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dunvilsteev t1_iuf929p wrote

wow, what some people will do for a good costume !!


dont_shoot_jr t1_iug82jt wrote

Run across Canada?


LaDiabete t1_iujwj1i wrote

He's training by running across a MAP of Canada! Fantastic costume of a great Canadian! Love it!


FestiveSquid t1_iufwuj6 wrote

Canadian flag but map of United States... wut?


Backeastvan OP t1_iufzw29 wrote

Awwwwwww I got ripped off! I can’t unsee it now


sunnyboy1D t1_iuf8wv3 wrote

Terry was a true Canadian hero! Good choice of costume.


ITeachYourKidz t1_iufg195 wrote

A hero for all mankind, and a primo example of mental toughness. Just a beast all around. Rest In Peace Terry!


Scevs t1_iufmhjp wrote

Looking good Terry. Simple and on point. You wouldn’t believe it but some people will spend an arm and a leg on their costumes.


Backeastvan OP t1_iufoyau wrote

Well thankfully this one only cost me a leg ;)


talkingbiscuits t1_iufk05y wrote

I'm English, but yeah Terry was a legend. This is a really wholesome costume


Human_Robot t1_iugdtjz wrote

Marathon of hop? I feel like I'm missing a reference...


memento22mori t1_iugem7b wrote

Apparently Terry Fox was an athlete that lost his leg and ran across Canada so maybe the hop part is a joke about how it's difficult to walk with an artificial leg?


hopelesscaribou t1_iuhgog9 wrote

You can see the 'E' in 'HOPE' in the fold of the t-shirt.

In 1980, Terry's journey to raise money for cancer research began and he called it the Marathon of Hope. With fierce determination and hope, Terry completed an average of 42 km each day, every day for 143 days. He ran a total of 5,373 km. Terry's Route Across Canada.

The only joke is the map of the US on his shirt that OP didn't notice!

(Sorry OP! Here's a fun fact for your pain...nowhere is the race more popular than Cuba!)

Cuba - 1998. In 2005, over 1.9 million people used 3,600 sites. In 2006, it had around 2.6 million participants. The tenth run in 2007 had 4,652 sites and 2.267 million runners.


Human_Robot t1_iugf560 wrote

Never heard of him before but damn he's a badass.


memento22mori t1_iugfwm4 wrote

Yeah, me neither. Maybe he's well known in Canada? Like a real life Forest Gump or something.


bibchip t1_iuggpy5 wrote

He’s very well known in Canada. Yearly Terry Fox ‘runs’ in elementary and high school etc


tdfast t1_iugi6is wrote

Do people really not know who Terry Fox is? Not only was he the greatest Canadian ever, he was the original Fuck Cancer guy!

Also what the fuck is up with that shirt?why is it of the US?


DrDroid t1_iugkae2 wrote

The Gump running across the country thing was likely inspired by Fox. His story was very well known in the early 80s.


IForgotWhoIAm t1_iugjqok wrote

It's a wrinkle in the shirt, you can see the E if you look hard.


Human_Robot t1_iuhhgwd wrote

Holy shit you're right. Well that makes this less dark and I feel bad.


greatodinsravin t1_iufoikw wrote

"If Terry Fox ran for 143 days he smashed 143 broads, and that’s probably fuckin’ light.”


Gardakkan t1_iuia4c4 wrote

"If Terry Fox was alive, he'd be smashing J‐Law and J‐Lo on Scar‐Jo's boat."


wish1977 t1_iufhu84 wrote

He's a legend.


EchoPublic t1_iufjbih wrote

Awesome bro 🫡 respect


TheClamSauce t1_iufpfr4 wrote

I read it as Marathon of Hop. Lol i'm sorry.


jpbay t1_iufp9gv wrote

Not Canadian, but I know it! Well played!


HanDavo t1_iuftij3 wrote

I don't think a Halloween has ever made me tear up before. Brilliant.


chumchees t1_iug8gwh wrote

I remember in grade 5/6 we had an assembly to learn about Terry Fox. After it ended and we left the gym my friend imitated his walk and he got in trouble from a teacher.


Hugsworth t1_iugf3hj wrote

Dark humor is like food. Some people get it and some people don't.


jwilcoxwilcox t1_iuhetix wrote

Have a friend in a wheelchair join you as Rick Hansen!


Backeastvan OP t1_iuig8p8 wrote

I considered joining up with a Tommy Douglas impersonator, to have a Greatest Canadians costume troupe :)


megamisch t1_iugba28 wrote

Hell ya dude, a legendary costume to honor a legendary guy. :3


Flatulator1 t1_iuind4g wrote

Howard Stern was a runner? Just kidding, great tribute to a Canadian icon.


Backeastvan OP t1_iujdupz wrote

You know what, start with Terry, turn into Stern later on :) great double costume ideas 💡


loriteggie t1_iufrcqx wrote

I’m an American and I appreciate it. Course I’m from Wisconsin, so near by.


beejmusic t1_iug0a5w wrote

I blame Thunder Bay


favpetgoat t1_iuge0yo wrote

Queue up The Proclaimers


PointyWombat t1_iugge9l wrote

Where does one even buy a shirt so fk'd up....???


Backeastvan OP t1_iugm56s wrote

One gets fooled online and doesn’t realize it till it arrives :)


jolsen13 t1_iuhlkxl wrote

Great costume! This guy wins Halloween.


Mulligan315 t1_iuhpv46 wrote

Some risk of having a bunch of “truckers” set up camp next to you.


Backeastvan OP t1_iuifrn1 wrote

Not much hope for the country’s future to be found supporting the convoy


the_doughboy t1_iuhsn2t wrote

It is much better than a Mjolner costume.


krokadog t1_iui1ulp wrote

Ah yes, the marathon of “hop”. A fitting tribute.


Backeastvan OP t1_iuiffjg wrote

Shame I didn’t turn slightly to the right before the picture :)


krokadog t1_iuignve wrote

To be fair I though you had a fake prosthetic leg when I wrote that. Turns out your commitment to Halloween is unsurpassed


SLBue19 t1_iuga0f2 wrote

When I’m having a bad day, I picture him with his leg bleeding still going. And try not to emulate him toooo much.


Strix-7 t1_iugftf6 wrote

This man is really committed to his costume, he even amputated his leg for it!


Backeastvan OP t1_iugm7n7 wrote

Could always get rid of the other one just to be safe, then I could be as tall or as short as I want :)


devioustrevor t1_iugldyx wrote

At least he amputated the correct leg. Imagine how embarrassed he'd be if he had amputated the wrong leg.


Free-Palpitation t1_iugo6z7 wrote

I'm from Terry's hometown, I think it would be appreciated here!

Very nice, I lvoe it!


Mr_OP_Potato_777 t1_iugth5d wrote

The effort he put into getting into character that he cut his own leg.


dustysmufflah t1_iugve7q wrote

I don't know anything about prosthetic tech advancements but yours sure looks a lot more protective from the elements than Terry's was.

Watched his doc as a kid and I still remember the blood...


I_mostly_lie t1_iugw8f5 wrote

I thought it said marathon of hop…


MoreMegadeth t1_iuh5oe6 wrote

The wrinkle in “hope” is so fortunate


SaintedRomaine t1_iuhorrn wrote

If Terry Fox was still alive he’d be smashing J.Lo and J Law on Scar Jo’s boat.


Sreg32 t1_iughw7h wrote

Love what Terry did, but not this. American maple leaf doing Terry as a Halloween costume. No thanks. Terry died trying to make money for cancer research. This isn’t in good taste


Backeastvan OP t1_iugm310 wrote

To be fair I didn’t realize it was America until the shirt arrived, it was a sneaky switch from the company that sent it to me :)


man_in_blak t1_iuf8ce4 wrote

We saw the movie down here in the US, too.


babysnoot t1_iuff6uw wrote

In Canada, we grow up celebrating Terry Fox day every year and most school aged kids (and many adult) participate in the "Terry Fox Run" to raise money for cancer research. It's not just a movie in Canada.