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soccerk1 OP t1_j69jd1a wrote

Taken at Rundetaarn, Copenhagen, Denmark


downwithbgp t1_j6bj7lf wrote

That’s great, but what’s the lens/camera?


soccerk1 OP t1_j6ca0hn wrote

Canon 5D Mk IV with 24-70L


stardvloper t1_j6dryrt wrote

Great gear dude


soccerk1 OP t1_j6dsaoc wrote

Thanks! I've thought about going mirrorless at some point but it just doesn't make sense until gear gets significantly lighter or smaller.


stardvloper t1_j6hbito wrote

100% I'm using a DSLR as well. Nikon D7500 (I want to switch but only when a newer model comes out because I still do kinda like this one for the crop factor)


double-happiness t1_j6a2duc wrote

I was at a rave here in Scotland (Cramond Island Cammo) years ago, and this dude I was talking to just suddenly asked me to take his photo...

Always cracks me up when I see it. I showed him the pic, and he was like 'perfect! Nailed it!' Very pleased he was lol


Fun-Airport8510 t1_j6bsfa5 wrote

I was near John Knox’s burial site along the Royal Mile in Edinburgh back in 2010 and met a German kid on holiday. We talked for an hour or so and then got pictures together. Still follow each other on social media after all these years.


Medrea t1_j6bko0f wrote

Rave Out Door.... Middle of the day.... With no sign of any music equipment.. ...or people.... .. yeah rock on man looks sick! Lol I tease


double-happiness t1_j6ch4uv wrote

> Rave Out Door....

Of course it was outdoors, free techno parties in the UK invariably are.

> Middle of the day....

That was taken in the morning, after being up all night.

> With no sign of any music equipment.. ...or people....

Yeah well I don't think my camera was pointing in that direction. But like I say a lot of them would have left by that stage as it was about 7AM as I recall.

Here are the pics from the rest of the night:


halfbarr t1_j6czgor wrote

Ah man, nostalgia-vertigo...miss those days, miss the people, miss waking up in a circle of strangers in a field and getting the 'you alright mate? you were fucked, haha!' as they passed me a spliff.

Paying for it now, but would do it all again in a heartbeat. Cheers for posting.


double-happiness t1_j6db7rm wrote

That taking you back huh? I still have a big pile of flyers and posters, which I scanned some years ago: Quite a few of those were events I attended, and even one I helped put on (Flow).


H0agh t1_j69oxxz wrote

That photo looks straight out of the 90's


akie t1_j6a4vqy wrote

The correct way to handle such a situation is to start singing "Backstreet's Back... alright!"


amadeus2490 t1_j6al51v wrote

I was gonna say: They have late '90s/early 2000s haircuts.


Chrisclaw t1_j6abjcu wrote

At least they’re not flipping the camera off like a lot of people do. I think that shits stupid


soccerk1 OP t1_j6ae2kq wrote

That's honestly what I was expecting when they jumped in front of my shot to begin with. I was surprised and amused afterwards.


User2079 t1_j6awmvf wrote

Looks like boys are the same all over. My son and his friends would do the same kind of pose.


Uknewmelast t1_j6aojxn wrote

They seem happy good for them


logosfabula t1_j6a9gzi wrote

They look like a great bunch!


Chardradio t1_j6b0ggl wrote

Little Arcteryx-wearing fucker! My twelve year old ass never


peachpinkjedi t1_j6aqpvs wrote

When I went to Poland, a little girl did a peace sign for a picture I was taking while inside the eye of what I assume was a sculpture in Krakow. The little moments are nice.


cannikins t1_j6axt38 wrote

OP has a nice camera


Smirkly t1_j6b3c22 wrote

A nice looking bunch of boys.


robjapan t1_j6c0mih wrote

I wonder if I'll live long enough to see this recreated in a few decades....


Archoir t1_j6bcfwc wrote

Ah shit, I love this. Look at their faces! I usually hate wholesome stuff but this gets a pass


The-BEAST t1_j6bhuvc wrote

Feels like the 90s and no cell phones in sight. Could have fooled me haha


SirSukkaAlot t1_j6byweq wrote

Different handsigns across the board and the 2 most right lads have fancy shoes and as bonus the guy sitting behind them does hover feet

Overall 7.5/10

Ty for posting


General_Ramen t1_j6co3bi wrote

“I wish there was a way to know you are in the good old days before you’ve actually left them.” Andy Bernard


mckulty t1_j6colqq wrote

Copenhagen Cowboys?


MLaw2008 t1_j6dj7bu wrote

The dude in the background only has 7 days to live.


Georodin t1_j6aa7d7 wrote

BUt wHat aBouT DSGVO??? XD


TheMadGeezer t1_j6brdcq wrote

Forever young, I want to be forever young. - Alphaville


WDW80 t1_j6dbgkz wrote

Aww! As a mom of teenage boys, this warms my heart. They look like they are having so much fun.


joncornelius t1_j6dvhkh wrote

Great photo! Hope these lads get to see it!


plaaya t1_j6bbtrr wrote

That’s German humor for you lmfaooo


favnh2011 t1_j6bjc09 wrote

Looks like they are happy


mathemon t1_j6bm2nr wrote

Is this Trier?


Uniq_Eros t1_j6btn4a wrote

Dang one of them got No Wayed Home.


msew t1_j6caw3g wrote

Well since it was your camera, what type of camera was it?


Flat_Professional_55 t1_j6cpwuv wrote

Kid on the right wearing loafers haha. Long live baggy jeans.


londons_explorer t1_j6aka2j wrote

I guess you're not German...

In Germany it is considered rude(and possibly illegal too) to publish a photo on the internet unless you have permission of everyone in the frame.

This photo has enough people in the background that I'm pretty sure you didn't get permission.


nerosius t1_j6c7jo7 wrote

It's a public place and the people in the background were not photographed directly... Everything is fine here