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ShatteredAvenger t1_j8phfxy wrote

how the hell did the thieves load it?


Aggravating_Foot_528 t1_j8pov8w wrote

Found a Bigfoot to carry it


Sunfish-Studio t1_j8q1wgl wrote

Right? At that point just let them have it, they worked for it!


[deleted] t1_j8qg1e1 wrote

They stole a back loader lololllllll


BorisTheMansplainer t1_j8xxdg2 wrote

Did they really? I saw a video clip on KDKA and the thieves clearly drove something with significant tread up to the bell. I wouldn't have guessed that that was also stolen, but it does make sense.


[deleted] t1_j8yf8p7 wrote

It was on my ring neighbor thing, said they stole the backhoe to move the bell


flippant_burgers t1_j8q9nco wrote

I just want to say that I submitted the update to openstreetmaps when this church was demolished. We live pretty close by and people came to take stones from the rubble to use in retaining walls. Never thought about what happened to the bell.


puppy_fan t1_j8pu687 wrote

Was probably at a Taco Bell, right under our noses!


Anotherburner42069 t1_j8q2nur wrote

So they drove by it. Literally zero effort to recover it.


KentuckYSnow t1_j8whcko wrote

Zero effort to remove from property either besides the weight. Street view just shows the bell sitting on the grass in the graveyard like trash.


[deleted] t1_j8qfz9l wrote

OMG, this was on my ring alert, lolll, I’ll never not laugh about this, lol. It’s usually shootings, this way better news. Like I’ve lived in Detroit, Tampa, and Pittsburgh guess which city is the most violent. I’ll give ya a hint, it wasn’t the mitten or the flacid southern member danglin off the SE like gramps at a nude beach Lolollll