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duh_metrius t1_j69qzfm wrote

Congratulations on your first church.


MelonTosser OP t1_j69sl4y wrote

I grew up Catholic, never saw this before. Given I haven’t been in a few years.


JadedTaurus33 t1_j69xtoq wrote

You've never seen a "laying of hands" prayer before? Say whaaaaaaaaaat? To quote Gandhi.


MelonTosser OP t1_j69y9u5 wrote

Haha I’m getting downvoted like crazy on this post, but yeah I promise I’ve never seen this before. Caught me off guard.


JadedTaurus33 t1_j69yvt3 wrote

People are jumping to all sorts of conclusions because of the supposed hairy nature of the post. Perhaps when posting pictures of congregation thoughts should be more clear as to what you're trying to post instead of inviting discourse to sit at the head.


MelonTosser OP t1_j69yzvn wrote

You live and you learn I suppose


JadedTaurus33 t1_j69z9e4 wrote

Yup. Lessons are hard. Real life lessons hit harder though. All you have to worry about is a little dip in internet points. Can't be too bad.


MelonTosser OP t1_j69zz9a wrote

Lol definitely don’t care about Reddit points. More interested by how defensive people were. While I understand gestures can have multiple meanings, this one has a strong connotation with Nazis, however Christians still (seemingly) stand firmly behind it and use it regularly for their own meaning.


JadedTaurus33 t1_j6a0r2p wrote

Every symbol that matters is one appropriated and turned towards another cause. The swastika itself is a Hindu or Buddhist (don't know which.) Symbol for the sun, which was taken and turned 45°. I'm surprised there hasn't been a movement that used the banded axe that Mussolini touted and turned it into some kind of rallying symbol for the people... Perhaps it's too complex of a symbol? Perhaps it hasn't been used because an axe head is too violent for the sensibilities of the common folk. Many things to consider when gathering people under a cause.


MelonTosser OP t1_j6a13c4 wrote

Right, the Swatstika is a great example. Appropriated by Nazis and I feel no longer used by Hindu/Buddhists bc of the connotation