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Velvetundaground t1_iy9jvep wrote

#Oh loook at me everybody, look how weird I am, please give me attention. I am sooooo weeeird.


Drusgar t1_iya4xln wrote

I understand the sentiment, but your name indicates some admiration for Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground, so isn't there some strange irony there?


[deleted] t1_iyb1skt wrote



Drusgar t1_iybc8y1 wrote

I mean, it might not be your cup of tea, but Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, not because they sold a bazillion albums but because they trailblazed and inspired a legion of fellow musicians. He didn't always write the music the public wanted to hear, but he wrote the music that he wanted to hear and sometimes we liked it.


DovahSheep1 t1_iybcuab wrote

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a fucking joke it means literally nothing


jimithelizardking t1_iybxem7 wrote

Well at the very least it means you’ll get strangely pissed off when it’s brought up


puckit t1_iyawbec wrote

He really does seem to have been insufferable.


Stoneghoul t1_iybrwb7 wrote

He was a fascist, fuck him.


dielawn87 t1_iycr3y9 wrote

I mean, so was Heidegger and he was probably the most important philosopher of the 20th century.


GibsonMaestro t1_iyb275s wrote

Yes, but his inherent need for attention fueled the art that has been enjoyed by millions


tmotytmoty t1_iyb2ig3 wrote

oh look, here comes Mr. ~ Surreal ~ and his stupid deformed dog


Sproutykins t1_iyawt3g wrote

What’s wrong with this, though? It’s highly entertaining and a lot of people like it. The only thing I take irritation at is that it’s immoral to keep something like this as a pet.


trumpskiisinjeans t1_iybpwo0 wrote

I actually kind of like some of his art, but I cannot stand this man. Wasn’t he literally on the side of fascists during the Spanish civil war?


BunsinHoneyDew t1_iydvuov wrote

His Narcissism was legendary.

If you want an interesting rabbit hole you can see the first iteration of the "Dune" movie they tried to make.

They wanted Salvador Dali in the movie, and he wanted to be paid an obscene amount of money so he could have the title of the highest paid actor ever.

I think Pink Floyd was also being asked to do the soundtrack... would have been a hell of a spectacle.


XXSeaBeeXX t1_iybm5c4 wrote

Tbf, he was kind of the only one doing this at the time.


PtrWalnuts t1_iyad15d wrote

Who’s that was really interesting and he was wacky.


VRom19 t1_iybkbyp wrote

Rumor has it that Mr.Dali weirdness was just an act, seemed that when there were not cameras around or public the guy was pretty much normal and boring, also that much of his art wasn't crafted by him but by his disciples instead.


oversidedike66 t1_iy9by6g wrote

It is licking up that little puddle of piss


sloopslarp t1_iyav6y1 wrote

Poor thing. Some animals just shouldn't be pets.


Oo__II__oO t1_iybrjtn wrote

It's not a pet. It's a service animal!


humaniteer t1_iybwgzp wrote

It's job is to sense ants in the pants of its owner.


zdakat t1_iycfwzv wrote

"Oh not Ant-man. Ants-man. My superpower is I can sense ants."


DfenselessOldLady t1_iybac40 wrote

I’m sure it lived a much happier life than most dogs and cats


SweetNeo85 t1_iybbl48 wrote

You're sure... based on what?

EDIT: Some animals just can't thrive in captivity, no matter how rich or well-intentioned their owners are. Great white sharks, for example, always die in captivity, no matter how big or fancy the aquarium is. Zebras were never domesticated the way that horses were, for similar reasons. I don't know this to be true about anteaters, but it's not difficult to imagine.


SeniorCoolio t1_iyc79w7 wrote

Is that really the only way we determine if an animal is suited for pet life?


CHBCKyle t1_iyc8s6v wrote

I agree with what you’re saying though we have done a successful GWS on a temporary basis so that science could understand what we were doing wrong in the past. Once we had what we needed we released it back. It is theoretically possible though highly immoral and unnecessarily cruel.


bilboteabaggins77 t1_iybiew6 wrote

Animals don’t live a happy life because their owner is rich. They have a happy life when their needs (not just food and shelter) are met and they are allowed to engage In normal behaviour for their species


ptjunkie t1_iybryql wrote

It’s staged, probably milk or whatever anteaters like.


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whaddayougonnado t1_iyb40bp wrote

It's very likely as part of his talent was, promotion. He once said that the reason he moved to NY, which he did, for a time, he said NY had the most scientific books around. He was once asked what was the main reason he moved to NY and he mused, "so I could subscribe to the Scientific American."


Vordeo t1_iybf6kr wrote

Part of it was an act, but you don't make half the shit he did without being a little off. And frankly weirdness aside, dude was fucking talented.


UNODIR t1_iyc1do4 wrote

It was staged for a picture to shock. He lend the animal from the Paris zoo. Happened in the 60s.


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UNODIR t1_iyc1upy wrote

Thats absolutely an interesting take. Could agree although I don’t know much about his career!


Catnip4Pedos t1_iyc5gur wrote

With Richardson are you suggesting that the persona is the creep or the artist, because as time went on I definitely leaned heavily towards creep.


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Catnip4Pedos t1_iydq71q wrote

Having seen his books I wouldn't call him an artist. Terry world or Terry's world is on if you haven't seen it. It's mostly pictures of young women and his dick.


Horns8585 t1_iydy3yd wrote

I guess it is like that Michael Jackson staged spending spree. They were both fake events, but both people were actually extremely eccentric and a little off their rockers.


hillekm t1_iyb2rdp wrote

I love anteaters, but I'd rather have a platypus so I can make my own custard.


ShowRepresentative64 t1_iyapq8f wrote

Went to an estate sale in Norther California and saw a Dali print on the wall so I bought it. Ended up being a fake. The print was fake, the signature was authentic. Dude was selling blank paper with his signature for people could counterfeit his work.


Stoneghoul t1_iybrqw3 wrote

Dali fucking sucked. He made a tremendous amount of brilliant and highly influential art. but he was a scummy person. Like, violent, rapist, fascist. George Orwell referred to him as a disgusting human being.


TinnyKirovsky t1_iy9cvsk wrote

I would never put in doubt the talent of the artist.

But come on, do you really need an anteater as a pet? Is everything ok at home?



stumblewiggins t1_iy9j0eu wrote

Pretty sure he also had an ocelot


brewskyy t1_iy9pzfe wrote

Really? I’ve never seen an ocelot


jesperbj t1_iya3od9 wrote

I visited his house once. Truly a freaking weirdo.


tuesdayswithTuesday t1_iyavmez wrote

……………..go on


jesperbj t1_iybuz59 wrote

Hard to explain. Also a long time ago, but just a bunch of weird stuff and design choices.

You were greeted by a stuffed polar bear in attack position in the hall way, there was a room made specifically for maximizing echo when having guests over so they would leave.

In the garden was a lying-down statue of a Michelin man so massive it took up most of the space.


Stoneghoul t1_iybs2wd wrote

An openly obnoxious man who willfully claimed necrophilia, cruelty to animals and people, fascism, self-obsession, and greed.


GamingTrend t1_iya5d5w wrote

I feel like this guy was a try-hard of trying to be weird so people would notice him. Like "I didn't get enough attention as a child" level of "LOOK AT MEEEEEE". But it's art, so I may just be uncultured.


OsamaBinFuckin t1_iyajtev wrote

Imo art or creation of "stuff" for consumption by others is all a product of the ego.

Ego is good, but it can be bad.


Tha_Unknown t1_iy99pub wrote

I wonder how well it ate


S_SubZero t1_iyae61u wrote

He coulda been Mad Emperor of the Universe. In another timeline I guess.


a_is_for_a t1_iy9t5s5 wrote

Cruelty for the sake of looking cool... gross


Stoneghoul t1_iybs6o6 wrote

This is really low on the spectrum of bad shit Dali did in his life.


ekufi t1_iyajnh6 wrote

How does this cruelty differ from the everyday cruelty of the current society where we consume more animal products than is healthy for us or the planet? Not to even mentioning animal rights.


yomamafight t1_iyaowly wrote

So would you like us not to call this cruel or would you like us to mention all forms of cruelty when we mention any of them?


ekufi t1_iyas0m5 wrote

I just think it's a bit hypocrite to call out how cruel other people are to animals when we are actually much worse when it comes to how we treat the animals. We're the worst with our factory farming of animals.


ekufi t1_iyas6dq wrote

Pot, kettle, etc.


Grubsteak_Mcgilicuty t1_iy9ex0i wrote

Dali was a fascist


Clunkyboots22 t1_iy9v0xh wrote

He certainly palled around with them, and he supported Franco. But that shouldn’t be considered in evaluating his art. Ezra pound was a fascist but also a brilliant poet. Once we start considering an artist’s personal life or politics in evaluating the worth of their art there’s no stopping. We’d have to toss out everybody from Gauguin to Hemingway. I personally believe Dali’s painting to be laboriously over-dramatic, over-rated and a bit cornball, but not because of his politics.


RolltehDie t1_iyah6tk wrote

Yes it should be considered if the artist was fascist scum!


Xoshua t1_iyaixl0 wrote

That guy in the background looks like the time traveller from the old photos. You know the one I’m talking about.


hablomuchoingles t1_iyau8bz wrote

One of these disemboweled an Argentine zookeeper in 2007. She was 19. Giant anteaters can one shot jaguars and have claws that go through termite mounds, pretty much concrete, like butter.


ccasey t1_iyb9me7 wrote

Holy shit, I guess I kind of just assumed they grazed on insects leaving nest. TIL


bewbsrkewl t1_iyaqcvi wrote

I love when this is posted and people are like genuinely surprised that he was weird. I'm like "what about his art made you think he was NOT weird?"


Towndrunk13569 t1_iyb9m0r wrote

Every day when you’re walking down the street, and everybody that you meet, has an original point of view!


greasercat138 t1_iyawaos wrote

Probably in search of a croiss-ant


tritron t1_iybkihu wrote

Are anteaters friendly?
As it turns out, those who do keep anteaters as pets say they are as loving and expressive as dogs. They respond when you call their names and even demand attention when neglected.


grad1939 t1_iycxijd wrote

I've heard they have very poor eyesight and can kill you with a swipe of their claws since they are strong enough to break open termite mounds. They are preyed upon by Jaguars and will throw hands if threatened.


Terp_Villain t1_iybspey wrote

I wonder how many ants they found


ffnnhhw t1_iyal9mo wrote

May be I should get one to control the argentine ant in my yard


sparkie0501 t1_iyanol7 wrote

How close to human trafficking rings was Salvador Dali? If not directly involved, he was well aware and complicit, imo


Chardradio t1_iyapubi wrote

"Come, Beast" - Salvador Dali


Doctor_M_Toboggan t1_iyatd9c wrote

Yet when I do it, it's called "indecent exposure."


r3act- t1_iyawnpv wrote

He even took public transit with it I guess since he's exiting the metro


Mickey1PMG t1_iyb2mll wrote

May have been talented but I have a feeling people thought he was annoying as fuck with how extra he appears to be.


kenazo t1_iyb3fec wrote

“Flaubert! Get away, you stupid anteater! You spoiled my entrance.” - Miss Piggy


dontcallmeunit91 t1_iyb4cti wrote

him and warhol just seemed like such insufferable assholes


sincethenes t1_iyb4jli wrote

I get this is one of those defining socialite moments of of the day, but with everything being recycled, why has no other celebrity done this?


RaiseMoreHell t1_iybde6u wrote

Artist’s surrealist body of work checks out.


shiriunagi t1_iybdnf1 wrote

What a pretentious douchebag.


Tough_Article_5318 t1_iyblchw wrote

I watched him on some talk show pull up with some exotic animal and just threw it around, was quite funny


cyrano_dvorak t1_iybr3ku wrote

But which Paris? They are all over the place!


thesaltydodo t1_iyc6o9b wrote

Why does it look like it has two heads.


davtruss t1_iyce2gc wrote

I'm immediately reminded of philosophical and religious traditions that suggest our time on earth dictates the possibility that we could be punished by reincarnation into a lower animal life form. But all I see in this picture is "I'm Salvador freaking Dali's anteater, and I'm taking bids on an exclusive book deal."


i_do_it_all t1_iycsd4c wrote

living in Paris must have been a nightmare for those creatures. all te piss amd crap on the street and their nose and tongue touching it all. the noise and people. I feel sorry for them creatures


OopsIMadeANewAccount t1_iyczfvs wrote

I’m sorry, his what now? Dali had a fucking ANTEATER? As a PET?


Live2Lift t1_iyda51p wrote

That dude on the right is thinking, “you’ve got to be echidna me.”

Wooooo! Get it!?!


slambie t1_iydkvvz wrote

Ant eaters are so weird their front legs look more like a head than their head's do. Took me a few seconds there was only one ant eater in this photo.


tollefti t1_iydvsi9 wrote

Does that dude behind Dali look like the timetraveling hipster, without the glasses? Ha


AudioSin t1_iydyn2z wrote

Why does this look like he has two separate animals here?


DerMuller t1_iy9pi5z wrote

seems like a Tom Haverford move


Alcorevan t1_iy9djh3 wrote



RoosterCogburns2957 t1_iyahquj wrote

Satanic worshiping freaks..who are lifted up for people to idolize..


Rickdaninja t1_iyb4l4d wrote

ok....i'll bite. w.t.f.?


RoosterCogburns2957 t1_iyd2j3d wrote

Research the man, he ain't John of God.. But he ain't an Angel either.. The guys one of the club pal.. It's not a Puzzle..


Rickdaninja t1_iyd73ya wrote

Sounds like you're an obsessive religious person