t1_jb3lkxn wrote

Nah I know myself- I’m a petite woman- who the fuck am I gonna fight? I’m running after I curse someone out.


[deleted] t1_jb3lyei wrote



againblahisnothere t1_jb3mucj wrote

No- sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me.

If you can’t argue than you’re fucking dumb and don’t belong in civilized society because you’re so stupid you can’t see past your anger.

Human beings have self control.

There’s also trashy people who were raised by trashy people who think violence is ok. Throw the parents in jail too


marcsmart t1_jb3borh wrote

You sure that wasn’t your SUV?


ManWithNoFace_NYC t1_jb3bynx wrote

ArE yU sHuRe it Wasn… move around bozo


marcsmart t1_jb3caki wrote

You’re one angry miserable guy. I hope things stay this way for you.


ManWithNoFace_NYC t1_jb3cy96 wrote

Lol, i’m typing. And you’re adding whatever inflection you want. Seems you’re itching to put someone down or get in an argument. I’m just wondering why everyone is falling for lazy headlines. Esp when Asians predominantly are attacked but white folks

but i digress 😂


fuck_you_people____ t1_jb3hx1a wrote

Who let you out of your cage


ManWithNoFace_NYC t1_jb3ksj9 wrote

Quite original.


fuck_you_people____ t1_jb3mbpm wrote

Thanks! Wasn't sure if I should've gone with that one or if I should've asked you when your next parole hearing is but I guess both are relevant.


kinky_boots t1_jb3jnjf wrote

Victim blame much? The attackers were the ones that started with a verbal altercation.