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im-a-locksmith t1_j9oyt4t wrote

Wildly excited about this next generation of southsiders. That's innovation right there.


Significant-Nail-987 t1_j9q5zew wrote

For real, that's some poor people entertainment right there.


goofypugs t1_j9r2i4x wrote

honestly glad kids are doing this again, there’s hope folks!


PurpleMong00s3 t1_j9urg5v wrote

What 'next generation'? They're putting an end to that, themselves.


Snoo71538 t1_j9qrbx6 wrote

That’s not innovative. That’s been going on since time immemorial. This is just someone who didnt have a fun childhood.


goofypugs t1_j9twdcu wrote

well idk kids have kinda been a bunch of lobotomized bubblekids with helicopter parents past couple gens, it’s nice to see a return to semi suicidal social activities


tonyzak36 t1_j9p64tr wrote

Idk about you guys. But it’s nice to see kids off the VIDEO GAMES and back outside exploring and playing like the good ole days!


bp1976 t1_j9plkqy wrote

Id rather my kid sit in front of the TV shooting other people in a video game than blowing his junk off jumping over a fire with explosives strapped to his belt.

Just me I guess.


RageToWin t1_j9q2crf wrote

Inventing new games practices innovation and helps children express leadership capabilities and creativity, and blowing off your junk with fireworks builds character.


Snoo71538 t1_j9qry3z wrote

Well, it stops the building of an even dumber character, at least.


peon2 t1_j9qciy8 wrote

Yeah I think there may exist a happy middle between being a shut-in and attaching explosives to genitals and jumping over open flames


The_Wkwied t1_j9qb59w wrote

Natural selection and the Darwin Awards at its finest!


OcelotWolf t1_j9p1trg wrote

I’m convinced Nextdoor is a social experiment


Snoo71538 t1_j9qrigy wrote

It’s Reddit for people that had a functioning family growing up, and didn’t have unsupervised fun.


OcelotWolf t1_j9qwhq3 wrote

I think it’s more of a horseshoe theory of social media, where Reddit and Nextdoor are both comprised of people who have never been outside, but the ones on Reddit were by choice and the ones on Nextdoor were because mom thought it was too unsafe


covertchipmunk t1_j9rczuf wrote

I don't think functional families instill the kind of values that lead people to put surveillance cameras everywhere, freely share footage of people who are just walking down the sidewalk, and accuse anyone who looks different of malicious intentions


SteelPenguin8 t1_j9ov1wg wrote

Reads like a madlib.

It is next door, though


hiperson134 t1_j9plxsq wrote

It warms the heart knowing that kids are still getting up to stupid shit outside.


weavs13 t1_j9pbyp8 wrote

No no no. They're doing this all wrong. Your supposed to hold the bottle rocket with your butt cheeks then light it. Amateurs.


Pghlaxdad t1_j9pwzuw wrote

Clearly these kids have not yet discovered Jackass.


ScreamingOpossumAhh t1_j9qh35k wrote

And have the wooden stick leave a long splinter in your butt crack as it leaves a trail of scorch.


Vozegro t1_j9pfuza wrote

Bird Park is in Mt Lebo…


jetsetninjacat t1_j9qbhc4 wrote

I had friends from Lebo growing up. One time we climbed in that sewer drain and crawled all the way to the creek from the park. Spiders everywhere. One of the kids was separated and the fire department had to come pull him out through another manhole.


pinkpurplepeony t1_ja2vj91 wrote

I never had the guts to go all the way. Then again, we never had a flashlight


GargantuanWitch t1_j9oxkjn wrote

I wish there were a way to have an observer account, and I didn't need to confirm my name/address. It's a good method for determining which neighbors to avoid.


ICKSharpshot68 t1_j9t3grh wrote

Aren't they also the ones that blast mailers out to the entire neighborhood anytime someone nearby signs up?


xsoloxela t1_j9picg9 wrote

You mean the gem from Mt Lebo........


woodcuttersDaughter t1_j9ozkzh wrote

I came across some kids who had lashed a hand truck to a red wagon and were at the top of a steep hill discussing who would go first.


jmachee t1_j9qn8c8 wrote

And you didn’t get any video?


woodcuttersDaughter t1_j9qowqi wrote

I was on a fitness walk, and honestly, I didn’t want to get involved should something go wrong. I advised them against it, however.


Snoo71538 t1_j9qrtk5 wrote

Proper adult response. “Not my kid, not my problem, but I don’t want to see this on the news either.”


Ok_Elephant2777 t1_j9q8wad wrote

I don’t know if any of this is true and I don’t care. It’s been a crappy day and I’d like to thank everyone on this thread for giving me a good laugh and helping to get me through the rest of this day. A salute to all of you!


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_j9pdhiq wrote

Can't wait for the usual crowd to show up and post about how no one should go to South Side because kids are killing people with fireworks.


chuckie512 t1_j9qq7r1 wrote

Not sure why op put Southside. This is lebo


laurellite t1_j9qubmj wrote

It was on the SS nextdoor feed. Whoever posted about it is probably a SS resident.


GargantuanWitch t1_j9pghjj wrote

"Did you see all those Roman Candle murders? IT WAS ON THE NEWS, I SWEAR."


chrisfyb t1_j9paql5 wrote

Mind ya business J. B.


XColdLogicX t1_j9po3wd wrote

"Ok, you got me there...but that is not a crime"


TremorChristPJ t1_j9p24in wrote

The world is becoming like that Mike Judge movie Idiocracy more and more each day.


Top_File_8547 t1_j9qq0i0 wrote

Also remember to lock your car doors. What was that noise I heard at 3AM? Could people please pick up their dog shit?


wilkinsboogie t1_j9paxtp wrote

Hey kids, you ever heard of the "naked fire jump with fireworks tied to your peepee and up your butt tiktok challenge"?


Alternative-Flan2869 t1_j9q0yw7 wrote

That’s called childhood. When they get older it’s called a career if it is on film.


Costanzaslife23 t1_j9q9ycs wrote

I’m bothered that things like this are happening, and also that there’s a movie out right now called Cocaine Bear.


citsonga_cixelsyd t1_j9rud1s wrote

The Cocaine Bear people put out a free online game. It sounds hilarious.


BaldwinMotion t1_j9pewv9 wrote

How did we not come up with this when I was a kid!!?!?!


cosmonotic t1_j9p9eb9 wrote

I’m not worried about the kids — the adults however


Educational-Exam-832 t1_j9pb9tt wrote

Yeah, and we can't have a yearly carnival down there anymore because "it was too dangerous" gtfo.


BorderlinePaisley t1_j9q0wws wrote

My faith in the future of this town has been restored.


Strangely4575 t1_j9q4q2h wrote

Pittsburgh Children’s has a great emergency department and burn unit.


Ok-Twist921 t1_j9qi2dv wrote

8 or 9?! Me and my pal are in our late 30s!


enchantedharlot83 t1_j9pzydp wrote

Warms the cockles of my heart to hear kids are playing outside without any helicopter parents (it maybe even warms the subcockle area).

The last thing they need are nosy helicopter strangers. Keep it moving, JB.


mainelinerzzzzz t1_j9q35u8 wrote

I was really worried about this younger generation until I saw this post. It’s almost impossible for all of them to be pussies.


mightymouse513 t1_j9qnczc wrote

Jack be nimble jack be quick jack jump over the candlestick!


Pseudonova t1_j9qrswt wrote

Now those are some creative kids! Not smart, but definitely creative.


KermieJagger t1_j9r8ztp wrote

Bird Park has campfires?


lalalewhatever t1_j9rwi1s wrote

There's a big fire pit the Boy Scouts use at the Bird Park Drive entrance.


sprout92 t1_j9raxs7 wrote

"This is not a crime however I do find it unsafe and disturbing" hahahahah


Monkeyswine t1_j9rdgeb wrote

Sounds like problem that will solve itself pretty soon in a hilarious fashion.


StellaKapowski t1_j9rfl8o wrote

Who among us hasn’t strapped a roman candle to our body and ran straight at your favorite cousin


Sakony t1_j9rp584 wrote

They was getting it in.


barcinal t1_j9te0wy wrote

Are we sure this isn’t the park in Lebo? We used to get away with murder in that park at night lol


Cocogasm OP t1_j9vedn7 wrote

Apologies. It came up on my Southside email feed.


RogalDorn41K t1_j9wntfq wrote

At least they're playing ouside


Bulkmodulus t1_j9pey0s wrote

Good way to win a a Darwin Award without dying


GargantuanWitch t1_j9phob4 wrote

The Darwin Award is given posthumously. That's the point.


leadfoot9 t1_j9pigac wrote

No, making yourself sterile is also an option, as long as you remove yourself from the gene pool. Emphasis on "pelvic area".


thisabadusername t1_j9rilmz wrote

Some real “I’m from the Burgh, not from the Burbs” energy from these kids


SucksToYourAssmar3 t1_j9q1yun wrote

I see this as a 100% self-correcting problem. Moreover, it's GENERATIONALLY self-correcting - the winning child will not produce more "winners."

Godspeed kids. It sounds like a hell of a lot of fun, to be honest.


JamalBall435 t1_j9qe2tf wrote

Sounds like JB's next task was the weirdest wank of his life...