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Before pandemic, and even really long before that, there used to be all these late night places to do work after 9 or 10. Tom's Diner, The Beehive, multiple Starbucks, Crazy Mocha, even The O.

Now it's like there's no coffeeshop open past 9. Most close at 6 or 7.

Do you know of any place conducive to working on a laptop that is open past 9? Extra points if within the city.



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lindzer1285 t1_j6uiwpj wrote

I truly miss The Beehive


CL-MotoTech t1_j6wgxgv wrote

My landlord owned the Beehive. He was/is (haven't talked to him in years) a good dude. He took care of people. The loss off the Beehive is a real shame. Such a neat place.


Awright83 t1_j6wypw6 wrote

No doubt, the beehive was a staple of the pittsburgh I grew up in, kinda hippy, kinda grungy, kinda punk, all coexisting. Moved away about ten years ago and even then there weren’t a lot of those places left


Llamacka t1_j6y8eae wrote

I’m assuming you’re not talking about the pagan drive thru strip joint on 22 that’s been closed for a while lol?


[deleted] t1_j6x85wf wrote



pierogie_65 t1_j6xap1j wrote

it’s is true that peduto is a pos. however i think the part about young folks not wanting to work is boomer mentality. no one wants to work but since we have to we want to be paid a livable wage and be treated with dignity and when we sense anything less than that we give our employers anything less than our best. it’s quite simple really. we don’t tolerate abuse like the older generations did.

it’s shocking that you went from correctly blaming government and political officials who are actually in charge of legislation, to the young people in this city not wanting to work. if we use your logic, people like peduto are hurting small business in this city which in turn hurts employees = employees not wanting to tolerate shitty conditions.

people stop listening to you when you throw out the old “young people don’t want to work” fyi


pierogie_65 t1_j6xbeob wrote

also it sounds like you’ll likely hire the person who’s easier to manipulate, will work for less money, and doesn’t have the proper language to tell you to fuck off.


[deleted] t1_j6xcdd3 wrote



arguchik t1_j6xy1pv wrote

>But I do fucking try to make the work lives of those around me better

How do you decide what "better" looks like to your employees, or whoever you mean by "those around [you]"? This is a serious question. Do you assume that what you think is better is, objectively, better, and then institute changes based solely on your own view of things? Or do you ask people what they need and have a conversation about it, with the goal of reaching an agreement about what changes would strike a better balance between what you need and what they need?


pierogie_65 t1_j6yebm4 wrote

right it’s like they’re saying “i had it shitty and i’m giving you better, so why are you complaining”

someone needs to tell this person that their “better” is someone else’s “way fucking worse”


Ok-Personality-1048 t1_j6yxjgu wrote

Have you guys ever been to Black Forge Coffee in Mckees Rocks? So much like the Beehive but goth. Lots of live music. And death metal yoga classes.


sparksofthetempest t1_j6up5rv wrote

Yeah, young people have no idea how the loss of 24 hour meeting places are also impacting socializations. I mean I guess the older women who waited on us in the 90’s at 3 a.m. weren’t thrilled but that’s how I cemented at least 3 different relationships at Denny’s, Eat and Park and Perkins. I wouldn’t know WTH to do now if I was single.


Alexispinpgh t1_j6v2y6x wrote

I wouldn’t have made it through college without late night/very early morning Squirrel Hill Eat n Park runs. Are there any 24 hour Eat n Parks left at all, even?


iWantANewAlt t1_j6vbkib wrote

>Are there any 24 hour Eat n Parks left at all, even?

Nope. Every single one I looked at on the location list closes at 11pm (9pm Wexford)


Alexispinpgh t1_j6vcy66 wrote

So weird. So many of the memories of…well, my entire life, including literally working at an Eat n Park in high school, wouldn’t be possible now. Hell, I asked my now-husband out at the Squirrel Hill Eat n Park at like 1 a.m.


iWantANewAlt t1_j6ve00p wrote

I remember they'd do a late night breakfast bar on weekends. Now Squirrel Hill doesn't even have an E&P. College students from out of town will probably never go to one. Sad.


Alexispinpgh t1_j6vfc0s wrote

I remember going to that late night breakfast buffet many times. As a kid, my aunts took me after we went to see *NSYNC at the newly-built Heinz Field. As an adult…let’s just say some late nights ended there, lol.


Awright83 t1_j6wzjwm wrote

That late night breakfast bar was great. Drinks at the squirrel cage then over to eat n park. RIP


AgentG91 t1_j6wmgvo wrote

Going to EnP at 3am with friends was staple high school behavior in the early naughties.


livefast_dieawesome t1_j6wu4hc wrote

Before I drank/could get into bars we’d drink coffee and chainsmoke at ENP until 3 am


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_j6x1zbe wrote

Capitalism's end goal is to own your human experience and rent it back to you. We're now at the point where people think that personal interaction isn't valid unless it happens on commercial real estate.


sprawn t1_j6y4gg8 wrote

Like times 10.


They are sticking their grimy little tentacles into every aspect of human existence.

Hope you like paying to breathe. That's next.


polymerkid t1_j6vlwfe wrote

Same. Some of my lifelong friends came from all night Denny's hangouts


KS_Brian t1_j6x586j wrote

Yeah I think COVID was just the straw that broke the camel's back, and the weight of it is young people no longer having a social life outside of the internet


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_j6xan0x wrote

It's that young people have been trained to think that social interactions that happen outside of commercial real estate don't count.
When I first started dating my wife, many years ago, neither of us had any money. We spent a lot of time at local parks, or hiking trails. To this day most of our stuff outside of the house is cycling, hiking, etc.
I've suggested going to a park or something nature-related to people outside of this sub who were lamenting that it's too expensive to go out now, and was told that going to the park is weird.

People have been trained by a hundred years of capitalist brainrot to not enjoy their lives unless money is changing hands. It's sad.


ShatteredAvenger t1_j6xp1ew wrote

I hear your point, but most parks close at dusk, are reliant on weather, require being somewhat nearby, etc. Going the park is not "weird" but it doesn't hit the same itch for a lot of folks as going to hang out somewhere late at night when the rest of the world is quiet. I don't think it's quite as simple as "people don't enjoy their lives unless money is changing hands"- you shouldn't need to pay money to have a good time, but there's also nothing inherently wrong with throwing a couple bucks somewhere.


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_j6xuu5f wrote

America's traditional Third Places have been completely eradicated in favor of pay-to-access places. That's incredibly bad for American society and fosters alienation.


sprawn t1_j6y5gvp wrote

Even during the day the third places that used to be constructed to foster interaction between strangers and community building are being re-designed to shortcut every interaction into a financial exchange.

In this specific instance (24 hour businesses), there were dozens of them in Pittsburgh in the eighties and nineties (and before, serving swing shift steel workers, etc, for real, they actually made steel). The specific case of coffee shops and diners had about eight of them open all night in the nineties. You could truly sit there all night doing your homework, etc... Starbucks killed coffee shops. And the result is still visible today. You cannot interact with strangers at a Starbucks. They have redesigned the coffee business into a fast food model. You go in, order, and GTFO. There may be two or three tables, but people arrive at 6 am and "camp" the tables and guard them jealously. And they are there for the Wifi, not for Magic, the Gathering, or Parcheesi or organizing a community garden. This is during the day.


intrasight t1_j6vh215 wrote

True. But on the upside, people are having better sleep schedules since there's nothing to do in the evening besides go home.


mentalstaples t1_j6uc0o4 wrote

Butterwood Bake Consortium is open late and has coffee and snacks.


lupinedawg t1_j6xeivx wrote

Had to scroll too far to find this. Just went there twice this past weekend, both times around 8 or 9 ish in the evening and there were people working/studying at the tables. Pretty sure they’re open until 11pm

Their baked goods are incredible. Took my mom there for a slice of cake for her birthday. Did not disappoint


arguchik t1_j6xz0wt wrote

>Butterwood Bake Consortium

Ohhhh my god. Their baked goods are fantastic in every way. Creative, interesting, delicious, beautifully presented, everything.

My partner and I stumbled in by pure happenstance late-ish one night and were blown away by how good everything was. We ordered a lot more than we were planning to when we walked in because neither one of us could decide on just one thing! We brought a bunch home with us and enjoyed it over the next...well, TBH by the same time the next night we had eaten everything, LOL.


mandyjd t1_j6uwgdh wrote

I think only weekends though


Morc25 t1_j6uzl1j wrote

They are open until 11 everyday they are open which is Wednesday-Sunday


MILK_DUD_NIPPLES t1_j6va3kc wrote

Here’s an interesting article about the end of 24 hour businesses. I thought it was odd how they quietly vanished during COVID. Even Wal-Marts aren’t 24hrs anymore, it seems.


iWantANewAlt t1_j6vcliq wrote

Yeah a lot of 24 hour places have closed pretty much everywhere. Gas stations, some pharmacies, and maybe Denny's (and Waffle House) are still left. It almost seemed inertia was keeping them open before COVID and businesses are happy to shorten their hours.


sprawn t1_j6y5vqk wrote

They used COVID as an excuse to do what they had been wanting to do for decades. And it was at a time when there was MORE of a demand for 24/7 hours. We NEEDED businesses to stay open to spread out shopping hours, and they did the opposite to condense (pack in, literally, physically CLOSER together) people at the worst possible time. Classic Shock Doctrine.


Excelius t1_j6vg8lk wrote

Giant Eagle stopped having 24hr locations even before COVID.


MCRNRearAdmiral t1_j6vj1x8 wrote

Wal-Mart in North Versailles ceased 24-hour operations after a shooting- corporate in Bentonville added two additional Western Pennsylvania stores to that close at 11 PM/ reopen at 6 AM list for appearances.

Giant Eagle in New Kensington was I think the first to cease 24-hour operations- again, customer and employee safety were the drivers there.

COVID was just an excuse to institutionalize a common sense business response to an increasingly dangerous population, especially those who don’t have jobs and can wreak havoc in Wal-Marts and grocery stores all night. It won’t be coming back anytime this decade.


drewbaccaAWD t1_j6vdb19 wrote

This is a depressing thread, in that, more places are closed or now close early than I had realized. I wish you luck in finding an appropriate place, because I feel like a piece of my identity died over this pandemic. :( I hope we get some of our late night oasis's back.


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_j6x1sq2 wrote

If you really feel like a twenty-four hour business was "a piece of your identity," you need to get a grip. They're businesses. Businesses come and go all the time, and new ones will open.
People in this sub get so excited about the most inane restaurants. It's wild.


drewbaccaAWD t1_j6zmqb4 wrote

I need to get a grip because I spent two decades of my life regularly socializing at 24 hour locations? And now it's like we live in an entirely different world as those don't even exist anymore? I find it quite amazing to take a step back and look at what's gone. Late night grub after drinking with friends until the bars close, quietly reading a book by myself while drinking some coffee on a sleepless night.. late night study groups, cramming for finals.. or just hanging out until 2am because I wasn't yet old enough to drink and it was a good place for teenagers to hang out.

Your trollish response is no different than if you said "Shame they're tearing my old high school down, I have a lot of memories of that place" and them some douchebag online told you that high school was two decades ago and you should move on with your life.

Really not sure how you read into my comment as evidence that I'm the one that needs a grip here. You sure care a lot about some stranger's opinion... now that, is wild.

Anywho.. feel free to fuck off. I've seen plenty of other dumb troll responses from you in the past so I won't be wasting anymore time with you. ps. 90s called, they want their screen name back, funny guy.


Carphobic t1_j6ub3g0 wrote

If you’re looking for this regularly you might want to consider a 24/7 coworking space like CoHatch or Field Day.


johnsonchicklet1993 t1_j6ugtjk wrote

The privatization of the commons (yes I know coffee shops have always technically been privately owned, but they have often operated in vicem public spaces)…


Carphobic t1_j6ujs7f wrote

Fortunately there’s still some spots open until at least 9, and I guess you could use breweries although they may be louder. I used to manage a few of those late coffee shops and they made little money late.


sprawn t1_j6y3q0m wrote

Businesses that were open late were keeping those hours to do cleaning, prep, stocking, repair, accounting, and a variety of other tasks during off hours to avoid doing the tasks during the day. Over the last twenty years, everything has gotten more efficient. All the equipment is better, all the information systems are better, fewer suppliers do night runs, etc… So there has been a massive cascade that killed all night time operations across the board. NO ONE does anything at night any longer, and the few places that do — factories and infrastructure, have internalized their coffee, snack, and lunch capabilities. No one is out at night any longer. This was happening progressively before COVID and it's been a steep dropoff during COVID. Now it's happening EVEN FASTER because the very few businesses open late at night (who the hell wants to go to a Sheetz!?) now attract homeless (on the increase due to illegal Real Estate cartels) only, so staying open late is in no way worth it.


hodown94 OP t1_j6yth4m wrote

what is the cost of a membership to one of these places? They're not very clear on their website at all.


wayiswho t1_j6v4j0h wrote

Kickback Pinball Cafe in Lawrenceville is open til 11 and has a full coffee menu available til they close.


j_dotwhatup t1_j6v8v8d wrote

I love this place, but the pinball machines can be a bit much when trying to do work.


leadfoot9 t1_j6wl4qv wrote

I know. The Sheetz suggestion looks awesome by comparison.


Dangerous_Cookie4303 t1_j6uk540 wrote

Unfortunately I don't, but I would do bad things for a Tom's gyro meat breakfast special, although I don't drink anymore, but I would hope it would still be good


MrDeene t1_j6x4xng wrote

Coming home one year to find Tom's closed was suuuuuch a drag.


Awright83 t1_j6wyvc4 wrote

Oh shit yeah, I bet it would still hit the same


nonymiz t1_j6uii3j wrote

"The Library" on Carson st. is open 'til 2 AM.


throwaybeauty t1_j6uvgyg wrote

I believe they closed.


Eggman1103 t1_j6uzf35 wrote

They’re in the process of a soft opening this week.


throwaybeauty t1_j6v9rc8 wrote

Same peeps? I loved their late night deals.


Eggman1103 t1_j6vaelf wrote

I don’t believe so but don’t know for sure. Saw some postings on instagram and stopped in today. They have a decent whiskey selection


412Junglist t1_j6ve3nk wrote

New ownership, and it’s awesome from what I have heard.


YeahIveDoneThat t1_j6uvwgt wrote

Correct. Closed during pandemic but looks like it's getting a refurb currently.


1redcardinal t1_j6v7yj9 wrote

Check out some shared coworking spaces. Not to be rude but rather to inform- ordering a coffee and then taking up space for hours at a coffee shop isnt really appreciated by baristas or shop owners as it isnt conducive to a shops existence. Although it seems like a cultural norm to do work in a coffee shop , it shouldnt be viewed as a library type environment- theres a reason alot of the afforementioned shops no longer exist. - come have a coffee hang out for a bit, but dont consider it an office .


New_Acanthaceae709 t1_j6wsb6d wrote

I tend to look at it as a split; if the shop has extra space left, and tables, having half the tables full convinces walk-by traffic it's a good spot, and they do *more* business. If you see an empty service industry business, it's sketch, but one that's regularly healthily full? Game *on*.

If every last table is always full with people working, it's a disaster, because even regular customers will just walk by without buying anything. I've stopped going to one or two spots to drink coffee because I can't get a seat, and everyone's on a fucking laptop using it as a personal office.

If the shop's full don't camp there. If the shop is not full, it's an everyone-wins setup.


Gladhands t1_j6wtws2 wrote

They probably won’t do enough business to justify wages.


hodown94 OP t1_j6yllj8 wrote

I feel you, but i'd so much rather patronize a cafe then work at one of these shared spaces. They often feel very alienating and perhaps culture will glide towards them being the new norm and feel less isolating and lame. For now, there's a stilted feel when I've tried them but I think I will explore the option again and try it out.

But when patronizing a coffeeshop, I buy things, I tip well, I'm polite and conversational and I try to use only a small amount of space.

Some coffeeshops like Commonplace are really nice for this because they will outright explain to customers that it is an "open-seating environment" so if there's a table with four seats that means four strangers' butts can plop down and use the space. Perhaps it is a bit selfish and the baristas internally begrudge the use, but it does seem like a lifeline of this kind of place as well.

An issue is they close at 6 or 7. I recognize that this is based on demand for the space. I think there is a demand. We're just still in the craw of a post-covid state where people don't patronize places as often.


KS_Brian t1_j701bf3 wrote

it almost seemed like in the 90s we were evolving toward a european model where people are encouraged to hang out longer in cafes and restaurants and socialize instead of rushed in and rushed out but gentrification and unsustainably skyrocketing rents are more important


Jumpy-Natural4868 t1_j6u8viu wrote



grachi t1_j6vvess wrote

yea, was gonna say Sheetz. some GetGos have dining areas too with tables and chairs.


Jumpy-Natural4868 t1_j6wczox wrote

Honestly I've done this on weekends waiting for a kid at various weekend things and it wasn't bad. 99 percent of their business is take out.


LockedOutOfElfland t1_j6v2ecx wrote

Mixtape is gonna be open Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday until 12 pm according to their new hours (not counting Friday and Saturday because those are more of a "nightclub" vibe).

More of a bar (though it is "caffeine and cocktails") and probably not the best lighting/setup to do work, but you never know.


kirbypuckett t1_j6woyui wrote

One of the new owners of Mixtape has an interesting hobby that I’m not sure will jive with a lot of the crowd that used to frequent the old Mixtape.

(Warning to animal lovers)


heywhadayamean t1_j6wtfgq wrote

Maybe just tells us what it is rather than having to send people on an Instagram hunt.


kirbypuckett t1_j6wyd5y wrote

Good point...

Big game hunter, things like zebras, hippos, bears, hyenas, etc... I'm sure some folks are cool w/ that, just sorta rubbed me the wrong way.


Impossible-Peanut-41 t1_j6v7u4o wrote

I also thought this place closed?


LockedOutOfElfland t1_j6vb5xr wrote

It reopened under new ownership last month.


FlimsyTry2892 t1_j6vx5x2 wrote

Do you know if this is a sober bar? I thought it used to be. I’d love to find one.


LockedOutOfElfland t1_j6whb2s wrote

Not strictly but they do have a mocktail menu and zero proof beer.

Good question though - I know at least two people who’ve quit alcohol and the fact that basically everything in Pittsburgh revolves around drinking makes it difficult for them to find a reliable sober hangout space.


mandyjd t1_j6xj61b wrote

You mean like a late night coffee shop? Zing!


mandyjd t1_j6xjsl0 wrote

Yeah, srsly, I don't drink either and it is a problem.


FlimsyTry2892 t1_j6wnaz2 wrote

It is hard. I don’t even live in Pittsburgh, I’m in Wheeling. There’s absolutely nothing for me to do here.


doublesuede t1_j6vbl3x wrote

Struck that this seems to be something that genuinely doesn’t exist in Pgh anymore. I really wish that somebody would take the plunge and add some night hours, they’d probably make bank as sole option. The main problem that all restauranteurs are facing right now seems to be staffing, though.


burritoace t1_j6wd5e3 wrote

I think the profitability of these hours at places like this is probably vastly overestimated


sprawn t1_j6y6hvs wrote

They stayed open in the past, not for the business, but more for the need to do various operations when there are no or few customers around: cleaning, accounting, prep work, inventory, stocking, repairs, etc… Over the last twenty years, everything has gotten more efficient, and these operations can be forced into "late" night (after 8pm) or early morning (about 5 to 7 am). No need to keep the place open all night any longer. This was all happening slowly prior to COVID.


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_j6x29s3 wrote

Nobody wants to work for shit pay and shit bosses when there's still a pandemic floating around that could kill them, and I don't blame them at all. Working in a restaurant sucks at the best of times. It's no surprise that people got out en masse.


ordermaster t1_j6uxeb5 wrote

There's a couple combination cafe/bar places that might fit the bill, but they're still going to be more bar like at night. The Abbey on Butler in Lawrenceville. Margeaux in East Liberty. I guess they're both similar in concept to the beehive, but where the beehive had a cool punk vibe neither the Abbey nor Margeaux have a cool anything. They're both just variations on an upscale yuppie hangout. They're might be other similar places I'm missing.


MrAflac9916 t1_j6v7l93 wrote

I live in Athens, Ohio now and we have a great place called donkey coffee that’s open until midnight - as a night owl who wants late night options that aren’t always drinking alcohol, it’s amazing.

My family is in Pittsburgh still and I find myself so so bored after like 6 pm, unless it’s Friday or Saturday night.


Chubby-bunny-22 t1_j6vjbug wrote

Dobra tea in squirrel hill is open til 10 or 11 most nights. I love doing work there! (No coffee just tea fyi)


Greensuedesneakers t1_j6valto wrote

I miss the days when Coffee Tree in shadyside was open till midnight…


baffled_soap t1_j6w9g4k wrote

My experience as a barista was that the nighttime customers would just refuse to leave when it was time to close because they “weren’t done yet” with their conversation or their homework. It was a really uncomfortable situation & can make you feel unsafe when someone does that. That one latte they ordered two hours ago isn’t (IMO) worth that hassle.


Individual_Map_4518 t1_j6vyt7j wrote

I was an employee and hated it. Too many drunk people coming in all night long, especially on the weekends


TheMiddlePoli t1_j6vmn7x wrote

Central + Lower Lawrenceville having 5 coffee shops but none being open past like 4, except one is open till 6 on fri/sat. I literally have to drive to CTR in Shadyside, Yinz Coffee I know opens late in Bloomfield as well.


h3mip3nultim4te t1_j6upksb wrote

I used an EatNPark as my office in undergrad. Best of luck!


quincy_p_jackson t1_j6vxlxb wrote

It was like that well before the pandemic. Beehive closed in like 2018 and had scaled their late night hours way back even before then, for example.


bearsharkbear3 t1_j6y1jqy wrote

There is a Bunny Cafe open from 1 pm to 3:15 pm every third Thursday. They also don't have cafe items or bunnies.


Gladhands t1_j6wto3l wrote

You’re complaining that low-wage workers aren’t working late nights, so you can have a workspace outside your home, for the price of a coffee?


i8bagels t1_j6x1qii wrote

I don't think there are more daytime hours being made available by cutting back these late night hours though; I think it just represents more profit for the top tier.


DreadSocialistOrwell t1_j6zaclq wrote

Not for what this thread is about. But admittedly wages would come into it. So how about we say instead, there probably is a returning demand for late-evening non-bar locations for socializing, etc. Hopefully, these places will be providing a proper living wage to their employees.

Now that we're done trying to hijack via antiwork to the purpose of the thread:

Until the late 2000s, Pittsburgh was a very "close early" city. Outside of Bars, the city shutdown at 7 or 8pm. Anything that didn't involve drinking alcohol was closed. Downtown was DEAD. None of the bars existed on Penn Ave or 6th street (with a couple exceptions). But there was nowhere for anyone to go to socialize outside of a bar or a few restaurants.

We had exceptions as others have mentioned like The Beehive, The Hookah Lounge and other speakeasys where < 21 year olds could have something to do or others could have a place to socialize and mingle that wasn't overrun like South Side.

It took years for Pittsburgh to catch up with some of the "later night" crowds that had non-drinking alternatives and be a real city that could cater to people who had different hours and didn't conform to the 9-5 crowd.

Now everything seems to regressed back to like it was 10+ years ago.


Gladhands t1_j6zmu8w wrote

The entire world has changed in the pandemic. There’s simply is not enough of a market to support late-night a business that isn’t food or drink oriented. There are non-drinking third spaces, but their activity driven: bowling alleys and arcades. This person is looking for an evening space that is well lit and quiet, where they can occupy a workspace space without paying a fee. That was never a sustainable business model, and they won’t be returning here, or anywhere else.


mrphilipjoel t1_j6x30ip wrote

Not exactly an answer, but if you like new things this may be a partial solution. If you get a Quest 2 VR headset, you can get an app that has a free consumer version called Immersed VR.

You can view your computer screen (and even add up to five virtual displays) in the headset.

You can work in outer space, a virtual office, I think a movie theater.

They have a multiplayer coffee shop space where last I checked there was always usually a couple people there working or just chatting.

The paid version of the app lets you have private multiplayer experiences.

But in all multiplayer areas you can also choose if you want to share your screen with others (so you could collaborate with someone in the coffee shop if you wanted.


friskimykitty t1_j6veont wrote

Sheetz has dining areas and is open 24 hours.


ShadyBassMan t1_j6w4rh7 wrote

El Jefe in Oakland is open until 4am.


bootz-pgh t1_j701epb wrote

Nobody wants to work [for $8 an hour]. Businesses are paying more, but are only open during the most profitable hours. GetGo used to be jammed with employees, even at night. Now, it seems like 1/4 the number of employees are there during the late shift.


hodown94 OP t1_j70rik5 wrote

yeah, that's the best explanation for the situation. What strikes me is I feel there is a demand, so there could be businesses that compensate this by hiring people on. But I might just be off-base.

I mean, most places around here felt like $10/hr was too much for the entire 2000's and now the status quo opinion is that $15 is too little. Small businesses like little shops need to be paying $18/hr and they feel they can't afford that and the would be employees can't afford to work for less.

And $18 is shit too. $18/hr today feels like the equivalent of $9/hr in 2009. It's just barely get by money. It's live in a shithole and eat of a dumpster money.


liznin t1_j70mo3u wrote

It's weird that I have more late night dining options when out in Washington County visiting friends than in Squirrel Hill.


Megraptor t1_j7ix8kw wrote

Te Cafe on Murray was my favorite place, they were open until I think 9.

But they literally just closed up shop. I didn't even get to say goodbye to the owners, they were so nice.


alvst6 t1_j6viqjy wrote

Butterwood is open till 11 the snacks are good


FlimsyTry2892 t1_j6vxjyy wrote

Leo Greta just opened a coffee/dessert bar in Carnegie. They’re only open Thursday through Sunday but they are open until 10 and have lots of tables with comfortable couch like seating. I really liked it.


merklitl t1_j6wmhk4 wrote

Out in Beaver County, Monaca's Fountainhead Cafe has hours til 10pm. I will hang out there while my older child has sports practice til 9 or 9:30 some nights.


SystemOfADowneyJr t1_j6wo742 wrote

Denny’s in Natrona Heights is open 24/7, other than that, I don’t know anything else.


H3lue t1_j6x10kl wrote

Market opportunity for you entrepreneurs


whale_kale t1_j6x8eeb wrote

Butterwood Bake Consortium in Upper Lawrenceville is open until 11pm every day. They're closed on Tuesdays I think. The slices of cake you can get there are so good it hurts. I don't drink coffee, so I cannot say if it's any good, but they'll give you a pot of tea and it's lovely.


fleetiebelle t1_j6y6htj wrote

I was going to say the Carnegie Library, but it looks like the latest some branches are open is 7pm. I don't how the security is at the universities and if a non-affiliate can just walk in and grab a spot, but their libraries are open later.


Fuzzy-Ad-3638 t1_j6v8b1h wrote

The cage, butterwood


unlikely-contender t1_j6vmkfd wrote

>The cage

not really a place to get some work done with your laptop!


catbosspgh t1_j6vtqua wrote

It depends. Some weeknights it’s as quiet as Moe’s Tavern & the food is great & available til 12. But OP’d have to go there to find out, which could be a hassle.


StevInPitt t1_j6xqbcl wrote

"within the city" can be a bit nebulous given that late night transit without a car can be sparse;
but Eat-n-Park locations are open with food service until 11 two hours past 9.

Another option that is a bit more outside the box:
Planet Fitness. They have free wi-fi. a membership is like $10 a month last I checked and they are open 24 hours M,T,W,& Thurdsay into Friday at which time the close at 10pm friday night (weekend hours are tighter). They have locations in the city.
and while some have vending machines for snacks and beverages, no real food options.

I could be wrong but if you're a member, I highly doubt they'd bat an eye at you using their seating area up front (every one I've been in had one) and as a bonus, as you took breaks, you could actually go work out for 15 or 20 minutes.


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StevInPitt t1_j6ypuns wrote

Fair cop but that was just for bonus points.. and really it's a 20 minute walk, 10 minute bike or 5 minute bus or drive from Pittsburgh across regent square.


RodneyPeppercorn t1_j6uqpm1 wrote

I’m pretty sure there is a bunny cafe that is open. I saw a post about it recently, people were very actively talking about it so it must be good!


Soccerpl t1_j6x2sfj wrote

That bunny cafe won’t be open for too much longer


[deleted] t1_j6uy3rx wrote

Ritter's Diner in Shady side is open 24 hours I think.


Kyliep87 t1_j6uylbw wrote

Not anymore sadly


[deleted] t1_j6uywf6 wrote

WHAT?! Wow.


LockedOutOfElfland t1_j6v2lvj wrote

Yep, they're 7 am to 7 pm.

Still a great place to treat yourself to coffee + a gyro or a plate of spaghetti first thing in the morning, though.


enV2022 t1_j6uebwf wrote

Not trying to be an ass but is there any specific reason why you have to do your work or studying in a public place at night?


johnsonchicklet1993 t1_j6ugz0r wrote

I think a lot of people who don’t live in single family homes can relate to finding benefit in having access to a public space to do work at odd hours.


Badboysrisri t1_j6uyyyq wrote

It can be mind numbingly isolating to do work/study alone in your home all day and a library may serve the same purpose, but a change of scenery is always appreciated and mentally stimulating.


thunderballz t1_j6v09ap wrote

I'm also a remote worker, and my most productive hours are like 8-11pm sometimes. Would love to get out of the house for a change of scenery when working


mandyjd t1_j6xlu8j wrote

You're working alone without being alone. It is mentally stimulating. It can be and feel safer than a library if you're a grad student. And to some earlier points, I know it's not enough to justify the hours, but I spent a small fortune at those places: I wouldn't be there if I wasn't ordering. And I would become friendly with the baristas: one of us might be having a bad day and share a laugh and it helped. So that human element is a comfort when you are devoted to a long, solitary endeavor.


AnonPlzzzzzz t1_j6vxkzn wrote

"aw bummer. Why can't these greedy small business owners be opened when I want them to be opened? :( "

Apparently working service industry night shifts are super unpopular and this is an economy (if you can even call it that) where beggers can apparently be choosers.

If you want things to be open at night then convince your friends to work. Or you work there. But no one wants to. So these places close. Pretty simple.


Virtual-Value5005 t1_j6ulko2 wrote

Turn on your Hotspot and ride a Bus around town. Maybe the T to the end of the line and back.


[deleted] t1_j6uo8xl wrote

Christ, what an awful suggestion.


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[deleted] t1_j6wsdbb wrote

I'm not bitter. I am frustrated from noticing more and more redditors go out of their way to provide actively unhelpful answers. Why? The dipshit above does not have an answer to OP's question, so why did they reply?

I don't "hate our buses," you pathetic child. I take the bus almost every god damn day. The point of the bus is to go from point A to point B. The point of the bus is not to fucking sit on it for several hours connected to your phone hotspot while trying to do work from a shitty plastic seat. OP is not asking how to commute to work, they're asking for comfortable places open late where they can work. Riding the bus around indefinitely isn't it.

Fucking dipshit.


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[deleted] t1_j7225um wrote

You are one of the dumbest and worst human beings I've ever interacted with in any form. I'm not saying any of the things you're accusing me of. I'm simply saying that when someone asks for recommendations for coffee shops or workspaces that are open late, "just sit on the bus for hours!!" isn't a valid response to that question. It is explicitly not what they are asking for and it's frankly idiotic to think anyone wanting a quiet, comfortable place to work would want to sit in a fucking plastic seat on a potentially crowded bus that's driving around and stopping and bouncing around and shit. Not to mention the fact that a lot of people don't have hotspots and probably don't want to rely a tenuous cell connection while trying to do their job.

None of this has anything WHATSOEVER to do with "enjoying riding the bus and seeing new places." That is a blatant lie. And you sit on there on your high horse, pretending you're better than me, feigning offense at me justifiably identifying your stupidity, all the while posting nothing but blatant lies that have nothing to do with what I said. Everything you're arguing about was made up in your head.

If anyone here needs help, it's you.


Virtual-Value5005 t1_j6uvqki wrote

gotta be more entertaining than a coffee shop and just about as many distractions. The ticket prices is about the same as a coffee unless you get a Latte. The scenery always changes, and gosh darn it...People love looking at our city. There's a whole sub stating as much.

Ride the incline up and down!!! That should get a rise out of some jag.


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iWantANewAlt t1_j6vcqs3 wrote

You forgot: I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul


Virtual-Value5005 t1_j6v9h6f wrote

I don't want to play your little rain deer games. IF I have to be so rigid as your comment suggests. I don't want that stick up my arse. You have clear issues and the toxicity is over the top for a stupid comment. Go eat some candy and be happy for a change. Take the bus, it will be a blast. Promise!!!


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[deleted] t1_j6wsern wrote

This isn't about public transportation you unbelievable fucking moron.


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Virtual-Value5005 t1_j6vghta wrote

We live in the city of bridges and occasionally the trolls escape out from under them. People like me are specially trained by years of laughter and revelry. You see, humor is the only thing that protects us from trolls like you. Now back under the bridge before a Billie goat crosses freely. Tik Toc.


citsonga_cixelsyd t1_j6uom97 wrote

Does the T run all night now? I know that most buses shut down at some point. It would suck to be trapped at the end of some line at 2:00 in the morning