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KytFlyr t1_j9zn978 wrote

Still had seasonal depression all “winter.” What a rip-off!


UselessLezbian t1_ja0705r wrote

Even the warmth doesn't get rid of those early dark days. I go to work, it's dark. I come home, it's dark. That's what does it for me.


johnsonchicklet1993 t1_ja0k5rh wrote

Friend, that sounds like WORK is the problem. Take me back to pre-history when our ancestors would REST during winter 😌


enemy_of_your_enema t1_ja4nzfp wrote

Well, rest and often starve.

How about take us forward to the future where we take advantage of our ridiculous levels of productivity to work less but maintain the same standard of living?


Willow-girl t1_ja7lulo wrote

I feel so sorry for office workers who can get all of their work done in 4 or 5 hours, then have to kill time for the rest of their 8-hour shift, while meanwhile I can barely get my building cleaned in 8.


enemy_of_your_enema t1_ja7p3xl wrote

That's not really how it works, at least in the office jobs I've had. There's always more work to be done, so we just end up doing more work the more productive we get.

And there's no need to sow division like you're doing. Office workers aren't your enemy.


Willow-girl t1_ja8dfhf wrote

I was an office worker once, too, mostly in the days before the Internet when all we could do to eff off was play Hearts on our computers, lol.


LukeV19056 t1_j9zz4op wrote

Me too. It’s the worst when we get a beautiful sunny day and I feel so much better then the next day it’s immediately taken away by cold dark weather


BurghPuppies t1_ja0vuah wrote

I had a guy tell me the oft her day he had “seasonal effectiveness”. He meant what you think he meant. I wanted to tell him, “no… you don’t” but I decided I’d already given him too much time.


Confident_End_3848 t1_j9zglr2 wrote

Something like an 18 inch snow deficit.


alwaysboopthesnoot t1_j9zsx0c wrote

It’s been weird lots of months and years, lately:


straw3_2018 t1_ja0v02v wrote

I love the hissnow sheet but you can look under observed weather and every day's climate report gives an updated number. We are 19.8 inches below average since July 1st as of today(the 25th) at 5:00PM.


BurghPuppies t1_ja0voex wrote

Love the climate page. You can sort any day of any year they have records for.


Equivalent_Alps_8321 t1_ja2cy6p wrote

Disaster for my job. We plowed snow literally once this whole winter. Insane.


Confident_End_3848 t1_ja2dk9f wrote

I swept the driveway twice. Used the shovel once. Put ice melt down once or twice. It’s like Pittsburgh moved to North Carolina.


AnonPlzzzzzz t1_ja1h8np wrote

Buffalo took all of our snow.

And I'm not mad about it. Played so much golf this winter.


drunkenviking t1_ja3b657 wrote

That's because I bought a snowblower this year.

Sorry about that.


Jack_Sandwich t1_ja0qxvn wrote

You’re welcome, everyone!

I committed and plunked down the money for a snowblower this year. And clearly that’s why winter was… sorta not

So, you’re welcome.


BurghPuppies t1_ja0vz1g wrote

I got one for Christmas of 2021. So yeah… this is definitely a thing.


LoneStar1127 t1_ja382b9 wrote

Thank you for scaring away cold and snow with your purchase.


MaeClementine t1_ja32d1g wrote

Just yesterday I was giving my snowblower the stink eye. It takes up so much space in my garage.


Equivalent_Alps_8321 t1_ja2cwz2 wrote

I bought tons of snow gear for work, didn't use any of it.


827xxx t1_ja2ez6o wrote

I bought a snow leopard. Couldn't let him outside once this winter


BlazeDemBeatz t1_ja3ag06 wrote

Even a snow shovel was a bad investment this year.

I used salt twice.


SnooDoubts2823 t1_ja0iesh wrote

I'll be the wet rag here.

This is ominous.


chippyinairplane t1_ja0p2pp wrote

Everyone seems to really enjoy this weather but I’m worried.


Scitron t1_ja0s6d3 wrote

Everyone will enjoy it until they realize summer will be similarly warmer than average and then it's "summer is too hot, you can't do anything in this heat"


pghgreatest t1_ja0wdd4 wrote

And stronger thunderstorms that have chance to knock out power


PeterVonwolfentazer t1_ja1m7v8 wrote

I agree. I used to live in Nashville and nobody did anything in June/July/August. Too darn hot!


iammas13 t1_ja0xe5h wrote

To make it somewhat better, if climate change wasn’t real it’d still be pretty warm right now. A good way of explaining it is that you roll a normal 6-sided die for weather, and 1 would be a very cold winter and 6 would be warm. Climate change, over time, replaces the 1 with a 7 (so you get a 2-7 range on a 6 sided die). This may be a 6 or 7, but otherwise a warm winter isn’t necessarily SUPER ominous or anything.


SnooDoubts2823 t1_ja3ho7y wrote

Back in 1997, I shared a Midway Airport shuttle with a guy who worked as a research meteorologist at the nearby Argonne National Laboratories. I asked him about global warming and he said he wished people wouldn't use that term at this time. What he said would happen was that we would see wild swings in weather and more severe storms. The overall temperature would increase but the main indicators would be unusual temperature and precipitation extremes. When you look west right now, the snow and cold is absolutely unreal for LA and parts of the high desert. People point to snowstorms as a contrarian indicator but what were seeing now is right on target with what he told me would happen. Everything he told me back in '97 is happening now.


Lord_oftheTrons t1_ja2xy1j wrote

I'm worried how bad the bugs will be this summer if it has been this warm in winter. I found ticks on my dog the other day and that isn't usual for February.


SnooDoubts2823 t1_ja3gz65 wrote

Oh get this - Friday night I found a stinkbug on my freakin' pillow! Now I'm going to have to check for the damn critters every night. But yeah, February and the ticks will be awful this year.


Willow-girl t1_ja7ljsh wrote

If you live in the country, get ya some Muscovy ducks! They really cut down on the tick population.


nonzer0 t1_ja08c9w wrote

And yet my gas bill was higher than ever 😐


enraged_hbo_max_user t1_ja1400k wrote

“You didn’t use enough, so we had to charge you more for what you did use.



monongahellyea t1_ja090qq wrote

We always joke about how we have Fall for 3 days and then it’s Winter… starting to feel like we now have Fall for 6 months peppered with 3 weeks of Winter lol.


Professional_Fish250 t1_ja0tijs wrote

Fall temperatures started the first day of fall, and those temps basically stayed the same since


StrumWealh t1_ja0810l wrote

As admittedly nice as it feels, it is unnerving that there are multiple 70°F-or-over days in the middle of February, at this latitude and this far inland.

If this is February, June & July are likely to be even more sauna-like (e.g. particularly hot and humid) and generally unpleasant.


Lil_Phantoms_Lawyer t1_ja8nxc1 wrote

>If this is February, June & July are likely to be even more sauna-like

There is no correlation between a warm winter and a hot summer. The wind pattern has been very favorable this year, it's not climate doomerism.


librarianjenn t1_j9zmnfw wrote

I’m honestly surprised it’s only 12 degrees above normal


James19991 t1_j9zm6if wrote

It's been so surreal


zelenadragon t1_ja1s3i2 wrote

The part of my brain where my seasonal affective disorder lives has been loving this. The part where my climate anxiety/existential dread lives... not so much.


ToonMaster21 t1_ja0vyno wrote

As said on the last weather post, “I’ll take climate change for $1200”


Pwrmyr t1_ja1c9qq wrote

Punxy Phil lied to us.


Financial_Lime_252 t1_ja1lybw wrote

Pretty sure Phil has a success rate of 39% or something like that, they should just switch what the shadow/non shadow represents and boom he will have a 61% success rate.


Wouldwoodchuck t1_ja3qcn0 wrote

And the record days were NOT consecutive…. All on different weeks. The swings this year have been Alarming.


TwinkiePower420 t1_ja1v73s wrote

I’m gonna be honest, I’m horrified by this, but considering this was my first winter here I’m thankful 🥲


827xxx t1_ja2f2b1 wrote

I vividly remember shoveling my driveway 27x last year


DIY_Creative t1_ja7m2xd wrote

I also saw that three 70 degree days (the records OP mention) are the first time since records began in 1875 that we've had three 70 degree days in February.


konajinx t1_j9zjmtd wrote

My kind of winter.


Ryan1006 t1_ja0avkq wrote

Mine too. We just have to make it through the next three weeks and I think we will be in the clear as far as any possible big snow events are concerned.


johnsonchicklet1993 t1_ja0kabi wrote

Famous last words!


Ryan1006 t1_ja0s8yk wrote

I know, now we’ll get a big storm in April out of nowhere.


MustangMimi t1_ja1cxug wrote

Or a cold May.


johnsonchicklet1993 t1_ja1eqzf wrote

Don’t even speak those words!


alphabet_order_bot t1_ja1es10 wrote

Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order.

I have checked 1,371,998,705 comments, and only 263,078 of them were in alphabetical order.


MustangMimi t1_ja1o0am wrote

I’m sorry.


Ryan1006 t1_ja32slz wrote

A cold May would be brutal with my kid’s soccer and baseball season coming up.


stadulevich t1_ja1ai0a wrote

This makes me so happy.


JuliaX1984 t1_j9zhku6 wrote

Fine by me.


ajs904 t1_ja0o68n wrote

Why are people downing this ? Lol


unforgiven91 t1_ja0vc6p wrote

because the weather is a symptom of climate change and we're growing ever more fucked


ajs904 t1_ja0zt8s wrote

Not everything is that deep.


burritoace t1_ja11eiy wrote

It has nothing to do with being deep, it is just our reality. Ignorance is bliss!


jetsetninjacat t1_ja1leui wrote

I mean.... how can anyone not look at the past 30 years alone and say... we have a problem?

It's sad asf. I hate this timeline.


JuliaX1984 t1_ja0rtx5 wrote

Because we're supposed to fear all changes in weather patterns and interpret them as signs of impending doom resulting from using electricity and plastic straws.


physicallyatherapist OP t1_ja194i0 wrote

Yeah this is just a single weather pattern and not the climate actually getting worse over decades that's backed by data from the best scientists. But hey, if it's fine by you then I guess we have nothing to worry about! 🤡


JuliaX1984 t1_ja1ckgh wrote

Are said scientists all living their lives as if it's a genuine threat (eating vegan, no driving or flying, no heat or electricty from fossil fuels, no single use products...)? Because if you have personally done the experiments that prove to you that it's true, the only logical response is to want to stop contributing to the problem in any way. As soon as I know their discovery has made all scientists who have made said discovery change their lifestyle to limit emissions as much as possible, I will believe they believe it's an urgent problem and thus believe it's an urgent problem myself.


physicallyatherapist OP t1_ja1eif4 wrote

Educate yourself. This is a problem that needs major policy change to reverse action. It's not as simple as not using single use products. The average person can do things to help as much as they can, but it's not enough without major structural changes. Saying "fine by me" and then downplaying the issue as just "weather patterns" is just pure ignorance


JuliaX1984 t1_ja1m7rg wrote

Rephrase: I'll live my life exactly as the scientists who discovered this do and pay the same amount of attention to my use of modern technology and inventions as they do.


physicallyatherapist OP t1_ja1qstr wrote

Oh are you protesting for climate change so much you're getting arrested for it? Writing to your congressmen? Suggesting policy changes? On top of all of those changes? Only voting Democrat since they're the only ones pushing for policy changes? If not then stfu


JuliaX1984 t1_ja1rj95 wrote

I'm pretty sure any wealthy politician you vote for on either side uses more fossil fuels than I do, and electing them to office and ensuring their salary to keep spending on limos, flights, and steak dinners just contributes to climate change. If they believe in such policy changes, why wouldn't they currently live their life the way said policies say everyone should? They're free to eat vegan, bike everywhere, and not go to Starbucks under current policy.

I'm a legal secretary. You don't want to know how many trees every single legal case kills, no matter how small.


physicallyatherapist OP t1_ja1vi8v wrote

No. This isn't a "both sides" thing. Only one political party actually pushes to pass policy to improve the environment, tax the rich, and push for carbon taxes while the other side tries to prevent it. Maybe you should try to do your part like the scientists. Rather than pretend this isn't an issue.


JuliaX1984 t1_ja1yj3v wrote

Policies for you and me to follow, not for them to follow. Unless the politician you vote for already eats vegan, never drives or flies, never uses plastic or air conditioning or too much heat or any of the other things climate policies are designed to restrict, they have no real desire to fix anything, just to be popular. Unless they walk the walk, you're not voting for someone who sincerely cares about fixing a problem they see as urgent.


physicallyatherapist OP t1_ja349ql wrote

Again, educate yourself. Major structural changes with carbon taxes, incentives and expanding green energy, and making it easier to switch to green energy with policy is 1000x more impactful than stuff like never using plastic. Stop making excuses for your own actions and laziness. "Hrr drr I'm not going to improve anything myself unless everyone else does"


JuliaX1984 t1_ja35esv wrote

Then if people are free to use all the plastic and emissions they want because it's not significantly harmful, what was the point of all this? How are people selfish if their choices aren't even impacting others anyway? I'm sorry, but logically, an action like flying in a plane can't be both harmful when you do it but worthless when you don't do it.


physicallyatherapist OP t1_ja3edto wrote

I've already said that those things can be improved and people CAN do their part but without policy changes (like banning single use plastic or carbon taxes) then average people or corporations aren't going to be incentivized to do it. You need major policy changes alongside personal improvement. You're trying to make excuses for your own laziness and somehow think that the 535 people in federal Congress are the ones that are doing all of the polluting or aren't doing things too (without actually backing up those claims in any way). Since Trump has done tax fraud does that mean you should do it too? You do what is best for society and the future, not use moronic and childish "logic" of.. well they aren't doing it so why should I? Again, if you aren't voting Democrat, aren't actually doing the work of holding those same politicians accountable with protesting, and aren't spreading awareness of what is happening rather than "fine with me" BS attitude then you really need to stfu for real because you're part of the larger problem of pretending there isn't an issue and not doing anything yourself to help fix it


JuliaX1984 t1_ja3xi31 wrote

If someone told me, "Don't drink that! I've tested it and found that it's poisonous!" and then proceeded to drink it themselves, I wouldn't find their warning credible.


physicallyatherapist OP t1_ja3zu56 wrote

You're making up hypothetical scenarios as an excuse for your laziness. You have no idea of how every single politician lives their lives and you're basing your actions off of them for climate but I guarantee you don't base any other decision on that.


Lord_oftheTrons t1_ja30m04 wrote

Sounds kind of selfish.

Screw the future generations because you have some arbitrary criteria to leave a better world for a future generations.


JuliaX1984 t1_ja31sdv wrote

(If it was better, people wouldn't need laws to force them to use solar panels, eat vegan, or forgo plastic.)

If the people pushing for policy changes really believed they were necessary for future generations, they would live their lives the way they want everyone else to. They don't, so they obviously don't believe we're screwing future generations. If the people who have studied it and people who advocate for laws based on it don't live like emissions generated by civilization are actually dooming future generations, I truly have no idea why anyone thinks changing how they live is necessary for future generations. There's no indication people who study it or advocate for laws based on it actually treat it as a serious threat and adjust how they live accordingly (if they do, they better share it and have it verified). They repeatedly say it's a serious threat to future generations, but unless such knowledge has motivated them to change their ways, I honestly don't get why people think they sincerely believe it or that there's a genuine threat.


Lord_oftheTrons t1_ja33pdl wrote

Are you aware of the massive subsidies we have been giving fossil fuels for decades? That is precisely the policy change that is needed.

The point of that comic went straight over your head. By your logic we should go back to the days of horribly polluted air and waters in Pittsburgh because why should we have to change for future generations. Very selfish and your comments just reinforce it. Apparently you won't feel a need to change until every scientist in the world rides a bike and eats vegetables so the bar is so high for you there's no point in arguing.


JuliaX1984 t1_ja34gxu wrote

I'm anti-subsidies, but end them because it's unfair. Actually, if people really want them gone, they could argue they should go because they're unfair simce fearmongering hasn't worked and get more people on their side. But it's apparently not urgent enough to try to find a different tactic.

If I believed eating vegan and never using plastic or air conditioning was necessary to help future generations, I would do it. But none of the people saying we should act like we should, so I don't get why anyone takes the claims of danger seriously. I truly can't conclude I'm hurting anyone when the people saying I am do the same things. It's not unreasonable to assume people who genuinely believe that actions are evil or dangerous won't do them.


Lord_oftheTrons t1_ja363qa wrote

I would agree there are plenty of celebrities preaching about things like climate change that are massive hypocrites and emit more CO2 in a week than I do in my life. However I think you have a weird view of who these scientists are. They aren't billionaires, they're everyday people for the most part and are concerned when their expertise shows worrying predictions of the future.

Creating peer reviewed papers that warm of climate change and its impacts isn't fear mongering, it is their job. What the media and people do with it is fear mongering but science isnt. I think you vastly overestimate the influence scientists have on things like public policy. Lobbyists for companies have orders of magnitude more influence on policy across every industry than the people doing research.


physicallyatherapist OP t1_ja9h7ya wrote

Jesus you're an idiot. There are people that are literally changing how they live like going vegan, not driving, and using less plastic. You just don't know any so you think no one else is doing it. You just keep making up scenarios as excuses.


JuliaX1984 t1_ja9nmjp wrote

So? Individual choices don't make a difference, right?


physicallyatherapist OP t1_jaaitiv wrote

They do make a difference and I wrote that before. I'm glad you at least realize your idiocy


burritoace t1_ja11qo0 wrote

It would be great if the solution was just burying one's head in the sand


JuliaX1984 t1_ja14f3z wrote

No ostrich ever did that. Insert analogy about mistakenly assuming ostriches bury their heads in the sand...


OrangeDelicious4154 t1_ja19r8f wrote

I haven't had to wear a winter coat at all this season, it hasn't dipped below freezing.


PlumDoggTrill t1_ja1dzag wrote

I think it's common to have short-term memory loss when it comes to weather. Remember Christmas?? The wind chill was something like -27!


Skirtlongjacket t1_ja1obya wrote

There have only been two or three days when I could play in the snow with my kid. This winter is a bust.


Willow-girl t1_ja7lcll wrote

I can't blame anyone whose memory blocked out that nightmare.


physicallyatherapist OP t1_ja1eso7 wrote

For like 3 days and then went back to 60 again. There have been significantly more warm days than cold ones


PlumDoggTrill t1_ja1fy65 wrote

I'm not saying it hasn't been warmer. OrangeDelicious said they haven't worn a coat all winter and that it hasn't dropped below freezing. I'm just saying that the latter is not true.


RedModsSuck t1_ja1o74i wrote

A narrative is being pushed, not reality.

Edit: The useful idiots chiming in.


OrangeDelicious4154 t1_ja4sd5k wrote

Haha I was out of town for 4 days over Christmas so that explains it! I hadn't realized I had such good timing with the weather, I usually prefer to stay home.