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Jitterbug2018 t1_j69pvr7 wrote

I know the OP wants to turn this into some kind of Nazi salute thing but those people are raising there hands in worship. Not saluting a swastika.


brother_p t1_j69pak0 wrote

It's not a nazi salute; it's a blessing.


StephenTexasWest t1_j69plaq wrote

Really? I grew up with hand raising in worship. Not just Pentecostles either. Even the Catholics worshipped this way.

Even in weddings.

Never been to a music concert? These folks do the same thing, but for God.


MelonTosser OP t1_j69rhpx wrote

I grew up Catholic, but haven’t practiced for a long time. Not that I don’t believe you but, this was all news to me.


rukaidai t1_j69sx6j wrote

Don't worry. I've been to Catholic school growing up and didn't know this existed until I met my husband who's Baptist. Basically if you can't touch the person to bless them, you raise your palm in their direction to bless them from a distance. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.


duh_metrius t1_j69qzfm wrote

Congratulations on your first church.


MelonTosser OP t1_j69sl4y wrote

I grew up Catholic, never saw this before. Given I haven’t been in a few years.


JadedTaurus33 t1_j69xtoq wrote

You've never seen a "laying of hands" prayer before? Say whaaaaaaaaaat? To quote Gandhi.


MelonTosser OP t1_j69y9u5 wrote

Haha I’m getting downvoted like crazy on this post, but yeah I promise I’ve never seen this before. Caught me off guard.


JadedTaurus33 t1_j69yvt3 wrote

People are jumping to all sorts of conclusions because of the supposed hairy nature of the post. Perhaps when posting pictures of congregation thoughts should be more clear as to what you're trying to post instead of inviting discourse to sit at the head.


MelonTosser OP t1_j69yzvn wrote

You live and you learn I suppose


JadedTaurus33 t1_j69z9e4 wrote

Yup. Lessons are hard. Real life lessons hit harder though. All you have to worry about is a little dip in internet points. Can't be too bad.


MelonTosser OP t1_j69zz9a wrote

Lol definitely don’t care about Reddit points. More interested by how defensive people were. While I understand gestures can have multiple meanings, this one has a strong connotation with Nazis, however Christians still (seemingly) stand firmly behind it and use it regularly for their own meaning.


JadedTaurus33 t1_j6a0r2p wrote

Every symbol that matters is one appropriated and turned towards another cause. The swastika itself is a Hindu or Buddhist (don't know which.) Symbol for the sun, which was taken and turned 45°. I'm surprised there hasn't been a movement that used the banded axe that Mussolini touted and turned it into some kind of rallying symbol for the people... Perhaps it's too complex of a symbol? Perhaps it hasn't been used because an axe head is too violent for the sensibilities of the common folk. Many things to consider when gathering people under a cause.


MelonTosser OP t1_j6a13c4 wrote

Right, the Swatstika is a great example. Appropriated by Nazis and I feel no longer used by Hindu/Buddhists bc of the connotation


utvillans t1_j69pavi wrote

Yeah, extending their hands for blessings and actually not a nazi salute.


Applebark1 t1_j69r8y7 wrote

It’s not heil Hitler. 😂 it is simply hand to God.


MelonTosser OP t1_j69rmrz wrote

I realize that, just never saw it before


MOAB4ISIS t1_j69rnct wrote

I’d be curious to see if OP would ever post criticisms of a Muslim or Hindu wedding, but something tells me they never would. Probably because there isn’t internet clout for criticizing non Christian.


MelonTosser OP t1_j69ruft wrote

I honestly think most religions are problematic, I was raised Catholic and just never saw this type of blessing before


MOAB4ISIS t1_j69sn50 wrote

Yeah, but there is a difference between having an opinion, and actually going to a service, taking photos and of people without their consent, and posting it for internet clout.


Ace_of_Sevens t1_j69q5iq wrote

Are you a Baptist? Pretty much all other Christians do this.


charlesdexterward t1_j69rau1 wrote

My Lutheran church growing up did not. I occasionally saw this if I visited an evangelical friends youth group or something, but the arm was always bent like the lady in the grey coat, I never saw anyone do a full arm extension.


Not_Cleaver t1_j69t4lj wrote

Think I’ve seen it in a few Lutheran churches I’ve attended. Not sure my current Lutheran church does that. It was often to bless whoever was up there. I’m not sure I like it because it never felt natural to me. I guess if the spirit moves someone it’s okay. But I’ve never been comfortable with outward expressions of faith. Faith to me is something that’s private and expressions of it should be service to others.


minnesotaris t1_j69q68q wrote

The hands add more God-Power!!


catscausetornadoes t1_j69q6qe wrote

It’s not uncommon and not related to a seig heil.


MelonTosser OP t1_j69rjxl wrote

I just had never seen this type of blessing before


TrippinView t1_j69pvuy wrote

Wait you guys don't hail the lord?


LuftwaffeBeaver t1_j6b8il1 wrote

For some reason, we had to do the same thing in my private schools church. At the end of mass they would bring up the kids that had birthdays in the week and we would have to do this whole salute for some reason.


ResidentLavishness68 t1_j6a0rd4 wrote

You should delete the post instead of replying over and over that you get you were mistaken


healing-souls t1_j69pb2n wrote

Please give us more info on what was going on here


MelonTosser OP t1_j69q1c6 wrote

To be clear, I know it’s not a Nazi salute and a blessing, but found it off putting. Should probably change how they give blessings imo


levarrishawk t1_j69qa1q wrote

Something tells me you find a lot about Christianity off putting if you are posting on Reddit about it.


MelonTosser OP t1_j69r99x wrote

I just don’t go to Church, this was all news to me.


BrianUnfiltered98 t1_j69rx0h wrote

Or you should just mellow out a bit.


MelonTosser OP t1_j69s653 wrote

Did my response seem enraged?


BrianUnfiltered98 t1_j69t0hk wrote

You took a pic of them without their permission & posted it on Reddit, so you clearly feel it's a big deal.


MelonTosser OP t1_j69t8kh wrote

It was a wedding, so many pictures were being taken. I just found it odd. Clearly people feel strongly about it


ThaumKitten t1_j69t79l wrote

Not enraged, but unnecessarily disturbed, tbh.

"An entirely different church, which I have literally no experience or exposure to, should change their expressions that they've literally done for a long time because I'm the one who suddenly, with no prompting or reason whatsoever, decided it looked like Nazism's heil gesture."


MelonTosser OP t1_j69tgup wrote

Swatstika had a different meaning before Nazi but you don’t see it being used in that manor before. I’m sorry to have offended you so deeply by me being exposed to this for the first time.