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JohnBoy11BB t1_jeh27qb wrote

I see most people are addressing the IRS issue, and it's a big one, but the credit card debt needs fixed ASAP.

Assuming you make $250k per year, I assume you get about $13k a month. With a mortgage of $280k, your mortgage should be in the range of $1700-$2300 depending on interest rate. That leaves you with ~$11k. Ive never had student loans (GI Bill) so Ill assume a high end of $200/month. $10800 left. I'm leaving out child support, basic monthly expenses, etc.

You should, in theory, be able to comfortably set aside $5k every month to address the CC debt. You could literally knock that $40k out in less than a year! Aside from the tax debt, CCs should be your absolute #1 priority for the foreseeable future along with the problem that got you there in the first place. This looks like the classic lifestyle trap of high income earners. Not trying to be an ass, but this needs to be a wake up call, otherwise you'll end up living paycheck to paycheck while earning more than 98% of most others not being able to enjoy the fruits of your labor.