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corrupt_poodle t1_jegt0t9 wrote

I don’t know if I’m more impressed that you have $40k of credit card debt and not drowning, or that your credit card interest rate is only 9.9/11.9% (I’ve only seen credit card interest rates over 21%)!


Kingkwon83 t1_jeh1zcr wrote

Many cards have sub 12% rates if you've had them for many years. It's the newer ones that are too high in interest


TheVermonster t1_jegzohb wrote

I'm wondering if those rates are missing the "+ Prime" part. Even for a non rewards, credit union card those are some low rates.


mrbiggbrain t1_jeh3eq5 wrote

One of my cards is 6.99% Another is 9%. Both have 1.5% rewards and no annual fee.