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cleaningupmess2023 OP t1_jeglyx7 wrote

Did not mention in the original post, but 1 child (not married). He lives with her mother.


GrittyGardy t1_jeguo80 wrote

I mean this in the nicest way possible, you make way too much money to be this messed up financially.


Pandasrqt t1_jegyb5u wrote

For real, I'm very curious to know what OP spends their money on to have $40k in CC debt and barely any savings/retirement while making nearly $200k a year. It's actually quite impressive.


WPMO t1_jegysjf wrote

Literally could buy a $1,000 bottle of wine every week and still have more than most people with a family of 3. There must be some incredible unnecessary spending going on.

For financial advice: Identify where your tens of thousands of unnecessary spending is


Pandasrqt t1_jegzuyk wrote

Based on OPs comment (his kid lives with the mom, not married) I'm assuming she's getting a nice child support check from him. But even with that, there should be thousands left over to cover all debts and then some every month.


Full_Prune7491 t1_jeh3ncq wrote

I have to pay child support except the kids and their mother, my wife live with me full time. I just don’t get to call it child support.

This guy makes so much money, has capital gains which means he made money when he sold his house yet is broke. None of this makes any sense. A guy like this usually says he just bought a new truck because he can’t ride his motorcycle because it’s raining and his other car is only for the weekends.

Stop spending money. Pay off your debts. No magic solution.


dakedame t1_jeh4w9x wrote

I had more saved up and less debt than this guy when I was making $15 an hour. He is grossly mismanaging his money.


daaamber t1_jeh0yf5 wrote

Are you paying 30% of your income for child support?