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estebanmr9 t1_ja7ckcl wrote

Millenials nightmare


dibbs34 t1_ja7xz9j wrote

Damn; reverse image search finds this dating all the way back to 2015. Neat; that means you created a post with a picture of someone else's 3 babies (creepy, arguably criminal) and explained the general concept of triplets.

Mods, why the fuck is this still here? Fuck y'all doin, sleepin?


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WishCapable3131 t1_ja7h7sc wrote

Pretty much the story of anyone who has ever had triplets right?


YeaISeddit t1_ja7hdk2 wrote

Maybe before the sonogram existed. I’m a triplet and my parents believed for a very long time they would only have twins. I should ask at what week they learned there would be three.