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ArtofWASD t1_iye2x55 wrote

Climate change activists would like to know your location


The_Undermind t1_iyesxg8 wrote

Breaking news: Earthquake at the Etch A Sketch Museum of Art.


Murfiano t1_iyf2o8f wrote

Damn I had a similar joke I’d give you an award if I had one


FunkyLi t1_iyfedsr wrote

This is going over my head. Care to explain to us simpletons?


IVMVI t1_iye1rw8 wrote

Put that bitch in a clear block of epoxy and put it on display, preserve it for a lifetime! That's a lot of work you put in, it's an impressive piece.


Dinco_laVache t1_iye256e wrote

Yeah but all you have to do is shake the whole thing and it’ll still erase, even in epoxy.


IVMVI t1_iye2gh1 wrote

Fuck, I'm an idiot and didn't think that one through. Glad you're on the team


Pikajane OP t1_iye2999 wrote

Thank you! I use a moderately different method to make my art permanent which you can see here if you're interested! Long of the short of it is I gut the Etch A Sketch and take out all that pesky extra aluminum so you can shake it all you want now without worry!


IVMVI t1_iye2x9z wrote

That's really cool, and I'm so happy to see you using proper PPE! That stuff would mess your lungs up!

I'm super impressed by your unique medium and artistic talent, thanks for sharing


Spartan2470 t1_iye9t3y wrote

More of OP's work can be found here..


Pikajane OP t1_iyeaf2g wrote

thanks for the link drop! I still need to add this Etch A Sketch to my website whoops


macsare1 t1_iye7nhz wrote

Beautiful. Buddy the Elf did it in one night. ;-)

Now I wonder how long it took an artist to do that for the movie Elf...


Pikajane OP t1_iye95re wrote

sad fact: the version in the movie was a fake transparency attached to the screen :( but Buddy could definitely knock this outta the park in a few moments!


macsare1 t1_iye9cb1 wrote

Figures. Why do it the hard way when you can cheat with movie magic? Well, that just makes what you did more impressive!


sosuke t1_iyern8u wrote

“Earthquake obliterates local etch a sketch museum of art without anything falling off the display.”


HippieChick067 t1_iyeje3h wrote

Do you go by Princess Etch a Sketch on TikTok? I think I follow you there. The roses to pay off student loans was brilliant!


Pikajane OP t1_iyejuj2 wrote

I do! And thank you! My best ideas are usually the most ridiculous ones!


HippieChick067 t1_iyekno0 wrote

You are legit mad talented girl, I’ve been following you for a year or so.


Zoexycian t1_iye8cor wrote

That’s very exquisite i can say.


Jen10Morganator t1_iye9okq wrote

Post this on @nextfuckinglevel coz it really is...


Pikajane OP t1_iyeaibe wrote

iirc they only accept video submissions these days, but I did make a video about this one!


me_funny__ t1_iyehk0g wrote

Nice work! I'd be terrified of accidentally shaking it


Chardradio t1_iyeonin wrote

She looks as unimpressed as ever! You did a great job!


RevivedMisanthropy t1_iyezso8 wrote

It took four years for Leonardo to paint the Mona Lisa – it has forty layers of paint


apiorifa t1_iyf0v8c wrote

That’s just AMAZING. WoW


RuleBritannia09 t1_iyf17lc wrote

One thing, one minor thing, and it’s gone


bardolino69 t1_iyf2159 wrote

she looks like she had a seizure after a bad burger meal.


RetiredHL t1_iyf28wl wrote

Very nice.

It would take me 300 days and I still would not have it recognizable.

Warning; Do Not shake or tip.

Move to an earthquake free location.


clichesaurus t1_iye5f1q wrote

Shouldn't the knobs be on the right side?


Pikajane OP t1_iyea5xg wrote

I worked on the rendition in the traditional horizontal Etch A Sketch orientation and my reference photo was rotated 90 degrees which made for a whole lotta neck-craning


QuantumKraken t1_iye6p10 wrote

Please tell me you don't live somewhere with earthquakes.


Oldtimer_2 t1_iyebemg wrote

Damn.. don't let that get knocked over!!!


arcoalien t1_iyecnt9 wrote

You should do the epoxy thing like someone else said, sell it for $500+ and make more.


Pikajane OP t1_iyedagl wrote

I responded that I already use a different preservation method, which uses a substance similar to epoxy as a matter of fact!

The original has sold but since it took over 30 hours to make this I'm not super enthusiastic about making this one ever again haha


bredelund t1_iyefoev wrote

But the link shared further down. (Thant you thanked for) say there still 9 of them in stock?


Pikajane OP t1_iyeidz2 wrote

I'm not sure what you mean, feel free to elaborate!


garry4321 t1_iyefqrl wrote

I cant see it that well, let me just hold it up to the light real quick...


shecky79 t1_iyeg1se wrote

Let me see that for second.


CardNGold t1_iyeh56d wrote

First, bravo very nice!

Second thought was what if it falls off or gets knocked over? I'm stressed just thinking about it lol.


CardNGold t1_iyehgvu wrote

Just saw OPs reply and now just appreciate the job well done.


Balijana t1_iyeickx wrote

probably harder to do than painting the real one :D


89ZX10 t1_iyesmb8 wrote

I would take the knobs off so noone messes it up


Nakker_DiGriz t1_iyey6qm wrote

Really curious, over that length of time thats presumably several days or a week or so in actual time, how do you remember where the "etch" is? Is it just memory or do you leave a sticker or something on where you left it?

And on a side note do you plan out or go with the flow as that is a very impressive recreation


Pikajane OP t1_iyezk6p wrote

I do often forget where I left the stylus, and what I normally do in that circumstance is jiggle the knobs ever-so-slightly until I notice minute movement on the screen. I do my best to park the stylus in a corner or area where it's more visible (where I've etched a lot of the powder off, for example) to make it easier on me when I get back to it.


DaltmanA t1_iyf3c60 wrote

You should put a magnet and place it on the fridge ;)


Doofus_Boy_1470 t1_iyf4nym wrote

How though, I cant even draw somthing in those toys


LostKid16 t1_iyf5frk wrote

Who’s gonna tell him the case won’t prevent the shaking to erase it?


fmfbrestel t1_iyf5phz wrote

Time to drill a hole in the back of that thing and let out all of the extra dust.


KenyNet t1_iyfazss wrote



cdtobie t1_iye5xbh wrote

I’m an artist. But also a developer. I’d be way more interested in developing a rig to Etch-a-Sketch the Mona Lisa for me (or whatever else I wanted) than do so it manually.


Pikajane OP t1_iye9ypj wrote

in theory this would work since it's a plotter. In practice every Etch A Sketch has its own minute mechanical flaws and idiosyncrasies which makes it so that the knobs sometimes lock up and skip at random parts which would make mass automation difficult. On top of that, each Etch A Sketch has varying line weights etc so it's hard to pick units that consistently function exactly the same both mechanically and cosmetically.

People have been able to program some really cool stuff with arduinos but this level of detail would probably take more effort than it's worth for reproducing.


cdtobie t1_iyewjl2 wrote

As for the ideosyncracies; calibration was what I specialized in, the fun part would be baselining the device and creating calibration corrections from the target print. I’d be even more interested if there was an RGB Etch-a-Sketch, so I could color calibrate it as well!